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Absorbing, Entertaining, Funny, Great acting, Slow

See it if You are interested at a look into queer relationships in the 1970s (when very few were "out" and hate crimes were frequent).

Don't see it if If you're not comfortable with this subject matter.

Also Phenomenal acting all around, and main character is hilarious and ende... Read more Read less

Overrated, Quirky, Amateur

See it if You know someone in the cast and are going just to support it.

Don't see it if You are amazed by prior good reviews and think it will be an amazing $10 show. Because it's the most basic community theatre.

Also I HATE writing this review because HRT rocks. But I'm writing this so ... Read more Read less

During previews
Entertaining, Great acting, Great writing, Relevant, Intelligent

See it if You are interested in a slice of career life involving inequality of the sexes.

Don't see it if You think men are superior and you are blind to issues of inequality.

Also Hats off to the talented cast of this play--great acting all around ke... Read more Read less

The Treasurer
Midtown W
Relevant, Banal, Disappointing, Slow

See it if Youant an uncomplica introducgtion to plays abidout dementia and aging parents.

Don't see it if If you’ve seen really amazing plays about aging parents (like “The Father”) and you expect this to be as thought-provoking.

Also Strong opening monologue followed by a weak and eventless storyline an... Read more Read less

West Village
Relevant, Cliched, Fluffy

See it if You haven't seen a play about the trans community and want a solid (albeit fluffy) introduction to the community.

Don't see it if If you an uncomfortable with the trans community, and if you expect a deep plot.

Also Huge respect to this show for displaying the talents of an all-trans c... Read more Read less

During previews
Great staging, Slow, Imaginative

See it if You are interested in an exploration of the Reagan-era "Welfare Queen" attitude and one vulnerable woman's struggle in the system.

Don't see it if You want a light-hearted play. While the play doesn't go as deep as it could, it does brings up a lot of ways poor women are manipulated.

Also Very cool staging! I normally find adult actors playing children to be... Read more Read less

Delightful, Enchanting, Refreshing

See it if You are a fan of Shakespeare (dialogue is not modernized) and you are excited to see a fresh take on this story with diversity and spirit!

Don't see it if You don't want singing, dancing, and modern attitudes added in. But in my opinion, that's what made it so worthwhile!

Also Excellent adaption--wouldn't have missed it for the world!

Lucie Pohl: Hi, Hitler
West Village
Ambitious, Disappointing, Dizzying

See it if You like light-hearted, energetic plays.

Don't see it if You want a clear storyline or purpose.

Also Pohl was at times funny, but I found the way she played characters of ... Read more Read less

Somebody's Daughter
Upper W Side
Cliched, Unrealistic, Poor acting

See it if you are interested in Asian stereotypes.

Don't see it if you are concerned about plays reinforcing Asian stereotypes.

Also Was very excited to see this play, but poor acting and cliche storylin... Read more Read less

Clever, Entertaining, Hilarious

See it if You have a lot of nostalgia surrounding Friends, as it's imperative to have a good knowledge of the original in order to enjoy a parody.

Don't see it if You don't care that much about Friends, or haven't watched many episodes (because you'll miss jokes and it will just seem stupid).

Also My partner and I really enjoyed this show--a great date night show bec... Read more Read less

Anastasia (NYC)
Midtown W
Delightful, Enchanting, Thought-provoking

See it if You enjoy musicals, dynamic period-costumes and a refreshing take on a “princess” story.

Don't see it if You don’t care for a “pretty” show and desire something more gritty and serious.

Also The dancing, staging, and costumes were a visual treat! Wasn’t wild ab... Read more Read less

Great acting, Disappointing, Slow, Thought-provoking

See it if You are interested in a glimpse into the AIDS crisis, or if you’re a fan of the actors.

Don't see it if You want an emotional experience that connects you to the AIDS crisis, as storyline seems shallow.

Also Actors were great and concept is interesting, but overall it just didn... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Great singing, Quirky, Shallow

See it if You love Josephine Baker (or even if you don't know much about her but are interested) and want to see a solid actress interpret her life.

Don't see it if If you want a deep look at Baker's life. Great play and overview, but nothing revealed that's not already common knowledge and on Wikipedia.

Also Loved this show! Actress is perfect for the part and her dancing and s... Read more Read less

Enchanting, Great singing, Intelligent

See it if You like modern dance and you're interested the history of sexism.

Don't see it if If you expect to see a fully polished piece.

Also I'm surprised by the poor ratings on this show--I feel it's pretty har... Read more Read less

During previews
Intelligent, Ambitious, Confusing, Disappointing, Dizzying

See it if You don't mind being thrown off by a dystopian setting, in which actors speak a made-up language throughout--purpose never clicked for me.

Don't see it if You think this is going to make a lot of sense, and that is it somewhat related to The Scarlet Letter. Because there's no connection to it.

Also Not a bad play, but a bizarre one and not in a quirky way. It has funn... Read more Read less

A Parallelogram
Midtown W
Intelligent, Thought-provoking, Ambitious

See it if You are THAT person who thinks a lot about life, death, coincidences, and fate. This play will trigger some self-reflection, in a good way.

Don't see it if If you easily annoying by "do-overs" in stories. The play deals with redoing actions to see if fate changes, so scenes are repeated.

Kim's Convenience
Midtown W
Funny characters, Good cast

See it if You like light-hearted, slice-of-life looks into families. Funny to see stereotypes and surprises played out by solid actors.

Don't see it if You crave a clear plot that brings you somewhere. That's not the purpose of this show.