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Midtown E

for a previous production "Central to the match was the backdrop of the feminist movement...And it’s addressing this movement and its aftermath that 'Balls' serves up and often aces...Without question it’s the depiction of the match itself that’s the main accomplishment and joy of the show...We never really get to know Riggs or King, other than some brief insight into why each is playing...No question we’ve been given a theatrical spectacle. A damn good one at that." Full Review

Applause! Meter

for a previous production “Oh Ms. Ruhl…Why in perhaps your most personal play to date, do you exchange intellect for cliché and fantasy for silliness?...We can’t help but feel like we we’ve been watching a panto holiday extravaganza rather than one of Ruhl’s deeply meaningful mythic meditations…It’s as though this childishness got the better of Ruhl here, dumbing down potentially intriguing discussion into obvious sound bites and belaboring the fantastical into mere antics.” Full Review

Syncing Ink

for a previous production “The story is textbook but the rap is the real deal…A tremendously talented cast…‘Syncing Ink’ takes a well-worn narrative arc and for the first half of the show breathes fire into it by virtue of the music which neither dumbs down for a novice audience nor condescends to the initiated. We love these characters and their rhymes enough to squirm through the oddly circuitous second act and come out cheering full throttle for an ending that we know is too neatly tied up in a pretty bow.” Full Review