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The Originalist
Midtown E

for a previous production "'The Originalist' gives off its flintiest sparks when justice and clerk are in battle mode...Strand's characterization of Scalia, drawn from his writing, feels largely correct, and Gero's physical resemblance to the late justice is striking...For a play that tries to pivot around the nuance of constitutional interpretation, Smith's production often feels ham-fisted...'The Originalist' heavily underlines its metaphors and contains no surprises." Full Review

Midtown W

for a previous production "Writer Paula Vogel and director Rebecca Taichman have crafted a hymn to the powers/dangers of creativity and dissent. And a highly entertaining one at that…This production celebrates the institution of live theater and the people who are willing to give their life to it…'Indecent' feels less like an examination of a miscarriage of artistic justice than a heartfelt ode to lives changed by the stage." Full Review

Bright Star
Midtown W

for a previous production "The audience knows exactly where the show is headed, and how it will get there. While the production feels traditional, it certainly doesn't sound like any other American musical...Bobbie and his talented cast and creative team wrap 'Bright Star' in a beautiful, ear-pleasing package. Let's hear it for old pros dabbling in new genres. This 'Star' is on the rise." Full Review


for a previous production "Our man is a bold-patterns type of individual, and the play he inhabits works most effectively when it's showing its plumes...Much of the early part of 'Bold Patterns' feels like Droege riffing...Droege is trying to take us somewhere...In the end, Gerry's protective walls finally come down, and with his faith ever so slightly restored, he faces a new day. As much as we loved the angry reveling goofball, we'll take the hopeful optimist he has become." Full Review

East Village

for a previous production "Orlandersmith, who has written several solo plays, treads the jagged edge of memory, although the memories being shared here are anything but nostalgic. Early on, she throws a scratchy version of The Doors' "Light My Fire" onto a phonograph. Fittingly, Orlandersmith then spends a substantial portion of the ensuing 90 minutes trying to burn the place down. It's not quite there though, making "Forever" more glowing embers than scorched earth." Full Review