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The Scotsman

for a previous production "His new show takes on the consciousness, the very mechanics of how our brain works...The material is strong and informative, and most importantly, Brinkman's raps are lyrical and amusing...He explores the effect he and his wife's consciousness had on their attraction to each other, relates Google's Deep Dream to the operation of our own minds, and ponders whether free will means anything with our increasing knowledge of how the brain works." Full Review

Butt Kapinski
The Independent (UK)

for a previous production “A tour de force of character comedy and clowning...Fleysher assembles her characters from everyone in the room, casting minor and major parts as she goes, with an intuition for involving the keen over the embarrassed...When the twist ending comes it’s an obvious but somehow unexpected one, and the most deserving finale we can imagine for such a masterfully immersive and hard-working character piece.” Full Review

The Independent (UK)

for a previous production “As a writer and director he’s perfectly attuned to the uncomfortable mannerisms of communication with strangers, of breaking down the walls of resistance to shared experience which his characters have built...Some may argue that a piece in which so little essentially happens is overlong at one hundred minutes, that there’s a certain sense of repetition which might have been pared down without harming the work. I guess that depends on the viewer’s taste for Kitson." Full Review

The Scotsman

for a previous production "This one-man restaging of the life of American author and activist W.E.B. DuBois, a less well-known international figurehead of the civil rights movement, is most enjoyable for the dignified and commanding title performance from Brian Richardson, lending DuBois the expected air of intellectual gravitas and quietly commanding statesmanship...All this, Richardson brings to life in a way that’s never any less than compelling, even as he offers many of us a welcome education." Full Review

East Village
The Independent (UK)

for a previous production "A two-hander, featuring a pair of characters in motion towards one another on both sides of the Mediterranean. Both are artists in their own way...Naylor's dialogue is crisp and evocative, and the non-existent set is so far stripped back that all the tools Cabot has to work with are his very talented actors, leading to a result which is pure and captivating. Even if moments occasionally swing close to cliché, Naylor’s name remains a mark of quality for those who like to see good political dr... Full Review

Black Beauty
Midtown W

for a previous production "Drawing on wells of child-friendly physical comedy and very clever storytelling enacted by the perfect versatility of Reppe’s horsebox set...Everything you could hope for in a seasonal children’s tale is here...It’s no small feat that, as the silliness rises to a conclusion which is perfect in its daftness, so too does our investment in these characters and the story they tell." Full Review

Key Change
East Village
Wow 24/7 (UK)

for a previous production "This is a tale told with kinetic honesty and tightly controlled tenderness...The actors shine, whether ripping each other to bits in sharply humorous Geordie tones or slipping into short but spine-tingling balletic sequences...The incidents are touched on chillingly but not dwelled on in the piece...Yet there is humour and humanity here too, and the slow, heart-crushing poignancy of trying to mother failing children from afar when the phones don’t even work." Full Review