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Preview 181116 dh showscore bl
Memorable, affecting

See it if You like powerful drama. An amusing first act turns serious and tragic. Superb acting.

Don't see it if You want lught comedy.

Preview rp1
Embarrassing first act, improves in the second

See it if If, like many who attended, you are acquainted with the cast or writer.

Don't see it if You find characters of apparently zero intelligence an embarrassment to women everywhere.

Also While the second act is more interesting, overall, the behavior of the... Read more Read less

Preview ah1

See it if You are interested in Heidigger's cowardice under totaltarianism. You'll be inspired by Cassirer's clear sightedness.

Don't see it if You expect some of Arendt's brilliant insights, this is about their affair, with predictable, if entertaining scenes.

Also Arendt's attraction to this creature remains a mystery, though it is s... Read more Read less

Preview daystocome j
Entertaining, Absorbing

See it if You like thoughtful period pieces. This one's about labor in the '30s, strike-breaking and naiveté. Family drama, maliciously amusing.

Don't see it if serious topics don't appeal to you. You dislike period pieces, have no interest in Hellman.

Also Kept you interested, with only a brief stretch towards the end where i... Read more Read less

Preview gtb1
During previews
Intelligent, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if You are interested in the diificult decision to abort.

Don't see it if you are indifferent to the pain and anguish of this decision.

Also Ends a bit abruptly, but covers its material well.

Preview dancodysyacht
During previews
Great acting, Absorbing

See it if Vivid drama about the attitudes, hopes and expectations of the hungry for suceess contrasted with the have nots. Great sets add depth.

Don't see it if You are indifferent to questions of Individual and parental aspirations, prestige.

Preview pollock bmp 800x976

See it if You'd like to know more about Pollock's grasp of the effects of his fame.

Don't see it if If you expect something truly personal. The actors address the audience rather than each other.

Preview ts7
Very funny, emotional, touching

See it if You want terrific one liners, hilariously entertaining and you can respect honest emotion, the naked longing for love. A treat.

Don't see it if You think everything that happened 35 years ago is dated.

Preview parisian woman
During previews
Superficial, lightweight but oh what a set!

See it if You'll enjoy a frivolous, but lightweight show. If you want to see Uma looking beautiful. Blair Brown is very fine. And the set is fabulous.

Don't see it if If you expect depth, or a serious political play.

Also Set in a lovely townhouse with moldings your heart will yearn for.

Preview p psc
During previews
Exceptional acting, farcical, lots of shrieking

See it if An irreverent take on Austen appeals

Don't see it if You abominate farce - even so, it's hard to ruin Austen. She shines through any interpretation.

Also Similar in style and structure to this author's take on Sense and Sens... Read more Read less

Preview shadowlands
Some charm but the preaching diminishes it

See it if A mild evening is on your list, full of wit and charm, though marred by its Christian pretenses.

Don't see it if An abrasive version of Joy will disappoint you. You'll be shocked by the sudden collapse of acting skills in its final moment.

Preview madman poster 2018 24x36 0
During previews
Great acting

See it if You appreciate fine acting.

Don't see it if His final descent into madness will be too discomfitting. If seats that don't quite stay in place if you move will be too uncomfortable.

Also You may well be initially charmed by his first delusions regarding dog... Read more Read less

Preview tatc1 3
During previews
Tragic, absorbing

See it if You like good period drama. A joyous effervescent family transforms. Nineteen years later, their fates are bitter.

Don't see it if If you dislike tragedy.

Also The consequences of small dislikes and envy, of socia and personal att... Read more Read less

Preview show score image
Great singing, Delightful

See it if A pleasant, upbeat, necessarily brief overview of history, encompassing hope and hard times. Sometimes hilarious too.

Don't see it if Existential gloom is your preference. You hate musicals.

Also This is the America of hope and unity.

Preview arcadia
Witty, entertaining

See it if you are enchanted by amusing period pieces, don't mind shifts to the present, enjoy intelligent drama

Don't see it if You don't like talky plays.

Preview kims convenience
Amusing, predictable, Funny

See it if You are interested in family dynamics, sometimes sad, often amusing, if mildly so. You appreciate fine acting. You want a pleasant night.

Don't see it if A predictable plot is anathema to you. You loathe Archie Bunker, prefer musicals.

Preview te1
During previews
Banal, Intense

See it if You want to relive the suffering and blindness of young love. If you don't mind a predictable ending.

Don't see it if If not.

Preview tlo art photo playbill discount
Great acting

See it if You like drawing room plays. Has charm, is an engrossing tale of painful sibling rivalry, but feels unfinished.

Don't see it if You dislike period pieces.

Preview littlefoxes
Resonant, Masterful, Intelligent, Great acting

See it if You like great drama. Greed, ambition, vengeance. The forces arrayed against women.

Don't see it if You're not interested in serious drama.

Also The NY Times review, for once, described this play perfectly. Laura Li... Read more Read less

Preview ae showscore
Intense, Absorbing

See it if You can prevent yourself from exasperated shouting to the characters (Echoes) "how can you be so stupid? "

Don't see it if If the very high price of female innocence is of no interest to you.

Preview the price key art   show score
Riveting, Masterful, Intelligent, Enchanting

See it if If you love Arthur Miller's great, moving theater, thought provoking characters with history and depth.

Don't see it if If you're only interested in avant garde theater.

Also Fall in love with Danny DeVito in the very funny first act, delve into... Read more Read less

Preview present laughter1
During previews
Overrated, Slow, Disappointing, Banal

See it if You have the patience for a very dull first act followed by a stronger, but only mildly amusing second. Chairs are comfy, a mercy.

Don't see it if You're seeking a lot of laughter, are easily bored or impatient.

Also A real set and that rarity, a curtain! Some good acting. But overall, ... Read more Read less

Preview 82707 9
Disappointing, Great acting

See it if You like Chekhov

Don't see it if You're impatient

Preview gorey
Overrated, Disappointing

See it if You want to be initially enchanted by the actors interacting with Gorey's drawings.

Don't see it if An invented, not entirely coherent life is not to your taste.

Preview operationcrucibleposter
Moderately interesting, well acted

See it if you'll delight in men who take great, patriotic and intensely joyous pride in making steel. Set during the blitz of Sheffield.

Don't see it if You can't relate to the somewhat trite problems of working class men concerned with measuring up to standards of bravery and masculinity.

Also Rises in spots, wherever individuality shines through. Noisy. Accents ... Read more Read less

Preview travis
Eloquent but flat

See it if You like serious topics. This one is about politics, race, fear ahd violence.

Don't see it if You want theater to move you. Only a few minutes in the second act have any emotional power, thanks to Lynette R. Freeman.

Also A potent topic that missed its mark. ... Read more Read less

Preview 31575 show portrait large

See it if you want a portrait of a man of ambition and no scruples, managing his reputation.

Don't see it if Hearing him deny ever seeing the deaths of 20,000 of the people forced into slave labor for his project will disgust you.

Also You may be most disturbed by our country's importing these monsters an... Read more Read less

Preview privatepeaceful
During previews
Predictable, then soars

See it if You're interested in the tragedies, cruelties and irrationality of war, as they impact a 16 year old.

Don't see it if If the very predictable feelings of a 16 year old boy will bore you.

Also Rather dull, but suddenly soars and becomes absorbing in the last few ... Read more Read less

Preview conflict
Charming, delightful, upbeat

See it if You want to be charmed by a political play of the 1920s.

Don't see it if You dislike period pieces or hate political plays, are not interested in class differences.

Also The set promises interesting drama and delivers it, too. The first act... Read more Read less

Preview walkinthewoods
During previews
Superb, intelligent, entertaining

See it if You like well done, thoughtful political plays.

Don't see it if You are bored by mere talk.

Preview hindle playbill 250x394
During previews
Delightful, Entertaining, Absorbing

See it if You'll enjoy a thoughtful period piece. Not an upper class drawing room comedy, but set in a Lancashire mill town during Wakes week.

Don't see it if If northern English accents irritate you, if attitudes of the past bore you.

Also The play juxtaposes 1912 attitudes about marriage and sex, running the... Read more Read less

Preview thechildren
During previews
Grim, dispiriting, dull

See it if You think we need environmental lessons. If flashes of humor suffice.

Don't see it if Doomed characters nattering on, often inaudibly, are not the people you want to spend an evening with. Charmless.

Preview adeal1
During previews
Comedic tragedy

See it if You want to see the work of a playwright with talent for complex, shifting points of view. An interesting if imperfect evening.

Don't see it if You think you might collapse under the weight of too many themes.

Also Amusing political misunderstandings, an old love popping up that leads... Read more Read less

Preview jhtat2
Dramatic, assaultive, noisy

See it if You want powerful drama. Based however, on misrepresentation of the law as irrational and unjust, as is sadly standard in film and tv.

Don't see it if You are disturbed by law manipulated to appear unfair, if you understand doing so undermines the rule of law. Very dangerous.

Also Enjoyably dramatic, but a lack of intent to kill means Cruz committed ... Read more Read less

Preview rsz snow

See it if Three very dark tales of rape, murder and incest, seamlessly entwined round the familiar Snow White story, intrigue.

Don't see it if If it would pain you to see women monstrously abused and blamed besides.

Preview j2 1
During previews
Absorbing, not entirely entertaining

See it if You appreciate Ahktar's excellent ear for what people really say, if his work interests you. Fine cast.

Don't see it if You are looking for heroes or much character development. If you frown on the very human desire for wealth. If you want Arthur Miller.

Also Lacks momentum. Interestingly, only the protagonist shows any integrit... Read more Read less

Preview unnamed
Marvelous, tragic, absorbing

See it if You want to be fascinated by a hypnotic, wise and glamorous woman, hurtling towards tragedy.

Don't see it if You have no interest in Karen Blixen. The fact that Act I coud benefit from an additional intermission would make you restive.

Also The tufted sofas represent the age and modesty of the family property,... Read more Read less

Preview suitcase art with title treatment
During previews
Masterful, Great acting, Delightful

See it if You want a wonderful theatrical experience. Entertaining as well as moving, each play is a gem. Best of the Mint.

Don't see it if You prefer musicals. But see it even if you are indifferent to one act plays, these are excellent.

Also The plays increase in seriousness as they unfold, the final one crushi... Read more Read less

Preview unnamed
A form of purgatory, hot too!, Excruciating

See it if You don't object to a no exit scenario with doomed characters. Or to long waits for information.

Don't see it if You object to the deliberate turning off of air conditioning - this theater gets hot. The actors drip with sweat.

Also In the end, all you can think of is how uncomfortable the seats are. ... Read more Read less

Preview human bondage
During previews
Clever staging, excruciating self destruction

See it if A tale of obssession and poor choices interests you. Act II will reward your patience.

Don't see it if You can't bear the pain of watching the protagonist self destruct in Act One.

Preview raw bacon from poland baranova 1256 800x976 1492457409
Cliched, Absorbing

See it if An evening of mostly absorbing drama about PTSD interests you. There's little boredom here.

Don't see it if If you are put off by an aggressive protagonist and a cliched ending.

Also The protagonist is angry, violent and rebellious, in denial, and very ... Read more Read less

Preview tr1

See it if If you enjoy witty, amusing drawing room comedy

Don't see it if If you loathe period pieces.

Also Very strong first act, light, amusing and entertaining. But the second... Read more Read less

Preview gov poster alt3 final

See it if If you're undisturbed by Judaism presented as a mere mass of debased superstition.

Don't see it if Characters with no ethical center trouble you.

Also A Yiddish speaking audience in 1908 would have understood that the ver... Read more Read less

Preview if i forget key art   show score
Absorbing enough,but not moving

See it if You like family drama.

Don't see it if If somewhat improbable events to serve the script bother you, if you are looking for greatness.

Also Not impressive, acceptable.

Preview osloshowpage.jpeg  284x50000 q85 subsampling 2
During previews
Simultaneously dull and moderately interesting

See it if You have no objections to farce, have superlative hearing and a lot of patience.

Don't see it if You dislike farce, you don't want to be bored for half of this lengthy, moderately interesting and occasionally amusing production.

Also Better suited to a smaller space. Some dialogue inaudible. Overall, ex... Read more Read less

Preview 800x1200 jitney
Great acting, Riveting

See it if You want to be moved as well as amused. You appreciate fine acting, a coherent story line.

Don't see it if You dislike intense plays, you want a light hearted musical.

Also Not a moment's boredom. Great set, too. Riveting.

Preview frontpage
Funny, Great acting, Hilarious, Clever

See it if You want to be reduced to helpless laughter. If you love classic plays, appreciate an authentic set and love Nathan Lane,

Don't see it if You can't bear a slowish first act and you think three hours is too long. If you think the past isn't "relevant".

Also Set is a shabby office, lifted right out of the '20s, down to the hall... Read more Read less