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Delightful, Ambitious, Exquisite, Phantabulous

See it if We just saw the touring company, and Phantom remains gorgeous. The music is amazing, the costumes, story and set are astounding.

Don't see it if Don't like operas and romantic tales of love and a lonely, sad, vindicative and disfigured man.

Avenue Q (NYC)
Midtown W
Clever, Edgy, Raunchy

See it if Adore satire. I took a group of high schoolers thinking it was a bit edgier take on Sesame Street--it's Seasamgtttr

Don't see it if Looking for a duplicate of "Seasame Dtreet." It is not younb

Clever, Exquisite, Great singing, Ambitious, Thought-provoking

See it if Love art, Stephen Sondheim and the power of the human soul,

Don't see it if You only like "Annie" and "Grease."

Wicked (NYC)
Midtown W
Ambitious, Must see, Riveting

See it if A person can see this show several times and continue to get new perspectives from it. A great spin on the Oz story.

Don't see it if Want to see the original "Wizard of Oz." Want to see humanity at its best. Dislike a great story, songs and characters.

On The Town
Midtown W
Delightful, Entertaining, Refreshing

See it if Old-fashioned boy meets girl stories in the Big Apple. Wonderful songs, great dancing, fun numbers. Reminds me why I love NYC.

Don't see it if Are looking for a deep, serious drama. This is light and fun. An easy night "On The Town."

Midtown W
Entertaining, Edgy, Ambitious

See it if Love the music of Stephen Schwartz and physical humor and acting. This is cirque du Soleil and a musical all rolled into one. Unique.

Don't see it if Hate circuses and quirky musicals that are plays within plays. This is a very unique "Pippin."

War Horse
Upper W Side
Clever, Ambitious, Great staging

See it if I loved the children's book--a story of war taken from a horse's perspective. The puppet horse was amazing. I truly fell in love with him.

Don't see it if Cry easily. Have an aversion to puppets or clever staging. Young adult lit. by Michael Morpuggo.

Ambitious, Relevant, Delightful

See it if You love musicals with an edge, and history. This is right out of Thatcher's England and the destruction of the coal mines. Great dancing.

Don't see it if Are a traditionalist or are easily offended by cursing or have trouble understanding dialects.

Absorbing, Thought-provoking, Resonant

See it if This has always been my favorite musical. The characters, subject matter and songs are so beautiful and compelling.

Don't see it if you only like musicals with happy endings and lots of dancing. This is a quieter musical with substance.

Thought-provoking, Riveting, Great singing

See it if I adore this show. The music is epic, and the story is incredibly compelling.

Don't see it if It is a long show, with lots of music and is serious in nature. A few light spots, but not many.

Exquisite, Epic, Masterful, King reigns

See it if This touring show is dazzling and Laura Michelle Kelly is sublime--I truly don't understand how she hasn't been recognized by the Tony's.

Don't see it if If you don't like Rodgers and Hammerstein, Bangkok, the Victorian Era, amazing costumes--don't go. Also, if you're more into modern musicals

Delightful, Romantic, Intelligent

See it if Love Carole King and Tin Pan Alley in the 1960's. This show is surprisingly deep, funny, poignant and shows us the making of a superstar.

Don't see it if You don't like the music of Carole King,, or rags to riches stories!

Funny, Ambitious, Edgy

See it if Enjoy Shakespeare and examining the relationship between men, women as well as father's and daughter's. A challenging work.

Don't see it if dislike Shakespeare and thinking.

Wonderful Town
Midtown W
Delightful, Refreshing, Great singing

See it if Not often done, "Wonderful Town" is doing great in Chicago partly due to Mary Zimmerman's superb staging and girl-off-the-street casting.

Don't see it if Are looking for glamorous stars and recognizable tunes. A deep, profound story.

Staten Island
Exquisite, Great acting, Ambitious

See it if You love Bernstein and Sondheim and Imelda Stanton. This "Gypsy" provides a more communal feel--it isn't just a one woman show. Superb.

Don't see it if hate pushy, stage mothers and dysfunctional families. Happy endings. Conventional stories.

Great acting, Intense, Profound

See it if Love Tennessee Williams and an American classic. Ideas of mental illness and domestic abuse are still very relevant today.

Don't see it if Aren't a deep thinker and prefer happy endings.

Entertaining, Great staging, Romantic

See it if The dancing and Gershwin's music is absolutely exquisite. Truly lovely. It transports you to another time and place.

Don't see it if You hate dance and romantic stories. If you are looking for deep substance.

Delightful, Funny, Great singing

See it if This is a quieter musical, but so charming. There are no big chorus numbers, but I find it simplicity quite lovely. Great songs, too.

Don't see it if Like big chorus musicals with big dance numbers. This is a character driven show taking place in Budapest (though that isn't a big deal).

Hamilton (NYC)
Midtown W
Ambitious, Riveting, Original

See it if Wow! I am not one for rap or hip-hip, but this is AMAZING. If you can somehow get tickets, DO! You will not be sorry.

Don't see it if Only like traditional musicals. This takes the musical form and turns in on its ear. It plays with diversity and flawed individuals.

Funny, Edgy, Entertaining

See it if I loved it. It's very irreverent, and not for kids under 16 (I'd say), but I found pretty darned brilliant.

Don't see it if are prudish, get easily offended, find that religion and theatre should not fix.