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Snazzy, Entertaining, Playful, Crowd-pleasing, Joyous
January 25th, 2023

See it if you can let the film go. This jazz age update has fizz aplenty. J. Harrison Ghee & Natasha Yvette Williams are sensational. Plus tap galore.

Don't see it if you expect Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon & Tony Curtis impersonations. Not happening. The pure joy of shuffle ball change is lost on you.

Also Memorable Line: "Do my hips need some translating?"

Small-scale, Unimaginative, Slight, Disappointing, High-energy
January 18th, 2023

See it if you've never heard of Warhol or Basquiat & want your intro to shrink their stature; you value DJs over playwrights: theoretic is killin' it.

Don't see it if you're a fan of Jeremy Pope or Paul Bettany. They work hard as hell but the material is a painfully banal convo about contemporary painting.

Also Memorable Line: "I’ve never been the same since she shot me."

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Mythic, Delirious, Gleeful, Ingenious, Brilliant
January 11th, 2023

See it if you like your puppets, post-apocalyptic; your narrator, neo-vaudevillian; your storytelling, surreal & satirical; & your pacing, non-stop.

Don't see it if you fear peaking early w/ your 2023 theatergoing; this might be the best thing you see all season. (This puppetshow ain't for kids parties.)

Also Memorable Line: "I am ridiculous."

Philosophical, Epic, Explosive, Soaring, Riveting
January 4th, 2023

See it if you want to discover new greats Ray Fisher/April Matthis alongside familiar ones Danielle Brooks/Samuel L. Jackson in an American classic.

Don't see it if you can't abide aria-like presentations of Wilson's monologues. LaTanya Richardson Jackson's staging celebrates solo sections gloriously.

Also Memorable Line: "I got the power of death, too."

Meditative, Intense, Distinct, Timely, Absorbing
December 21st, 2022

See it if you're ready for a macabre college lecture told by a masterful playwright's alter ego, providing insight into our nation's racist history.

Don't see it if you're indifferent to one of the most influential 20th-century dramatists finally getting her Broadway debut...a year after Alice Childress.

Also Memorable Quote: "There were no 'Negro' students in the English depart... Read more Read less

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Prim, Seasonal, Humble, Tuneful, Sentimental
December 7th, 2022

See it if you've never heard "Silent Night" in Welsh (a highlight!). Just once, you'd like to swap out The Rockettes for a more intimate holiday show.

Don't see it if you'd favor Dylan Thomas' beloved poem being delivered w/o digressions, especially Xmas carols extolling the blessedness of Christ's birth.

Also Memorable Quote: "I made a snowman and my brother knocked it down and ... Read more Read less

Half-baked, Interesting set, Unfocused, Well-meaning, Topical
November 18th, 2022

See it if you wonder why more writers don't address eco issues. It's hard! For fun: Place bets on what one character's accent's country of origin is

Don't see it if you resent gratuitous cursing; hate glib talk of violence; want a smarter take on a real issue; see fellatio under a blanket as a tired gag.

Also Memorable Quote: "“There is a quality even meaner than outright ugline... Read more Read less

Only Gold
Midtown W
Entertaining, Cliched, Sweet, Great choreography, Poppy
November 15th, 2022

See it if you rank choreography as your favorite part of a musical. (Fantastic!) You relish a catchy pop score. (Delightful!) You're a Hadestown fan.

Don't see it if you cringe at self-help truisms (which constantly mar the flimsy book). Also, one musical theater voice here can't sing a pop tune right.

Also Memorable Lines: "Is that selfish?"

Poignant, Spellbinding, Great staging, Great acting, Authoritative
November 8th, 2022

See it if you'd written off this Albee play as too wordy based on past revivals. This production goes deep, especially an astonishing Mia Katigbak.

Don't see it if you want the knock-down-drag-out shouting matches of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" This one is a cooler though no less anguished affair.

Also Memorable Line: "Addiction is a repeated temporary stilling."

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KPOP (Broadway)
Midtown W
Refreshing, Star-making, Tuneful, Peppy, Groundbreaking
October 30th, 2022

See it if you want to see a star born. As Kpop superstar Mwe, Luna is the real deal -- you can't take your eyes off her and her voice is sensational.

Don't see it if you're seeking perfection. Some orchestrations need work & the costumes can be ill-fitting. When it clicks, however... Flash! Bam! Wow!

Also Memorable Quote: "Set me free."

Midtown E
Inventive, Entertaining, Delightful, Clever, Absorbing
October 26th, 2022

See it if you'd get a rush from a sly riff on MACBETH that comes with idiosyncratic poetry well-played, well-dressed, well-appointed & well staged.

Don't see it if you're triggered by fat-shaming rants, get freaked out by too-realistic death-scenes or require copious amounts of stage blood for tragedy.

Also Memorable Line: "We are the future!"

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Chester Bailey
Nepotistic, Great set, Perverse, Novelistic, Flat
October 12th, 2022

See it if you want to see two-time Tony Award-winning set designer John Lee Beatty do exquisite work on a much smaller scale.

Don't see it if a real-life father & son resolutely performing alternating monologues onstage isn't enough for you, regardless of the wackadoodle material.

Also Memorable Line: "If there's one thing reality can't tolerate, it's com... Read more Read less

Great acting, Amusing, Dizzying, Bold, Bizarre
October 8th, 2022

See it if you don't know of David Greenspan, (You should know him) or Gertrude Stein (You should know her) or Target Margin (You know them, too).

Don't see it if you can't build in extra time for the subway because it may run late like it did tonight & a 45 minute ride turned out to take 90 minutes.

Also Memorable Line: Pigeons in the grass, alas.

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Diverting, Earnest, Slow, Verbose, Dated
October 6th, 2022

See it if you're a lifelong Shavian who likes flea market sets & unconventional interpretations. The lead is matter-of-fact; her father, flamboyant.

Don't see it if you like an intermission for 100+ minutes. This show needs an intermission (even if all the best scenes happen after the midway point).

Also Memorable Line: "...if you want original conversations, you'd better g... Read more Read less

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Entertaining, Beautiful, Profound, Riveting, Sharp
September 29th, 2022

See it if you don't believe the hype. Parks' masterpiece lives up to its rep & the performances by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II & Corey Hawkins are superb.

Don't see it if you don't want to see it twice because this production will definitely have you itching to come back to see it again. Yes, it's that good.

Also Memorable Lines: "I've got my Thursday head on."

Epic, Inspired, Uneven, Clunky, Ambitious
September 2nd, 2022

See it if you're willing to wait for the pay-off. The later scenes are where the script comes together and build to a powerful cumulative effect.

Don't see it if you want a comfortable seat. These padded folding chairs make sitting for 90 minutes without intermission challenging when the story wanes.

Also Signature Line: "Tell me a story."

Midtown W
Informative, Ferocious, Insider-y, Opulent, Intricate
August 12th, 2022

See it if you lap up gorgeous costumes, a masterfully minimalist set & wise lightning for 2 Bard-loving actors who attack their (condensed) material.

Don't see it if scale is the basis of your obsession w/ The Henriad. This collapsed spin-off centering Queen Meg runs <90 mins. Prior plot knowledge useful!

Also Memorable Line: "To be a queen in bondage is more vile than is a slave... Read more Read less

Upper E Side
Rewarding, Classic, Resonant, Epic, Intelligent
August 8th, 2022

See it if you click w/ contemporized classics; Aeschylus' religious zealotry & systemic misogyny are in sync w/ 21st century American culture wars.

Don't see it if you want compact. This "Oresteia" lasts 3 1/2 hrs; which isn't to imply it's indulgent. Icke's modernist take makes the most of each minute.

Also Memorable Quote: "Family extinct."

Creative, Bold, Ambitious, Great staging, Absorbing
July 30th, 2022

See it if you've seen "Macbeth" many times and can't imagine it feeling fresh (esp. the witches); you're a minimalist; you're up for a real adventure.

Don't see it if you don't know "Macbeth" as the story might be hard to follow if you're unfamiliar with the play; you're a traditionalist; you hate dance.

Also Memorable line: "Sleep no more!"

Barebones, Mild-mannered, Ingratiating, Indulgent, Heartfelt
July 30th, 2022

See it if you're cool with not laughing during a stand-up routine in which the performer relates personal stories laced with more heart than humor.

Don't see it if you flinch at joke payoffs that aren't funny so much as thoughtfully constructed; you like punchlines w/ satirical intent or absurdist bent.

Also Signature Line: "Maybe I don't have any friends." (Review is for "A Sh... Read more Read less

Surprising, Romantic, Timely, Great set design, Touching
July 24th, 2022

See it if you're an editor ISO fresh, new fiction; the script likely works better on the page although Jason Sherwood/Cha See's set/light design is A+

Don't see it if extended narration bugs you. The play takes a good 20 minutes to find its groove. That said, it's got beautiful moments for those who wait.

Also Memorable Line: "You're an artist"

During previews
The Butcher Boy
Disappointing, Cloying, Immature, Off-key, Long
July 23rd, 2022

See it if you're supportive of a musical work In development, even in its roughest state & like to imagine how the young writer or show might evolve.

Don't see it if you're a fan of the book or the movie, and you're expecting something equally nuanced and disturbing.

Also Memorable Quote: "What so great about growing up, anyway?"

During previews
Quirky, Dramedic, Poignant, Amusing, Of the moment
May 15th, 2022

See it if you're secretly out to prove a point re: bodily autonomy in light or recent Supreme Court fracas re: abortion; you're a gay sentimentalist.

Don't see it if you keep putting off going to the gym. Actors Emerson Brooks & Gerald Caesar have been hitting the weights while you've been surfing Insta.

Also Memorable Quote: "It's his body, his choice."

SIX (Broadway)
Midtown W
Refreshing, Great writing, Great staging, Entertaining, Clever
May 14th, 2022

See it if you learn history best when sung by vivacious, talented women; your knowledge of Henry VIII's wives is restricted to beheaded Anne Boleyn.

Don't see it if you demand plot. This concert musical's constructed around showstopping numbers performed by flashily attired divas worthy of "The Voice."

Also Memorable Line: "With Henry, it isn't easy... Read more Read less

Homoerotic, Distinct, Entertaining, Great acting, Solid
May 12th, 2022

See it if you're newly anti-Mamet 'cause his old stuff had the misogyny too yet somehow he gets away with it here c/o Fishburne, Rockwell, and Criss.

Don't see it if you've always been anti-Mamet as this is classic Mamet. Also, Sam Rockwell's costumes are distracting and made me itch just looking at them.

Also Memorable Quote: "The world is lies."

Unsettling, Ambitious, Unrelenting, Painful, Intense
May 12th, 2022

See it if you want to be part of the shift that leads to a more diverse, less escapist Broadway that owes the late, great bell hooks a thing or two.

Don't see it if you need an intermission for a smoke break; you cannot tolerate disrespect being leveled at Tyler Perry; you're leery of self-loathing

During previews
Wedding Band
Great writing, Surprising, Intense, Must see, Riveting
May 4th, 2022

See it if you caught 2021's Bway premiere of "Trouble in Mind"; here's proof Childress was no one-hit wonder. Awoye Timpo's production is a beaut.

Don't see it if you want distance between you and the intensity onstage. TFANA's space is rearranged for this show - you're practically in the actors' laps.

Also Memorable Line: "Some truth has no nourishment in it."

During previews
Mythic, Formidable, Brilliant, Timely, Redefining
April 24th, 2022

See it if you enjoy OUR TOWN. Lileana Blain-Cruz's perceptive reworking shows Thornton Wilder's no one-hit wonder. The central cast is uniformly good.

Don't see it if your recurring hemorrhoids means it's prohibitive for you to stay seated for a 3-hour show.

Also Memorable Quote: "How can you make a world for people to live in, unle... Read more Read less

Hangmen (Broadway)
Midtown W
Entertaining, Gallows humor, Intricate, Fun, Clever
April 23rd, 2022

See it if you'd like acerbic dramas w/ set pieces worthy of Bway musicals; you get a kick out of mysteries as HANGMEN is cleverly constructed like one

Don't see it if you're stridently against the Death Penalty as McDonagh's seriocomedy ultimately makes light of the subject (and may even be kinda for it).

During previews
Snappish, Portable, Diversionary, Uneven, Odd
April 19th, 2022

See it if you relish insider-y theater jokes a la "Forbidden Broadway" and can spend two hours listening to Idina Menzel stans carp wise about life.

Don't see it if you want frivolity. Playwright Ana Nogueira interrupts the action for rants on drag, bisexuality, heteronormativity, and gender performance.

Poignant, Funny, Resonant, Informative, Smart
April 8th, 2022

See it if you're a history buff who welcomes cultural critique; you're an off-off-Bway regular who values the economy of a well-crafted 2-person show.

Don't see it if you've got really long legs and can't get tickets for the front row or an aisle seat. The space between rows is tight in this black box.

During previews
Ambitious, Cliched, Clunky, Sentimental, Disappointing
March 26th, 2022

See it if you underestimate Thornton Wilder who used same concept to greater effect w/ "The Long Christmas Dinner." Nice comic turn by Crystal Finn.

Don't see it if you expect Messing to age from 18 to 100. Aside from a warble and a hunch, the transformation is neither there physically or in the script.

Funny, Entertaining, Enchanting, Delightful, Absorbing
March 12th, 2022

See it if you're under the misconception, you can resist the sizable charms of Justin Vivian Bond. You will find you are wrong and will exit a convert

Don't see it if you don't like camp or cross-pollination or covers or cabaret or corny costumes or opera or pop music or reinvention or buddy movies or life

Must see, Profound, Relevant, Riveting, Absorbing
November 21st, 2021

See it if Alice Childress' truly great American play finally having its Bway debut 66 yrs after it should've strikes you as important. Also, LaChanze.

Don't see it if the mascara you wear tends to run when you cry and you don't want your date to see thick streaks running down your face come curtain call.

Also Memorable quote: "“It is Tommish… but they do it more than we do. They... Read more Read less

Relevant, Smart, Uplifting, Great staging, Entertaining
November 20th, 2021

See it if you've missed theater and hunger for actors who convey humanity; you didn't know Brecht was a great poet as well as a seminal playwright.

Don't see it if you're under the impression this is going to be a musical revue full of Kurt Weill music. There's some but the show's more spoken than sung.

Quirky, Great writing, Ambitious, Ingenious, Smart
November 16th, 2021

See it if you're drawn to Will Eno's signature wordplay; you're up for a sharp reinvention of Ibsen's "Peer Gynt" that emphatically nods to Beckett.

Don't see it if you're aching for the marathon of the 4-hour original by Ibsen; you're frustrated when one actor plays many roles w/o totally disappearing.

Also Memorable Line: "“I’m on a journey to discover, to uncover, the authen... Read more Read less

Archival, Timeless, Political, Talky, Uneven
November 16th, 2021

See it if you want to see Karen Ziemba's impeccable showmanship blow the roof of a small off-Broadway theater... doing Shavian dialogue, no less.

Don't see it if you favor Shaw productions with ensembles capable of verbal sparring of the highest order. Some of these actors can't talk the talky talk.

Also Memorable Quote: "There are no secrets better kept than the secrets th... Read more Read less

Odd, Topical, Thought-provoking, Historic, Clever
November 16th, 2021

See it if you missed the real-life tale of Reality Winner and aren't eager to read online articles about her crimes in old pages of the "NY Times."

Don't see it if the idea of an FBI transcript being used as a script will frustrate you; you associate Broadway with glitz; you already know the backstory.

Also Memorable Quote: "Okay, well, the reason we're here today is that we h... Read more Read less

Repetitive, Short, Ambitious, Histrionic, Poetic
March 1st, 2020

See it if you're deeply into Paul Muldoon's poetry. Otherwise, you're going to miss a lot in this multimedia oratory which favors bombast over beauty.

Don't see it if your local library carries a copy. You'd be better served reading Muldoon's posthumous love letter to printmaker Mary Farl Powers at home.

Also Memorable Quote: "I can hardly believe that, when we met, my idea of '... Read more Read less

Long, Simplistic, Great visuals, Disappointing, Ambitious
February 22nd, 2020

See it if you're 50+ in search of reassurance. This boomer overview pulls too many punches & skirts too many sensitive topics amid a multimedia fest.

Don't see it if poor impersonations of Janis Joplin and Perry Como stir your ire; the boiling down of history to TV commercials and musical clips goads you.

Also Memorable Quote: "Granny hated cowboys."

During previews
72 Miles to Go...
Midtown W
Humanistic, Political, Purposeful, Formulaic, Topical
February 16th, 2020

See it if you support stories that shed light on our cruel immigration policies and dehumanizing military training. (Also, Tyler Alvarez is excellent)

Don't see it if you need polish. This play feels very much like an early draft that would benefit from more dramaturgical assistance. Too many corny jokes.

Also Memorable Quote: "Sometimes I think they stole our future."

Timon of Athens
Smart, Great acting, Relevant, Surprising, Absorbing
February 9th, 2020

See it if you forgot Shakespeare wrote this one 'cause this production may push it into your top ten. Ah, such is the power of actor Kathryn Hunter.

Don't see it if you don't own a time travel machine. In other words, you can't see it. It closed. But you should have seen it.

Also Memorable Quote: "Every man has his fault, and honesty is his."

Small, Undramatic, Formal, Uninspired, Static
January 18th, 2020

See it if Your book reading club has assigned this novel and you just found a free ticket outside the theater and you've got 90 minutes to spare.

Don't see it if You've already read the book or you're thinking you're going to get to see the talented Linney play a host of characters.

Also Memorable Line: "He took it and ate it without pleasure."

Economical, Thought-provoking, Great writing, Engaging, Smart
January 4th, 2020

See it if you ache for essential off-off-Bway: committed actors, clean simple set, and a script with lots of layers and ideas. H/T Johnny G. Lloyd.

Don't see it if you don't ever want to be that person who says "Oh, I saw an earlier play of his in a really small theater and that one was great, too."

Also Memorable Line: "I'm literally begging for a purpose."

Flat, Tiresome, Corny, Academic, Dated
December 19th, 2019

See it if your class on 19th-century melodrama requires reading Boucicault. Seeing this early hit of his probably will take less time and effort.

Don't see it if you relish the wit of Wilde, the intelligence of Shaw, and the poetry of Synge. You'll find none of that here but reminders aplenty.

Also Memorable Quote: "Remember your gender."

The Wrong Man
Midtown W
Refreshing, Great writing, Great staging, Great singing, Absorbing
November 6th, 2019

See it if you want a musical that sounds contemporary, goes deep, eschews the frou-frou, and makes a statement (in this case about capital punishment)

Don't see it if you're only free night is Monday. In that case, you're out of luck. But who is this hypothetical person? Switch up your sled; see the show!

Also Memorable Quote: "Who moves the pieces if I'm the pawn?"

Biographical, Contained, Sincere, Political, Topical
November 3rd, 2019

See it if you appreciate "based-on-a-true-story" scenarios involving two brothers; you dig music as a metaphor (esp. in regards to classical and jazz)

Don't see it if you're fairly socially aware and looking to deepen your knowledge of the prison-industrial complex or our country's rampant Islamophobia.

Also Memorable Quote: "How do you pray for your enemy with broken hands?"

During previews
Heartfelt, Unusual, Spare, Ambitious, Slow
November 2nd, 2019

See it if you're in search of a tweak on the one-man-show: Anthony Black's literary monologue gets live violin accompaniment from Jacques Mindreau.

Don't see it if you heard "multimedia" and thought "razzle-dazzle." This production is barebones and its use of media is streamlined, if thoughtfully so.

Also Memorable Quote: "Sometimes with music, the mind's traffic is silenced... Read more Read less

Dublin Carol
Solid, Heartbreaking, Intimate, Grim, Seasonal
October 30th, 2019

See it if you're a drunk or in recovery. Jeffrey Bean's harrowingly fidgety turn may sober the former and keep the latter away from a holiday nip.

Don't see it if you reckon Scrooge's Christmas feel-good turnaround is compulsory yearly; the transformation here is understated (and, possibly, doubtful).

Also Memorable Quote: "I sort of let you all down just to get it over with.... Read more Read less

Provocative, Wicked, Gutsy, Bold, Clever
October 12th, 2019

See it if you're all for risk-taking: Everything about this production (writing, directing, acting, design) is bold, often effectively so.

Don't see it if you expect the playwright's cultural critique to be flawless. Then again, perfection is for jerks. Harris' script's impressive in its sweep.

Also Memorable Quote: "“Your mere presence was biological warfare.”