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Entertaining, Great singing, Fluffy, Disappointing

See it if Passionate musicians & vocalists. Sets are great. It's fluffy entertainment.

Don't see it if Loud music drowning vocalists, silly jokes, thin story, Did not enjoy this rock music.

Entertaining, Slow, Thought-provoking, Ambitious

See it if history of comfort women, very good choreography, great to see Asian cast,

Don't see it if long, no pit stop, some singers are weaker, too many songs, don't like the title, subject matter is difficult

Upper W Side
Clever, Entertaining, Dated, Slow

See it if creative, child like innocence, passionate performers

Don't see it if some repeats from previous shows, can get corny at times especially when you see the performers, slow, some skits are better than others.

Midtown W
Entertaining, Great acting, Great staging, Relevant

See it if Great acting, set, modern, refreshing, entertaining

Don't see it if Issues with gay themes, not interested in disfunctional families, prefer musicals

During previews
Slow, Disappointing

See it if Wonderful young muscians, a sad ending. There were some surprises such as a male ballet dancer and a tenor singing passionately in Russian.

Don't see it if a small space, piano player needed a softer touch, must like chamber music.

Midtown W
Delightful, Great singing, Fluffy, Dated

See it if A delightful musical that focuses on Jewish family secrets.

Don't see it if You don't like lots of singing, very little dialoque, stage is limited, acters move on and off, sparse set, simple plot and story

Slow, Excruciating, Disappointing, Dated

See it if Condola Rashad is excellent . The trial was informative. Great map in Playbill explaining the war in France.

Don't see it if 3 hour play that can be boring at times. Ugly set, lots of meaningless dialoque

Overrated, Slow, Excruciating, Disappointing

See it if like slow character portrayal, sparse set, wish to learn more about people who are deaf.

Don't see it if you want action, repetitious dialogue, diffuculty reading subtitles especially if your in the back orchestra, very sleepy -you'll doze off

Good for Otto
Midtown W
Great acting, Slow, Excruciating, Disappointing

See it if enjoy seeing one of my favorite acters Ed Harris, intense character portraits, issues on humanity

Don't see it if difficulty sitting through 3 hours of human suffering, no plot lots of theraphy, poor stage direction, too much information.

Overrated, Disappointing, Cliched, Slow

See it if a fan of Jewish music, original set, slow story telling via rabbi like swearing harsh muscian

Don't see it if like action, disturbed by lots of swearing, harsh & loud singing, acters were stiff, it's very old world indictive of the audience.

During previews
Calamity Jane
Midtown W
Delightful, Entertaining, Great singing, Fluffy

See it if like a 1953 remake musical, great voices & dancing, enthusiastic group, entertaining in a small theater.

Don't see it if dislike singing, dated 1953 musical, mushy, looking for something new, lots of singing, bare bones set, long

High Noon
West Village
Ambitious, Confusing, Dizzying, Great staging

See it if You like character studies, western themes, great staging, political intrique

Don't see it if confusion, lots of dialogue, my husband fell asleep, disappointing plot & ending

Great staging, Enchanting, Great singing, Overrated, Slow

See it if enjoy period music & historical drama

Don't see it if deep plot, action, depth, characters that move you, king was over the top

Delightful, Great acting, Slow

See it if you like John Lithgow, solo, performance, using your imagination, listening to stories

Don't see it if expect action, can't use your imagination, don't like Lithdow, expect a typical Broadway show

Great singing, Delightful, Entertaining, Relevant

See it if Enjoy a fresh play, great songs & voices, short history on Moses, entertaining.

Don't see it if big music production, historical depth, mostly musical dialogue, minimal set

For a previous production
Desperate Measures
Midtown W
Great singing, Delightful, Quirky, Raunchy

See it if Great songs, singing, amusing, typical good & bad guys characterization, somewhat over the top, entertaining

Don't see it if Drama and serious performances is your bag. Don't like rhyming lyrics & musicals.

A Deal
Disappointing, Cliched, Absorbing

See it if You've experienced the real estate rush in NYC. Insight to the relationship of young adults vs parents hopes & dreams.

Don't see it if Raw set, actors seem artificial, atypical Chinese parents, play can feel disjointed, needs more polish

The Portuguese Kid
Midtown W
Entertaining, Great acting, Hilarious, Great staging, Funny

See it if Having fun, relaxing, enjoy Jason Alexander (who is George for me), Amazing sets, terrific time!

Don't see it if Serious dark drama, do not like comedy, don't wish to be entertained or laugh!

Confusing, Disappointing, Overrated, Dizzying

See it if Creative choreography, violent behavior, great men's abs.

Don't see it if If you compare it to 70's film, which was incredible. Dislike men taking on woman's roles. Could not understand this new language.

Disappointing, Slow, Thought-provoking, Fluffy, Dated

See it if You like English stuffy melodramas.

Don't see it if If your tired, you may nod off.

Entertaining, Refreshing, Delightful, Great staging

See it if Loved this remake. Sets, costumes, songs just GREAT!

Don't see it if You don't like musicals .

Entertaining, Delightful, Refreshing

See it if Great singing, dancing, music, set. Songs from the past delivered with a fresh approach.

Don't see it if No plot or story, just singing & dancing. Songs from the past.

Entertaining, Great singing, Quirky

See it if It's entertaining, great voices, a history of booze, free drinks, what's not to like?

Don't see it if Not a play, more an event, can get "hooky" portraying characters in history

First Love
West Village
Enchanting, Great acting, Romantic

See it if A very unusual love story inspired by the paintings of Magritte. I enjoyed the relationship of the two main characters.

Don't see it if Lots of dialogue, can get slow, directed towards Boomers. The young lady representing Magritte seemed unnecessary. Why was she there?

Absorbing, Great acting, Great staging, Intelligent, Must see

See it if Incredible performances, great set, very realistic. Life story that touches most people who have experienced loss. Left me with goose bumps

Don't see it if want a musical, can not deal with death or family turmoil.

During previews
Dan Cody's Yacht
Midtown W
Great acting, Great staging, Relevant, Absorbing

See it if Fabulous actors, set, story. It's about the 1% and the rest of the world. It asks will money corrupt your values? Great to see a modern play

Don't see it if Your not interested in character portayals, prefer a musical & happy endings

Midtown W
Great acting, Confusing, Slow, Thought-provoking

See it if great acting, learning about the Armenian genocide

Don't see it if slow, confusing acters constantly flip in and out from generations, difficult subject, sparse set

West Village
Great acting, Relevant, Riveting, Great staging, Thought-provoking

See it if Terrific production, the two students were excellent, rivetting, great set design, powerful story.

Don't see it if dislike character studies, want action, short play, not interested in educational topics

Midtown W
Entertaining, Great singing, Delightful

See it if love the classics and rock combination, great sound, felt the beat in my chest, amazing musicians, set, lighting, orchestra. FUN!

Don't see it if you expect a typical play, not into the music, purist

The Stone Witch
Midtown W
Great staging, Great acting, Absorbing, Entertaining

See it if love an intimate setting, with terrfic cast, wonderful scenery, refreshing new work.

Don't see it if wish for a musical, don't like character studies, not into creativity, do not want to think

Entertaining, Great singing, Great staging, Ambitious

See it if Love the music, great singing, staging, lighting, Chilina Kennedy as Carole King was fabulous! The orchestra was amazing.

Don't see it if hate musicals, can not appreciate Carole King's music

Entertaining, Ambitious, Funny, Hilarious, Quirky

See it if Love Opera, listening to great voices, original, funny, great staging & acting

Don't see it if hate profanity, are religeous, hate opera, outrageous behavior, very conservative

During previews
Absorbing, Relevant, Must see, Great singing, Entertaining

See it if A gem, beautifully sung, acted, staged. I was very moved by the songs and lyrics. Difficult subjects to convey in a musical. Shed some tears

Don't see it if If you don't feel compassion for mankind.

During previews
Entertaining, Refreshing, Great acting, Great writing

See it if A very touching play. Fabulous acters, funny & sad, beautifully told. A very difficult subject .This play is a real gem.

Don't see it if You want song & dance, Don't like family drama. Afraid to deal with down syndrom issues.

During previews
Hindle Wakes
Midtown W
Great acting, Great staging, Entertaining, Dated

See it if period plays, great acting, women's rights, character studies

Don't see it if action, characters with old English dialects, dated period story

Entertaining, Dated, Fluffy

See it if Want to get in the Christmas spirit. It's dated with the typical songs but the band was amazing. Candice Glover's voice is worth the trip.

Don't see it if If you expect a plot, do not like Christmas tunes. It's a simple set. Sometimes the voices were drowned by the band. The drummer was loud.

During previews
The Children
Midtown W
Slow, Overrated, Indulgent, Disappointing

See it if like heavy slow character studies, interested in nuclear leaks, lots of dialogue, heavy English accents

Don't see it if expect entertainment, plot development, like discussions on nuclear after effects, cancer, aging , sit through 2 hours no intermission.

The Last Match
Midtown W
Ambitious, Great acting, Entertaining, Slow, Disappointing

See it if love tennis, competitive sports, great acting

Don't see it if simple story, not much depth, pretend tennis playing, you are not into tennis or competative players

Midtown W
Absorbing, Great acting, Masterful, Romantic, Thought-provoking

See it if Great acting, emotional story, touching.

Don't see it if Issues with religion, God, afterlife, cancer, death, happy endings.

During previews
20th Century Blues
Midtown W
Great acting, Great staging, Slow, Fluffy

See it if Great acting, you're a baby boomer, like character studies

Don't see it if you love fast moving, action, deep thoughts, lots of excitement, not a boomer

Clever, Entertaining, Enchanting, Refreshing

See it if If you loved Jersey Boys & Westside Story, you'll want to see this wonderful production.

Don't see it if If you don't like musicals