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About:  Drew Pisarra's writings on theater have been featured at various websites including nymag.com, theaternewsonline.com, and tdf.org. He also writes extensively on Korean movies at koreangrindhouse.blogspot.com.
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"These four singer-dancer-actors are gleefully hamming it up in what feels like the quintessence of an Equity Showcase, a production for which the unionized talent clearly outsizes the 99-seat theatre and the intentionally low-rent set on which they perform...Sometimes, it feels like 'American Idol' in taffeta; other times, like a cabaret act in which the autobiographical banter has been swapped out for a comedy sketch. It’s not a bad trade, frankly." Full Review


"Neptune and Nickolodeon be praised, director Landau and Zinn have forsaken a Disneyesque theme park approach...and opted for something infinitely more Seussian...What holds it all together is Slater as SpongeBob. Exuding an irrational optimism with a touch of sexy swagger in his clownish strut, this guy is a total vaudevillian who can stretch his face into strange shapes, cross his eyes individually and in tandem, flip, split, contort, and hit a breakdown move." Full Review

West Village
New York Magazine / Vulture

for a previous production "A kind of poor man’s 'Waiting for Godot,' Horovitz’s one-act is basically an extended comedy sketch about five schlemiels conniving and conspiring to get to the front of the line despite never ascertaining what they're waiting for... The script may still have a point to make but this overextended production muddies any comic message with amateurish acting that places inadvertant emphasis on a misogynist subplot." Full Review


"Much more than a memorable medley of dance tunes. At least for some of us, LaChanze’s covers especially are going to trigger some fairly intense flashbacks...I can also testify that I was one of hundreds experiencing a giddy delirium when blinded by a hailstorm of silver sequins during a particularly intoxicating rendition of 'Hot Stuff.' Summer is nothing if not communal. For those unfamiliar with Summer’s own story, this show offers a family-friendly run-down." Full Review


"Gold-star production...The present revival is truly a testament to what makes Wilson so damned great...In 'Jitney,' every member of the cast has a moment in the spotlight. And when they get there, they shine. For 'Jitney,' perhaps more than any other Wilson play, is an ensemble piece." Full Review