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Midtown W

for a previous production "While Raffo proves adept at weaving all of these complex elements of identity into her story...the script does have one or two weaknesses. At only ninety minutes, it takes a bit too long to get going dramatically although the wait is, to some extent, worth the payoff...Strong direction by Joanna Settle, a mostly strong cast, and wonderful production elements allow the audience to get the most out of the theatergoing experience." Full Review


"It's as smart, witty, and entertaining as the source material. Fans of the movie won't find any surprises in Tina Fey's writing for the stage, but that's certainly okay...It's pure musical theater and that's a good thing in this day and age...Benjamin's lyrics are just as a witty as the dialogue...As much as the musical is highly relevant, well-structured, and fun, there are still some areas for potential improvement before the move to the Great White Way." Full Review

Savannah Bay

for a previous production "While I did not find the play or the production of it to be a gripping and ultimately unforgettable one, I did revel in the fact that it is intriguing and definitely not paint-by-the-numbers. Didier Bezace's direction allows for an intimate production that's well-suited to such an intimate play. The focus is rightly on Duras' words...Poetry on stage. That's what it is." Full Review

Midtown E

for a previous production “While Act One of Buffini's play tends to wander into tedious Wikipedia or history textbook land...Rubasingham’s exceptionally strong cast proves capable of keeping the audience engaged throughout. Lynskey...delivers one of the best performances I've seen this season...Thanks to sublime performances, it's much easier to turn a mostly blind eye to Buffini's attempt to educate her audience on the events on the day in a less than theatrical way...It's really all about the acting.” Full Review


for a previous production "There's a strong actor at the center, and there are some merits within the story/writing as well...For those reasons alone, there's something to like with this play. It's unique. Still, at least for me, 'Wrestling Jerusalem' doesn't quite achieve that rare combination of a compelling and engaging story and acting...Davidman isn't quite up to meeting the challenge of presenting his material in a way that's interesting and engaging to a large, diverse audience." Full Review

Kafka on the Shore
Upper W Side
DC Theatre Scene

for a previous production "The success of telling such a story is largely dependent on the strength of the actors embodying the two men on journeys. In the case of this production, the two leading actors aren’t quite up to the acting challenge. It’s a formidable one...While this production is far from perfect, I give definite kudos to Artistic Director Richard Henrich and his creative team for taking on the ambitious project." Full Review