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The Theatre Times

"With that sturdy foundation, Katsarou constructs an invigorating performance that fits squarely in with the contemporary genre of experimental theater based on boldly reimagined classical texts...'Hercules' offers a refreshing interpretation of a classical text in contemporary experimental terms yet its relatively minimal presentation manages to highlight the acting and otherwise eschew the decorative flourishes that often dazzle but seldom prove transportive." Full Review

The Damned
Upper E Side
The Theatre Times

"A uniquely topical theatrical experience...Van Hove alternately evokes the stern grandeur of modern German opera and the forbidding terror of contemporary European metal in a distinctive mashup wholly his own. His 'Damned' is one which lingers in the imagination long after the cast assembles onstage for their final formation...The production wisely updates Visconti’s potent yet somewhat dated and overheated film for a contemporary audience." Full Review

Exquisita Agonia
The Theatre Times

"Director José Zayas commandingly marshals his actors through the somewhat unpredictable plot with poise and nuance. His actors move gracefully on the at-times crowded stage...Cruz’ play is a wondrous tale of the journey his various characters take in their quest for fulfillment, for family, for love. He conjures up a world, original and ephemeral, where passion and humor effortlessly coexist. Few writers can juggle those two seemingly contradictory notes." Full Review

Daniel's Husband
Midtown W
The Theatre Times

"A poignant, topical chamber piece...The play begins as a thoughtful examination of various contemporary gay topics, from same-sex marriage to intergenerational relationships to commitment issues...The play flows effortlessly from the beginning to the central conflict between first the two lovers and then between Mitchell and Lydia...The main drawback of the evening is the occasionally awkward plot development...The cast is of a piece and is consistently committed." Full Review

The Theatre Times

“A vivid, experimental production...The text itself is solid and effective yet there is a decided lack of realistic dialogue...Thankfully, ‘Sea’ delivers on various fronts, including solid acting, lovely songs...and nuanced blocking. Were the show merely a display of visual dexterity, it would be memorable...A dynamic evening of non-traditional theater festooned with rich imagery sure to delight the sophisticated theatergoer." Full Review

Arcadia (PTP)
The Theatre Times

"This unfussy production offers up an opportunity to reevaluate the play as one of the major dramas of our time…The production likewise allows the writing and acting to flourish...Faraone handles an ambitious script with aplomb, eliciting potent performances while keeping the pacing taut. The cast works as a remarkably intuitive ensemble, like instruments in a chamber orchestra. PTP succeeds in offering a refresher course on the sublime delights of this evergreen play.” Full Review