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Theatre Eddys Blogspot

"A fabulously entertaining, eye-popping, foot-stomping musical extravaganza...Mayer directs eight leads and eight ensemble members with a penchant to be just enough naughty to tantalize and tease and with tongue enough in cheek to bring out all the chuckles the Shakespearean-sounding dialogue and lyrics can elicit...The music of the Go-Go’s will thrill the group’s fans in the way it folds so easily into this fantasy story of old with all its modern new twists." Full Review

Talkin' Broadway

for a previous production "With voices, faces, stances, and mannerisms matched to individualize each cartoonish character, Ms. Katz never misses a beat in her sixty minutes on stage to solicit many laughs as well as 'yeah, I've seen that before' nods of acknowledgement as she hits target after target in her poking, pointed parody…While some of the telling gets a bit repetitious in nature and a couple of side stories go on a tad long, overall Ms. Katz has written a tight, funny sequence of corporate events." Full Review

Theatre Eddys Blogspot

for a previous production "Felder becomes Irving Berlin as a century of his life and of American history unfolds before us in songs and stories galore...The insights we gain of Berlin are by the dozens as the evening progresses...When at the piano as Berlin, Mr. Felder’s fingers’ fly lightly across the keyboard with speed and spark while his voice often floats in dreamy melodic ease...To be entertained while also learning so much history...that is a gift." Full Review

Theatre Eddys Blogspot

for a previous production "A total delight and is guaranteed to bring many audience smiles and laughs along the way and a collective sigh of full satisfaction as its lights go out...Kudos to all involved. Rarely have I been to a play where I had so much regret that the end had arrived. I so wanted Sam and Dede just to keep on meeting and talking. Custom Made Theatre Company and Gino Dilorio have teamed to produce a winner that even in its first production, feels pretty perfect." Full Review