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Ambitious, Disappointing, Intense, Unrealistic, Well-acted

See it if You like Brechtian-style drama

Don't see it if You want to see realistic characters in real-life situations, struggling with believable conflicts

Also New York Times called it Brechtian. Time Out New York called it Brecht... Read more Read less

Spoon River
Midtown W
Heartfelt, Uplifting, Multi-talented musicians, Fast-paced, Life-affirming

See it if you're open to performances that are different from most theatre--especially if you like traditional folk/country/americana music

Don't see it if you insist on a story with a plot and well-developed characters--this show consists of vignettes of many different small-town characters.

Also So what's the point, if there are no characters wending their way thro... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Inspiring, Touching, Encouraging, Must see

See it if you remember 9/11/2001 ... or if you don't.

Don't see it if all you want is traditional singing-and-dancing Broadway shows

Also In the face of the evil that is so prevalent in this world, isn't it g... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Funny, Great acting, Great staging, Relevant

See it if you love Shakespeare and appreciate the universality of his treatments of issues.

Don't see it if you want your Shakespeare set only in Shakespeare's time, and only with stilted, pompous line readings.

Also This production does an excellent job of making the characters' speech... Read more Read less

During previews
Well acted, Not so well written, Contrived plot complications, Nearly-bare stage, Disappointing

See it if You'd like to think about how Ibsen's story of Nora might have continued--although this version of it might not satisfy you

Don't see it if You want to see a realistic drama that takes Nora seriously, and that delves deeply into her and her husband's needs and conflicts

Also I'm all for letting the story be told primarily through the dialogue a... Read more Read less

Heartfelt, Educational, Documentary-style, Bluegrass/country/gospel music, Dramatic

See it if you like small-scale, up-close-and-personal theatre, presented passionately

Don't see it if you only like Broadway-style shows, with elaborate sets and costumes, or if you don't like shows that deal with historical/political issues

Also This is a series of vignettes, loaded with factual historical informat... Read more Read less

Cry Havoc!
West Village
Energetic, Intense, Fast-paced, Thought-provoking, Absorbing

See it if you like theatre that deals with real-life issues

Don't see it if all you like is happy-talk theatre

Also A one-person show gives any actor a special kind of challenge: to crea... Read more Read less

During previews
Poignant, A nice effort, Flawed, Period piece, Sweet

See it if you're into 1950s culture, and if you like psychologically probing films and plays

Don't see it if you prefer action-style films and plays, or musicals

Also I felt that some scenes and characterizations were a bit over-acted: s... Read more Read less

For a previous production
Clever, Hilarious, Over the top, Technically dazzling, Too much of a good thing

See it if you're in the mood for fast-paced, zany comedy

Don't see it if you only like serious, intense, meaningful theatre

Also Just about every imaginable catastrophe that could befall a theatre co... Read more Read less

Classic drama, Satisfying, Well acted, Gripping, Intense

See it if you like psychologically probing drama

Don't see it if you only like light-hearted plays and musicals

Also Danny DeVito successfully mines the script's potential for comic momen... Read more Read less

The Penitent
Disappointing, Inconsequential, Awkward, Robotically acted, Unsatisfying

See it if you love everything that David Mamet does

Don't see it if You want to see characters that you can identify with, and who are dealing with situations you are likely to care about

Also Playwright Mamet likes to create dialogue in which the characters are ... Read more Read less

Funny, Intriguing, Well-acted, Thought-provoking, Minimal plot

See it if you're a listener--it's not for nothing that it's "Evening at the Talk House." Not much happens, yet challenging and disturbing ideas emerge

Don't see it if you want physical action, song and dance, or action-packed plot

Also Playwright Wallace Shawn is an artful writer. My wife and I agreed tha... Read more Read less

Wakey, Wakey
Midtown W
Creative, Intriguing, Powerful, Thought-provoking, Emotionally touching

See it if You're open to untraditional approaches to theater, and if you are interested in artful exploration of the meaning of life an death.

Don't see it if You are looking for a large-scale show with a clear plot based on characters' relationships and conflicts--this show is nearly a monologue.

Also Go with a friend. The end of the show will offer you some great inspir... Read more Read less

During previews
Significant Other
Midtown W
Broadly drawn characters, Delightful, Fun, Sad, Sweet

See it if you like character-driven shows, humor tempered with sadness, and exploration of relationships

Don't see it if you want to be dazzled by technical stagecraft or physical action

Also The first act is charming and mostly light-hearted, with a sitcom feel... Read more Read less

East Village
Omigod, Incomprehensible, Lead character: rushed robotic acting, Weak script, If you could find free tickets, they'd be overpriced.

See it if ... well, on second thought, just don't see it.

Don't see it if You like good character development, competent acting, a meaningful plot, and any other features of good theatre.

Also I've seen a lot of theatre in my years living in the NYC area--some wo... Read more Read less

Traditional musical, Enthusiastically performed, Solidly professional singing and dancing, Sweet, Old-fashioned

See it if you like musicals and lighthearted, feel-good shows, or if you're looking for light-hearted, family-friendly holiday entertainment.

Don't see it if you want to be challenged by thought-provoking material--you won't find that here. This is a pleasant evening of un-challenging fluff.

Love, Love, Love
Midtown W
Dark comedy, Strong acting, Poignant, Well-developed characters, Family conflict

See it if you like exploration of family conflicts and dysfunction--you see the causes and effects of what happens over 40 years

Don't see it if you're looking for a traditional Broadway singin' and dancin' show: it's a play, not a musical.

Also Zoe Kazan plays a perfectly credible teenager, and then goes on to pla... Read more Read less

During previews
Midtown W
Beautifully written script, Consistently compelling acting, Poignant and profound, Beautiful monologues and sharp dialogue, Well-formed characters

See it if you like to find depth and meaning--and humor--in ordinary moments of daily life

Don't see it if you're squeamish about dealing with life-and-death issues

The Good Earth
Unclear story and character relationships, Beautiful singing and harmonies, Dreamlike, Earnestly acted

See it if you're enthralled by Welsh culture

Don't see it if you're looking for elaborate sets and costumes, and if you want a clear story line with fully-developed characters and clear conflicts

Earnest heartfelt, Adolescent angst, Well-acted

See it if you want to remember what it was like to struggle with growing up, risking in relationships vs. seeking safety in solitude.

Don't see it if you want a traditional Broadway-style song-and-dance show. Mostly lyrical solos and duets here, with two lovely harmonized trios in Act II.

Sense & Sensibility
West Village
Original, Delightful, Great acting

See it if you'd like to see a wildly creative take on a literary classic, outrageously funny, yet deeply poignant.

Don't see it if your idea of good theatre is two-dimensional characters taking turns reciting their lines.

Clever, Entertaining, Thought-provoking

See it if you care about racial considerations in theater and film casting. And if you haven't thought about such things, you should. So see the show.

Don't see it if you like mindless drivel that offers no deeper message.