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About:  Especially interested in intersectional feminist plays and challenging new work in addition to exciting reimaginings of classics!
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Ni Mi Madre
West Village
Great acting, Great staging, Complex, Heartfelt, Absorbing

See it if You like complex stories about generational gifts and trauma, curious about a rich portrayal of a mother just trying to do her best

Don't see it if Not interested in one person shows or delving into a complicated and sometimes difficult stories to take in about mothers, racism, & trauma

Also Beautiful story about motherhood and that all parenting looks differen... Read more Read less

Self important, Ambitious, Slow, Confusing, Clever

See it if you enjoy experimental theatre work, interested how sports/masculinity/competition intersect, something out of the box, one man show vibes

Don't see it if not patient enough to sit through a devised piece that seems like a work in progress, looking for something more straightforward

Also Maybe it's just that I've been seeing some very important work coming ... Read more Read less

Hilarious, Great adaptation!, Must see, Dizzying, Delightful

See it if you want a great welcome back to the theatre, enjoy adaptations of Shakespeare, this one is a great show that anyone can connect to, fun!!!

Don't see it if not interested in broad comedy or physical comedy, if you like more kitchen dramas, you can't stand any sort of Shakespeare production

Also The Public has created an incredible experience to experience theatre ... Read more Read less

During previews
Cathartic writing, Profound, Masterful, Great acting, Must see

See it if To experience an up & coming masterful playwright, enjoy gritty family dramas, incredible acting, characters with high stakes & full heart

Don't see it if You are triggered by self harm, not ready for tough themes about abuse, addiction, mental health etc but I promise there is much humor too!

Enchanting, Powerhouse writing, Edgy, Resonant, Great acting

See it if you want a peak inside of the lives of these people you walk by everyday in the city, to see a gritty play that will make you laugh for days

Don't see it if you are triggered by violence or characters talking about abuse or sexual trauma, you are looking for fluff cuz this is grit at it's finest

Also Liza Colon-Zayas. That's all.

The Courtroom
Midtown W
Thought-provoking, Resonant, Moving, Educational, Fascinating

See it if to learn more about civil vs crime courts, an educational and moving experience that is relevant to us all, concerned about immigration law

Don't see it if I don't see why you shouldn't see it, I guess if you are not interested in politics at all or have no desire to learn about immigration

Also This is what we all should have seen as a part of our education in the... Read more Read less

Casual, Quirky, Uneventful, Confusing, Slow

See it if You enjoy a play that takes its time, if you like 80s period, looking for something lighthearted and enjoyable

Don't see it if Get bored easily, if you’re expecting an arc or much to happen, if you are expecting it to be relevant to space and Sally Ride

Also I really couldn’t tell you what this show is about. The last 10 minute... Read more Read less

Female friendship, Touching, Quick, Hilarious, Great acting

See it if To see incredible acting and a touching story about female friendship, this is such a feel good show that also has depth

Don't see it if Honestly it’s such an accessible show, anyone can see it and can relate, if you don’t like buddy comedies I guess?

Rumbling, Relevant, Must see, Absorbing, Haunting

See it if This is a must see this season, you want a good play for October, politically charged, to hear nuanced and chilling far right rhetoric

Don't see it if Not interested or turned off about politics completely, sensitive to loud sounds, looking for theatre more fluffy and comfortable

The Yellow Wallpaper
West Village
Safe, Anticlimactic, Thought-provoking, Delicate, Quiet

See it if You enjoy the short story or period pieces in general, you want to see some beautiful design elements, the piece has a grace you rarely see

Don't see it if You are expecting something daring or innovating, you are expecting raunchy downtown theatre, this piece has room for more danger

Great staging, Enchanting, Engaging, Magical, Intelligent

See it if You want to see a really beautiful King Lear, you want to understand the play, you enjoy Shakespeare and music and literature, adaptations

Don't see it if You are a Shakespeare purist, you don’t enjoy Shakespeare, if you get antsy the show is long, you’re impatient or not a good listener

Also After such a poor Broadway production of King Lear, this one is so exc... Read more Read less

Superficial, Parody, Great acting, Entertaining, Hilarious

See it if You enjoy Chekhov and want to have a laugh, if you want to see some funny actors shine, to see some inside jokes for theatre people

Don't see it if Not interested in Chekhov, looking for something with more depth, want your money’s worth, not interested in parodies

During previews
Funny, Disappointing, Safe rendition, Cliched

See it if You are into bland classic Shakespeare set in a post-apocalyptic future, if you like the play it is worth a see since it’s not done often

Don't see it if You are looking for a refreshing take of this play or anything revolutionary about it or any sort of relevance

Thought-provoking, Relevant, Great acting, Enchanting

See it if To see powerhouse actors give such rich performances, a riveting play that still stands the rest of time, beautiful love story

Don't see it if Looking for something over the top, this play is quiet but beautiful, don’t go if you are looking for glam, this play is subtle

Classic, Standard, Funny, Romantic

See it if You enjoy classic Shakespeare, very lovely and simplistic, sweet, and for those with an open heart

Don't see it if Looking for something that bends the genre, looking for something more modern and edgy, this is not Shakespeare with a take

Midtown W
Refreshing, Entertaining, Great acting, Funny, Delightful

See it if you are down for a good time and open to super modern and animated character, a refreshing take, my jaw hurt from smiling too much

Don't see it if Looking for something more traditional, it’s not very romantic or slow paced so you must be on the ride, this show takes off right away

Also The use of the set, how the characters interact with it, is fantastic.... Read more Read less

During previews
Poetic, Heartbreaking, Fascinating characters, Funny, Sizzling

See it if To see an excellent staging of this play, a classic Pulitzer worthy piece of drama that still rings so true, beautifully written characters

Don't see it if You are expecting something fast, this is a slow burn, still just as powerful, if you’re not a fan of Shepard, or looking for something new

Also I feel like it is such a gift that Signature has brought this fantasti... Read more Read less

Confusing, Funny, Thought-provoking, Some good performances, Muddy concept

See it if You enjoy seeing the different ways to interpret Shakespeare, Glenda Jackson is fun to watch play this role (see if you are a fan of her)

Don't see it if Not interested in the story or don’t like Lear, not a Shakespeare fan, want a classical approach to the text

Also Really upset when they put untrained actors in a Shakespeare play espe... Read more Read less

During previews
The Convent
Midtown W
Absorbing, Great design, Great staging, Ambitious, Magical

See it if Wanted to love this more, there is lots of lovely theatre magic happening here, short and poignant, some beautiful feminist themes, images

Don't see it if Not into a play about spirituality, ensemble driven plays, it doesn’t seem quite finished, big ideas not always well executed in the writing

During previews
God Said This
West Village
Funny, Good acting, Interesting, Disappointing

See it if To hear a sweet story about family, there are some touching moments, good actors overall, set in modern Kentucky which is really interesting

Don't see it if It’s not the most profound story I have ever seen, but it is enjoyable, don’t come looking to see innovation

Torch Song (NYC)
Midtown W
Hilarious, Indulgent, Slapstick, Splendid, Great acting

See it if It is now closed but what a wonderful show, so freaking funny I was dying of laughter which is really important these days

Don't see it if It’s very 70s/80s New York, little bit of charactures, not completely true to life but so funny

Usual Girls
Midtown W
Exquisite, Excruciating, Profound, Resonant, Feminist

See it if You want to see the female experience told horrifically and beautifully stage, relatable stories about girls and women, explosive theatre

Don't see it if You are uncomfortable with nudity, sexual trauma, loud music, but all of this overall is very tastefully done so it’s worth it

Intense, Beautiful set, Powerful acting, Flowery writing, Weak plot

See it if to see a wonderful set and to see a meaningful story, great acting on both the actors parts, very relevant content to right now

Don't see it if some really intense topics in this show so be wary of that, gets dark really fast, the writing doesn't really help with the dark material

Also Loved Sugar in Our Wounds and this one was really good as well but not... Read more Read less

Fascinating, Confusing, Exciting, Funny, For chekhov lovers

See it if you love the text of R&J and Uncle Vanya because there are some really clever moments in this, you like experimental, absurdist theatre

Don't see it if you are looking for something traditional, IT'S LONNNNGGG, not into meshing two plays that don't really go together, not a fan of classics

During previews
The Niceties
Midtown W
Great writing, Relevant, Refreshing, Great acting, Rumbling

See it if You are interested in seeing a discourse between two smart women, very good writing, relevant writing that isn’t cliched

Don't see it if You aren’t willing to listen to talk of politics and the way history has been taught in this country, not into 2 handers w/ little plot

East Village
Detailed, Cinematic, Great acting, Thought-provoking, Absorbing

See it if interested in a focused look at 8 different black women played by one actor, if you enjoy film and theatre intersecting, enjoy multimedia

Don't see it if you're expecting a live performance, if you would prefer to see live theatre and not interested in a film installation

Pass Over
Midtown W
Necessary, Profound, Must see, Striking design, Powerful

See it if for a come back to Broadway with a PUNCH to the gut and the heart, if you enjoy Brechtian theatre that makes you think, fabulous directing

Don't see it if police brutality & assault is a triggering subject for you, not ready for an intense theatrical experience, you don't like waiting for godot

Also A breathtaking piece of theatre. Felt very honored to be there for the... Read more Read less

Medea (BAM)
Intense, Overrated, Rose byrne, Gimmicky, Ambitious

See it if For Rose Byrne’s performance which is beautiful, you enjoy ambitious design in theatre, you are interested in classics adaptations

Don't see it if You’re expecting reinvention, it’s pretty much Medea with different names and they are doctors, not ready for some intense themes

During previews
Visually stunning, One note, Stereotypical, Hyper intense, Disappointing

See it if You like poetic and visually stimulating theatre, to see a feat of storytelling (3 stories being told all at once), if you like DRAMA

Don't see it if Triggered by suicide or self harm, not interested in the stereotype of depression or mental illness, you are looking for humor of any kind

Also Really disappointed by this show as I am a big fan of the director and... Read more Read less

Manic pixie dream girl vibes, Kitchen sink drama, Predictable, Realism, Gritty

See it if you love some good ole fashioned angsty young person plays, like plays about outsiders or well acted millennial dramas

Don't see it if you have a short attention span (it's a long play), if you are looking for a feminist story, lots of screaming men but what's new

Also This play is an accurate portrayal of 4 Cali kids on the outskirts of ... Read more Read less

The Crucible (Bedlam)
East Village
Illuminating, Clever, Faithful revival, Great acting, Brilliant staging

See it if You like Arthur Miller, looking for an engaging revival, faithful to the text, a strong ensemble illuminates problems & triumphs of the text

Don't see it if Don’t care much for Miller, not willing to sit through 3ish hours of a classic

Also Honestly, this is a really solid revival and Bedlam’s staging is alway... Read more Read less

Indulgent, Great acting, Standard, Entertaining, Ed harris hell yea!

See it if Ed Harris is great in this role, see some great acting and a good retelling of the book, if you like the book you will like this

Don't see it if Not interested in seeing a moderate stance on racism, if you don’t enjoy the book then it’s not really worth your time, it’s a long play

Also There are better and more provocative plays about race that are a litt... Read more Read less

Ambitious, Great design, Dystopian, Intense, Dizzying

See it if You enjoy dystopians & Kurt Vonnegut, the set is beautiful & the cast commits fully, if you enjoy physical theatre this is for you

Don't see it if Some themes of suicide that you should be aware of and loud sounds, if you are not into dystopians/SciFi

Round Table
Midtown E
Romantic comedy, Enjoyable, Quirky, Entertaining, Funny

See it if You enjoy rom coms, into nerd culture & wanna see a clever show that comments it, looking for a feel good play with funny characters

Don't see it if Looking for something profound or revolutionary, not interested in a male centric play, not interested in dating scene or nerd culture

During previews
Enchanting, Transporting, Humorous, Great acting, Clever

See it if The actors do great work, be transported to another place at sea but see characters face the same things we do in our nation, British humor

Don't see it if Looking for flashy work, this show is not necessarily for entertainment’s sake, no hot takes or hot button issues, themes are subtle

During previews
Uneven, Immersive, Fun, Great acting, Ambitious

See it if You are ready to be a part of an immersive show, you love Poe’s work and want to hear it delivered very well, you like creepy fun

Don't see it if Not ready to run around and take part in the experience, don’t like talking to actors or interacting, this is not quite Sleep No More

Rinse, Repeat
Midtown W
Intense, Thought-provoking, Relevant, Great acting

See it if Material about a very important issue that doesn’t get talked about, you want to learn about eating disorders, lovely careful performances

Don't see it if If eating disorders is a triggering topic for you but this show doesn't glorify it, if you're looking for humor, this Isn't the play for you

Entertaining, Overrated, Cliched, Ambitious

See it if You enjoy over the top cliche musicals, like big scale entertainment with lots of flair, if you enjoy digestible American mainstream theatre

Don't see it if You liked the movie. Or if you don’t enjoy stereotypes, looking for something with depth and darkness, then this is not your play.

Must see, Intense, Excruciating, Great staging, Powerful

See it if You are looking for a piece of theatre that defines our world today, a theatre experience you won’t soon forget, race is examined full on

Don't see it if You are feeling overwhelmed by current state of events and how race interplays with that, if you are looking for something comfortable

Resonant, Economical, Great direction, Thoughtful, Moving

See it if You are interested in how we connect in divided times, you have an interest in politics in theatre, see it to go on a journey

Don't see it if Not interested in politics or foreign relations, looking for something straightforward, not interested in topics like colonialism

Also A play that takes you on different paths and takes many turns. At firs... Read more Read less

Good acting, Confusing, Absorbing, Great design, Sensory

See it if You’re interested in apocalyptic content, you like intimate and creative works, you like plays about memories, short and sweet

Don't see it if This play can get a little abstract and confusing at times so you have to be a patient audience member, not interested in sci-fi

Beautiful, Wickedly smart, Relevant, Important, Meaningful

See it if you want to hear a well crafted piece of theatre that defies even the art form itself and brings us all together, want to learn and grow

Don't see it if looking for something more flashy or with more spectacle, but then again, maybe this is what you should actually be seeing instead

During previews
Hilarious, Great writing, Thrilling, Delightful, Excellent acting

See it if You are fans of Paul Dano and Ethan Hawke, enjoy Sam Shepherd, enjoy badass performances that are truly hilarious, fascinating characters

Don't see it if This is not a crazy different rendition of this play, very standard, not interested in Sam Shepherd’s western style of writing

During previews
Mies Julie
East Village
Great acting, Layered, Profound, Excruciating, Great staging

See it if If reimagined classics are your thing, you must see this play, intense and brutal, race, gender, class dynamics, jam packed!

Don't see it if Sensitive to sexual situations, violent, brutal

Also Such a stunning and layered adaptation of this play. Wow. Just wow. Th... Read more Read less

During previews
Behind the Sheet
Midtown W
Great design, Great staging, Intense, Eye opening, Great writing

See it if very dark and informative about some really tough times, really uncomfortable theatre in a GOOD way, very important messages in this one

Don't see it if this does take place during slavery so if that is triggering keep that in mind, not looking for something dark, sensitive to miscarriage

Midtown W
Great writing, Poetic, Fascinating, Refreshing

See it if To see a very interesting story that is very well written and not a story you have seen before on stage, Heather Raffo is wonderful

Don't see it if Not into an intellectual drama, if you’re looking for something explosive, it’s very slow slow burn drama that takes patience and grace

Roller Dynasty
Midtown W
Quirky, Banal, Entertaining, Confusing direction, Roller skating!

See it if You want to see a fun little show with roller skating! Funky music and I enjoyed some of the quirky writing, funny actors!

Don't see it if Don’t expect to see enormous depth but it’s fun, actors give a very low stakes performance so it’s hard to get behind the characters

Funny, Deep, Feminist, Exquisite acting, directing, writing, Must see

See it if Perfect show honestly, it’s short and sweet, these ladies are badass! don’t want to miss their story, theatre that changes the game

Don't see it if Not looking for something that can get dark, girls being mean to each other (like the title), SEE IT

Midtown W
Great writing, Great acting, Meaningful, Historical, Relevant

See it if to see a really tight show with great actors and a deeply meaningful script, felt a little long to me sometimes but other times it flew by

Don't see it if you are not interested in the subject matter because you want to really be able to listen & be present to all the history, not a light piece

During previews
India Pale Ale
Midtown W
Confusing, Relevant, Slow, Didactic, Interesting writing

See it if To see a different story told in a very unique way, to see a couple good performances, to see some fascinating staging

Don't see it if You aren’t looking for something preachy or the message being spoon fed to you in the last 5 mins, not into the fourth wall breaking