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God Said This
West Village

for a previous production "This story has ingredients contained within many Hallmark movie family dramas, but it mixes in familiarities local audiences will recognize...Winkler has written rich characters with dialogue that has an unpretentious familiarity to it coupled with undercurrents of complex wrought emotion...While the play is not about addiction, its timing is particularly thought-provoking as it premieres when Kentucky is dealing with all kinds of addiction issues." Full Review

The Courier-Journal

for a previous production "Perplexing but fascinating production...Waters deserves accolades for coordinating such a rush of energy, words and bodies on stage to create a work that resonates. At times, individual moments come off as odious and aggressive, but there are basic philosophical ideas at work here...What gives the chaos and noise of this play clarity is the lengthy moments of silence that bookend the production. With these, the play finds its yin and yang." Full Review

USA Today

for a previous production “There is an intrinsic lyricism to Ruhl’s ideas as well as her language in this work…Chalfant as Ann and Peter Pan utterly compels and charms…The rest of the cast aptly provides respectable performances…Waters' direction also holds very tender moments…Waters – who also has a history of wily exploits that sometimes excel – fulfills his reputation here by including a small marching band. Instead of adding illumination, however, the move disrupts the story and mood." Full Review