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Preview manfromnebraska
Great acting, Absorbing, Intense

See it if deeply moving, nuanced writing, a perfect cast exploring real life issues that every family faces makes you think and feel appeals.

Don't see it if Extended Pinter-esque silences make you uncomfortable or if you are looking for an evening of light entertainment.

Also The set is fascinating and very important to how the story reveals its... Read more Read less

Preview mother invention
Innovative storyline and script, Thought-provoking, Great acting

See it if an excellent, creative new theatrical voice, a fabulous cast, very clever set and staging and some plot surprise appeals. Funny and intense.

Don't see it if the reality of aging and Altzheimers, dysfunctional families, and overt sexuality unsettle you. This is no Ozzie and Harriet story.

Preview the liar white
Interesting modern re-write, Dated, Cliched, Funny

See it if you like farce, verse in iambic pentameter, period costume, good actors.

Don't see it if enter screaming, stay screaming is your idea of bad direction, or you are looking for a rationale for this production. Not classic at all

Preview img 0040
Nostalgic, sentimental, fun, Entertaining

See it if you remember how good lyrics and lyrical music sound and want to hear singing unamplified. Enjoy some funny stereotypes well acted.

Don't see it if You expect a full production or perfect singing. I would have transposed some of the music into a more singable range for some principals.

Preview rsz the babylon line
Needs a good dramaturg, Great acting, Disappointing

See it if You like Greenberg's work and have the patience for his less than excellent writing. Interesting character development and wonderful cast.

Don't see it if Jewish stereotypes offend you. Poorly resolved story lines frustrate you.

Preview cats
Interesting re-interpretation, over choreographed, Great singing, Entertaining

See it if You want to compare to the original, see new techy staging, hear fine singing, see a talented cast, enjoy music often under-rated.

Don't see it if Over-amplification drives you nuts, you expect what was, you don't have patience for choreography that needs editing.

Preview last black man white
Dreadful, incoherent, meaningless

See it if Suzan-Lori Parks is always worth seeing but not this time. But if you want to give her a chance, and you have 75 minutes of patience, go.

Don't see it if You want coherent, meaningful, eloquent, writing. I can't even tell if the cast was good or not since the writing was gobbledegook. Sad.

Preview dps white
Intelligent, Must see, Great acting

See it if you appreciate excellent writing, acting and direction. You want a new interpretation of what was in the movie. you want to see a great cast

Don't see it if Zero reasons not to see this. It is 100 engrossing, entertaining, thought-provoking, moving minutes of wonderful theater.

Preview master harold white 2
Relevant, Must see, Masterful

See it if you love great writing and acting. This play just keeps getting better and more relevant (unfortunately).

Don't see it if can't bear the truth of how little things have changed over many decades as far as civil rights are concerned - here, there and everywhere.

Preview rsz ride the cyclone
During previews
Indulgent, Excruciating, Disappointing, Banal

See it if you have infinite patience for poorly written, sophomoric writing. You want to support new work and talented performers.

Don't see it if you are curious about what this high-school musical is about.

Preview notes from the field white

See it if you care about the future of a fair and just society, want to have your heart and mind challenged, love great writing and acting.

Don't see it if you want fluff and happy endings, only care about yourself.

Preview final thewolves poster copy
During previews
A wonderful surprise, Great writing, Intelligent, Original

See it if you want to see exciting writing by a new voice with an incredibly innovative and creative view of life in a superbly staged production.

Don't see it if no reason not to see it. Just too good to miss.

Preview layover white
Needs a dramaturge, Disappointing

See it if you want to see a very fine cast in a play that starts well and ends badly

Don't see it if you expect the quality of writing in Bachlorette. Desperately needs rewriting. Starts strong and deteriorates. Final scene unnecessary.

Preview cagney 2
Silly and stereotyped, Disappointing, Cliched

See it if You already have a good sense of Cagney's history, his film work and what vaudeville was to performance.

Don't see it if Expect new insights or a well told story. Script and music really mediocre but some very good performances - especially Cagney and Mother.

Preview runaways 220x330
Historically important, Intense, Original, Resonant

See it if you missed the original, want to see a much better musical and pre-cursor to Rent, appreciate emotionally challenging content, like teens.

Don't see it if you want an easy, fluffy musical experience.

Preview rsz funny
Disappointing, Banal, Indulgent, Overrated

See it if you think anything about cancer, gratuitous and vulgar sex and foul language is funny.

Don't see it if You want to see really fine actors struggle with sentimental, poorly written work that tells a story poorly and ends with a Hollywood ending

Preview han 800x1200 showscore
Boring, musically repetitive, Disappointing

See it if you are so dedicated to James Joyce that you will watch anything about him.

Don't see it if You expect insights into a literary genius, inventive or new musical expression of his poetic works. Felt sorry for the talented cast.

Preview peergynt
Misinterpreted, annoying, Disappointing

See it if You don't care what a director does to misinterpret Ibsen and you can tolerate staging you have seen before.

Don't see it if You expect the original intentions and poetr of the author to be evident SOMEWHERE. Felt sorry for the actors - who are very good.

Preview 160516 tml showscore bl
Thought-provoking, Must see, Great acting

See it if you have any love of great writing and acting and recent history that rings incredibly relevant to current politics.

Don't see it if You can't accept the reality of racial inequalities that continue despite the civil rights movement and the small steps forward.

Preview brightstar1802  1
Overrated, Disappointing

See it if You are patient with highly repetitive banjo music with unimaginative lyrics.

Don't see it if You want to be engaged and entertained by an innovative book, music or performances.

Preview eclipsed180
Deeply unsettling, Intense, Masterful

See it if you are brave enough to face the reality of profound evil presented by brilliant actors who will move you to tears and laughter.

Don't see it if you have trouble with heavily accented language or can't face a story based on reality. For thousands this is their tragic life.

Preview putnamm
Fantastic, surprising, Entertaining

See it if Even if you saw any of the originals on or off Broadway. A total treat. Great cast.

Don't see it if You don't like beautifully produced musicals.

Preview funhome1803
Ground-breaking, brave, moving

See it if You want to experience something new and meaningful. Like the first time you discovered Sondheim.

Don't see it if You want fluff.

Preview sor showscore 264x392
Overrated, Entertaining

See it if You like superficial but entertaining musicals.

Don't see it if You want high quality, innovative and artistically engaging experiences in the theatre.

Preview indecent poster
For a previous production
Deeply moving, Intense, Absorbing

See it if You have any interest in the history of Jewish creators of early Bowery to Broadway productions.

Don't see it if Reading some translation of the Yiddish text is an impediment to your experience of this beautiful production.

Preview 299518
Cliched, Disappointing

See it if You want to give new playwrights a chance and TV sitcom on stage doesn't bore you. Actors that are way better than the script are ok for you

Don't see it if Stereotypes that add no new insights is what you expect. Predictable script and outcomes annoy you.

Preview big river
Lyrical, Must see, Relevant, Great singing

See it if superb voices, a range of lyrical musical genres, excellent performers and wonderfully under-amplified music by cast and orchestra appeal

Don't see it if the Huck Finn story seems to simplistic to you as the basis for a meaningful musical

Also Saw the original and the B'dway revival and this was a purer and bette... Read more Read less

Preview screenhunter 2587 jan. 09 20.02
During previews
Needs a good edit, Slow, Quirky, Indulgent

See it if you appreciate fine performers working with inconsistent material that goes from excellent to annoying. Or you love Marylouise Burke

Don't see it if you expect anything remotely true to the Everyman original.

Also I expected more and better from this very fine playwright.

Preview img 0010
During previews
Meaninglessly vulgar in the true sense of the word, Banal, Excruciating

See it if you are tolerant of a cast with only one good performance in a really poorly written play

Don't see it if "been here, seen this all before" doesn't bother you. Not a character or storyline of interest. Kept asking myself "so what" and "why".

Preview beautyqueen2
Provocative, Intelligent, Must see

See it if You love great writing, acting and want to be swept away with laughter and tears watching a poetic tragedy unfold. Mysterious. Unresolvable.

Don't see it if challenging material and unexplained plot twists or strong Irish accents bother you. If you don't like surprises, stay home.

Preview finian s rainbow white
Relevant, Great singing, Entertaining

See it if You want to really hear a beautifully sung show without over amplification. The simplicity and purity of the production is a pleasure.

Don't see it if You don't like musicals.

Preview final
Tedious, uninspired, Disappointing

See it if Your are a fan of Mike Bartlett (we are) and you want to see some fine acting in a dismal play

Don't see it if You lived through the 60s and have a sophisticated point of view than simply stereotyping those who may still be trying to build a new world

Preview unnamed
Slow, Disappointing

See it if you are a fan of Horton Foote and willing to see anything he wrote. Not his best work but if you are patient, worth the effort.

Don't see it if You expect the best from this important and usually articulate author. If you have no patience for stereotypes offering no new insights.

Preview falsettos temp 285x375.jpeg  284x50000 q85 subsampling 2
Eloquent reminder of where we began

See it if You like smart, articulate lyrics and music, fine performances and moving content that brings back the early days of the AIDS crisis.

Don't see it if You want a production that is about "now". This is true to how the show was written. Heart-wrencing at times. Funny as hell at others.

Preview keyart 01
Poorly paced, uninspired, Disappointing

See it if You think just because it is from London it will be good or if you are patient with poor productions of excellent plays.

Don't see it if You expect directorial insight, love Christopher Hampton's work, have no patience for meaningless set changes.

Preview nat turner
During previews
Relevant, Intense, Ambitious

See it if you are interested in unknown history that is incredibly relevant today. Not a simple story of right and wrong but the difficult inbetween.

Don't see it if You want happy endings and something that doesn't challenge your mind and perhaps your values and prejudices.

Preview alltheways
During previews
Surprising, moving, Intense, Thought-provoking

See it if you appreciate LaBute's insights into people, relationships, and provocative story lines; if you are a fan of intense one person shows

Don't see it if you want to stay comfortable, can't cope with some explicit sex talk, or want to be judgmental about challenging topics.

Preview osloshowpage.jpeg  284x50000 q85 subsampling 2
For a previous production
Insighful, Thought-provoking, Intelligent, Ambitious

See it if you appreciate deeply thoughtful writing on challenging back story insights to important history. Really fine acting ensemble.

Don't see it if you won't listen carefully to articulate but complicated persona and story lines. Not for the intellectually lazy.

Preview eng show score
During previews
Sexist and vulgar, Cliched, Excruciating, Banal

See it if you like to torture yourself with really bad writing, staging and meaningless characterizations.

Don't see it if you have anything else at all to do with your time and money. Felt really sorry for the very talented cast.

Preview showpostkandinewyellow.jpeg  284x50000 q85 subsampling 2
Great singing, Great staging, Entertaining, Enchanting

See it if For the divine Marin Mazzie, who adds thrilling emotional scope (musically, dramatically) to an exquisite production of a great musical.

Don't see it if there is no reason not to see this production

Preview incognito1
Original, Thought-provoking, Intelligent, Great acting, Ambitious

See it if you love new work that is both intellectually challenging and beautifully choreographed direction. Innovative, smart, moving, thoughtful.

Don't see it if you are too lazy to think, can't follow characters slipping in and out of multiple characters and story lines,

Preview rsz daphnes dive white
Great acting, Ambitious, Thought-provoking

See it if a complex portrait of an immigrant family chasing the American Dream and local politics over the past three decades is of interest.

Don't see it if You are lazy about thinking about how the current political environment is really a past and present experience too many are still living.

Preview rsz dear evan hansen
For a previous production
Innovative, emotional, astute

See it if brilliantly cast musicals that challenge the heart and mind with story, characters and music that relate to real human experience are you

Don't see it if you want fluff or can't remember what it is like to be a confused teenager or a parent trying to help your kids grow up.

Preview curious
Thought-provoking, Original, Masterful

See it if You want to see the most innovative writing and production in the past decade. Surprisingly engaging work about tough subject matter.

Don't see it if No reason not to see this. Sit in the mezz for best view of the brilliant staging.

Preview kiss

See it if You don't know much about Oscar Wilde or you are a British actors groupie

Don't see it if You want a well-written play that offers a deeper look at the man behind the plays and his complicated life and mind

Preview long.day.cast
Cliched, Disappointing

See it if you have the patience for a poorly directed interpretation bordering on melodrama.

Don't see it if You expect subtlety or new insights into this classic play. Great actors wasted by bad direction.

Preview fa show score
During previews
Disappointing, Indulgent, Excruciating

See it if Don't waste your time

Don't see it if You love good writing

Preview 14095 3
Overrated, Indulgent, Disappointing

See it if If you mindlessly like van Hove

Don't see it if You have any respect for what was written.

Preview beautifulmay180
Surprisingly complex story and character portraits, Entertaining

See it if You love the music and want to learn more about the other important creators during that era.

Don't see it if Can't imagine any reason not to see this totally enjoyable show.

Preview shelovesme
Charming, entertaining, pure joy

See it if You love a period musical beautifully performed with wonderful performers, costumes and a great set. Surprised I loved this one so much.

Don't see it if You aren't a fan of being thoroughly entertained.