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Midtown E
Theatre is Easy

"In showing Thatcher’s steely determination, Buffini does not shy away from critiquing Thatcher’s policies, yet she creates an empathetic portrait of a woman who did not seem to have much empathy herself...The cast shine in their respective roles, if (only occasionally) some of their accents wobble toward American vowels...While uneven in the critique of its central characters, the play nevertheless offers provocative and heartfelt portrayals of two strong, iconic women." Full Review

My Life on a Diet
Midtown W
Theatre is Easy

"'My Life on a Diet' is the theatrical equivalent of dessert—sweet, frothy, and perfectly fine with not being a main course...Taylor is a master joke-teller, particularly with the slow comic burn after a hoary pun or self-deprecating punchline. If you’re not an ardent Taylor fan, you might find the 90 minutes a bit long, as all those memories of meeting stars and going on diets can get repetitive. But on the night I saw it, none of that mattered." Full Review

Theatre is Easy

“An early Christmas present for fans of ‘American Idol’, ‘The Voice’…Lackluster production values and bizarre narration suggest this concert was put together in the cheapest and fastest way possible...It’s too bad, because the performers are talented...For those who aren't super fans of televised singing competitions, sitting through this concert might be like eating overdone ham smothered in cheese. Not good for you, but mildly enjoyable, in its own way.” Full Review

Theatre is Easy

"'Glassheart' is a study of opposites, tracing the fine line between the ordinary and extraordinary. In tone and topic, the language is lyrical and conversational...The cast members work well as an ensemble...Overall, the strength of Hardy's writing and the imaginative production elements make 'Glassheart' an excellent choice for those looking to discover exciting new work Off Off Broadway." Full Review

Theatre is Easy

"The opening number is genuinely engaging. And throughout the show Studdard—and particularly Aiken—try their best to make the material work, using every firework in their arsenal during lushly orchestrated solos and duets...While the lazy writing might suggest this is a cash grab, it does have a genuine charitable purpose. Overall, fans of Studdard and Aiken will be enthralled; everyone else might find Ruben and Clay merely an agreeable, if forgettable, holiday entertainment." Full Review

The Black Glove
East Village
Theatre is Easy

"Director Greer has cast the play with all women actors...It helps mitigate the vestiges of Strindberg’s misogyny, for though 'Black Glove' is a Christmas play with a happy ending, it’s still a play where a 'bad' woman must be taught a lesson. This casting also gives the magnificent cast a chance to show their range...In all, 'Black Glove' is a poetic, whimsical holiday play that is a must for Strindberg junkies, and anyone looking for holiday fare that isn’t 'Christmas Carol.'" Full Review

Theatre is Easy

“A powerful production...Frighteningly relevant...This iteration of ‘Freight’ captures the essence of its predecessor while expanding (and improving) upon it. Nicholson gives a tour de force performance...I wanted to see more from the female characters and to have more variety among the women...Craft's script never stints, however, on its unflinching look at racism, and the strategies Abel adapts to survive. In all, this is a timely and timeless theatrical journey.” Full Review