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Dress of Fire
West Village
Stage Buddy

"The entire cast delivers impressive performances despite obvious challenges presented by the material. Kethevan’s classical-style writing is dense, verbose, and semi-Shakespearean in tone, but the actors manage to keep us involved and sympathetic until the end...Though Kethevan’s attempt to raise questions about our basic human drives – both savage and noble – is intriguing, the play could benefit from a more cohesive structure." Full Review

Stage Buddy

"Just as Vikki gets no respite from her suffering, neither do we—the performance isn’t interrupted by intermission, and Cohen doesn’t divert us with any lighter side stories...The songs...cast a sleepy spell over the production and seem to drift into each other, leaving the detached and ghostly feel of early black-and-white cinema. There’s a certain feeling of numbness and lack of direction, and we feel lost along with Vikki—wondering if a resolution is possible at all." Full Review

The Enchantment
Stage Buddy

"Lexen’s translation/adaptation of the neglected classic is as engaging as it is historically faithful, letting the play’s enduring relevance speak for itself...The versatile ensemble has no weak links...They bring fresh emotion to Benedictsson’s text, despite some of its dated dialogue structures...Louise’s struggle with temptation feels ironic to watch today, where no-strings-attached flings are as commonplace as they were scandalous in Bendedictsson’s day." Full Review

Fulfillment Center
Midtown W
Stage Buddy

“A skillful balance of depth and humor…Moreno nails his portrayal of Alex…Booth’s bossy Madeleine is the perfect counter in their relationship, and Weller wows as John…But it’s O’Connell who really steals the show. O’Connell hits all of her serious and comedic notes with equal power…Though the play doesn’t neatly tie up every loose end it creates, we still walk away having thoroughly enjoyed the journey -- making ‘Fulfillment Center’ a fulfilling experience.” Full Review

Hal & Bee
Midtown E
Stage Buddy

"Refreshingly witty...Hayenga and Buckley are perfectly matched as the feuding pair and trade barbs at a fierce pace that's both delightful and challenging to follow. We enjoy watching their tit-for-tat spats - littered with Baker's punchy jokes and fresh observations...Buckley and Hayenga also make their union understandable by showing evidence of a deep-seated affection that continues to endure despite their differences." Full Review

Stage Buddy

"A fun and fast-paced comedy that celebrates the joys of parenting but doesn’t gloss over the unglamorous parts...Though it acknowledges those realities and others, it doesn’t probe them with too much emotional depth or move beyond its identity as a lighthearted farce. The songs are frothy, airy, and easily digestible, and it’s clear that laughter is the main goal...The three leading ladies are delightfully comic and show off their powerful pipes with the belt-heavy score." Full Review

J&K: 1965
Lower E Side
Stage Buddy

"D’Amore’s chilling new interactive production...The drama is staged completely outdoors, and the less-than-polished part of LES effectively invokes the grittiness of 1960s New York drug culture...Both actors are deft at developing their characters and giving three-dimensional life to images from the photo essay...They don’t allow us to be passive observers, and it’s purposefully uncomfortable at points...There is no fourth wall, and no escaping the bid for intimacy." Full Review