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About:  JESSICA TAGHAP is a freelance writer, blogger, critic & essayist based in Queens, New York. She has been writing about theatre as The Resident Artist since its inception in 2006. In the intervening time, it has expanded into a source for Broadway, off- and off-off-Broadway show reviews, film reviews... Read more Read less
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Good Friday
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“Colón’s new play could not have come at a more imperative time in our culture...Much of the play’s power can be attributed to affecting moments, both big and small - amplified further by its energetic cast...Their performances are perfectly measured, particularly that of DeCrane’s Emme...’Good Friday’ does not claim to have all the answers but instead provokes even more questions than what one started with.” Full Review

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"'Puffs' offers a plethora of quick-witted references to everything within the fantasy universe that inspired it...The effect is nothing short of delightful, thanks to the incredible chemistry of director Kristin McCarthy Parker’s entire cast, many of whom take on various roles, and their improvisational skills...All in all, 'Puffs' proves to be a winning combination of hilarity and heart. For anyone who loved the original adventures of the Wizarding World, this play hits all the right points." Full Review

Midtown E
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“Despite the seemingly predictable setup of its initial premise...‘Goodbody’ cleverly subverts expectations...After a shaky start, the play eventually finds its groove...Displaying an interesting dichotomy of its own to rival that of its characters...With its deftly crafted humor amid literally stomach-curdling violence, ‘Goodbody’ successfully pays homage to the action-comedy genre with unabashed, bloody brio.” Full Review

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for a previous production "As dinner theater entertainment goes, 'Thank You For Being a Friend' makes for a super fun night out. Each of the cast members have their share of the stage...As a group, they complement one another very well and seem to have an intricate knowledge of the others’ rhythms, which only further helped the comedy along...If you’re in the mood for some great food, drink and some raucous laughter, then you’ll love 'Thank You For Being a Friend.'" Full Review