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About:  Longtime Broadway fan in need of a lottery win so I actually AFFORD to go to see a show. It's amazing just a few decades ago U could see a "talkie" in the movie theater for a buck and U could get a SRO seat on Bdwy for 99 cents. Anyway, I appreciate this site for all the reviews from REAL people as ... Read more Read less
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During previews
Will eno's 6th off-bdwy play ... 7th time is the charm??, Relevant, Thought-provoking, Indulgent, Ambitious

See it if Slice-of-life look at how a person (Chris, etc.) comes into their identity, tho each key moment is shown thru different actors over time.

Don't see it if Don't like multiple actors of different gender, race, cultural bgd playing same character. Dislike having to "find" who is Chris (SAY name)!

Also So I tried a little harder on the lottery game & scored an "Off-Broadw... Read more Read less

Great cast fills solo roles & group moments w/ joy!, Hilarious, Epic, Great acting, Ambitious

See it if If U find the writings of Gabriel Garcia Marquez a bit daunting then this lively production of ...MACONDO may spur U to try again. Funny too

Don't see it if Skip if characters with impossibly long names bother you, or actors playing multiple characters & switching between solo & group performance

Also If you like lovely ladies, much moreso than usual at the Russian Arts ... Read more Read less

During previews
East Village
Patricia bosworth's book on the love of freaks might help?, Quirky, Indulgent, Great acting, Ambitious

See it if Oddest of oddball love triangles featuring an animal collector & his prize possession: A Woman covered head to toe with Hair. Not for all??

Don't see it if Adventurous auds only, especially Beatles fans with ideas about copyright infringement. Bald people may feel jealous of the constructed 1zee

Also There are several scenes inolving the eating of raw animals (stuffed o... Read more Read less

Power Strip
Upper W Side
Relevant, Intense, Great writing, Edgy, Great acting

See it if I've been making the Off-Off Bdwy rounds (mainly female playwrights) & POWER STRIP is the best of the bunch. Linear story w/ flashbacks. GO!

Don't see it if Don't see if you don't like seeing stories about refugees, paranoia, and romances torpedoed by religious laws & horrifying circumstances.

During previews
Scotland, PA
Midtown W
Quirky, Disappointing, Funny, Great ensemble cast sabotaged by weak 1st act, Ambitious

See it if Welcome to 1975 (do Millennials know who Nixon was). In any case, no1 under age 50 will get the 70's jokes or a Keanu Reeves-clone as McBeth

Don't see it if Skip if U R a Shakespeare purist. Or if U have not recently viewed the film "Scotland,PA." If a boring 1st act isn't worth a lively 2nd act.

Also I don't know if was a directorial concept or what but the singing in t... Read more Read less

During previews
Linda Vista
Midtown W
Indulgent, Live sex on stage (lights on!), Raunchy, Great acting, Funny

See it if If U find negativity funny then this story of a newly divorced misanthrope works ("Guy talk" scenes esp.). Then he turns Casanova ... how??

Don't see it if Don't see if U don't like onstage sex & full-frontal nudity w/ the LIGHTS ON! (This puts Frankie & Johnny to shame). Very anti-Republican 2

Perfect Crime
Midtown W
Get a seat in the 1st '5' rows for best results, Funny, Overrated, Biggest problem is the theater: bad acoustics (& only 1/2 the actors projecting), Confusing

See it if It's hard to believe this show opened in 1987 w/ NINE actors. It's since moved around in '7' odd venues & has been whittled down to 5 actors

Don't see it if If U can't get a 'close' seat U may be straining to hear & losing Catherine Russell whenever her character sits down (NOT a raked stage??)

Also Catherine Russell (as Margaret) and Robert Newman (the Detective) have... Read more Read less

During previews
Midtown W
Resonant, Great acting, Aka "everything u wanted to know about lois but were afraid to ask?", Thought-provoking, Ambitious

See it if This One-woman show is worth a 2nd look (1st caught a preview). NY auds force actors to commit, even when playing an autobiographical part!

Don't see it if If U find deplore listening to a woman review her life with 20-20 hindsight, or can't relate to the biography of a Jewish American Princess.

Also Lois plays several roles, including her mother (comical), father, past... Read more Read less

You'll laff more than at any other comedy this season!, Great acting, Funny, Clever, Audra mcdonald & michael shannon r "over-cast" but still worth seeing

See it if 4get the 2-minute sex scene at the top of the show, this is a funny 2-hander that'll bring back memories of all your previous 1-nite-stands

Don't see it if You are a big prude (15 sec. of Michael's butt and a similar left-boob look at Audra's). Some F-bombs. Don't find low-class romance funny.

Also Playwright Terrence McNally has a real 'ear' for the way regular peopl... Read more Read less

God of Marz
Midtown W
'2' game actors visit the red planet ... but one is waiting 4 them., Quirky, Disappointing, Ambitious

See it if Athletic young cast set adrift in a spacy play that uses 1 set, some astronaut costumes, video, & music to hold the flimsy script together.

Don't see it if If you've seen the advertising, then know that "sizzling romp" are the last 2 words U would use to describe this play. If U hated 2001, well

During previews
Great acting, Funny, Entertaining, Clever, Delightful

See it if Never thought I'd see a MAAN that would top Kenneth Branagh's film version, but this one does it & adds a R&B groove too! LAFF FEST to boot!

Don't see it if If U R a Shakespearean purist U may object 2 song additions/substitutions as well as a few modern day additions to the characters. Go anyway

Also Note: I went to the 1st Preview and the weather was perfect, so try to... Read more Read less

During previews
Burn This
Midtown W
Romantic, Great writing, Edgy, Funny, Great acting

See it if Well, the top reason to see this revival is the perfect cast of '4'. In 1987 show John Malkovich won DD & Joan Allen got the Tony. Repeat!!!

Don't see it if Very talky show, monologues become rants quickly. Easy to 'hear' but not always easy to 'understand' due to the rapid-fire speaking.

Also Excellent casting. I first saw this off Broadway with Edward Norton as... Read more Read less

Great acting, Funny, Disappointing, Indulgent, Quirky

See it if One-man show that is somewhat immersive with the actor (of TV's Dexter) talking and not talking to the audience. A bit repetitive (shorten?)

Don't see it if If you are uncomfortable with a performer wandering into the audience but does it more than once. If you don't like jokes that are repeated.

During previews
A cast of thousands? as per its "community" style, Entertaining, Funny, Clever, Songwriter-singer shaina taub is a rising star, broadway next??

See it if Blending Shakespeare with original music has been a hit/miss endeavour in years past, but this version is more hit than miss. Bway vets help

Don't see it if IF U like your Shakespeare PURE then this may not be 1 for you. But if U are willing to listen to the Bard's words musicalized then play on!

Also Some sample song excerpts:... Read more Read less

Clever, Entertaining, Great acting, Edgy, In ensemble roles, hill harper & dierdre friel steal the show!

See it if Very much an Off-Broadway show with expected elements of how whacked-out life can become, even in the waiting room of a funeral parlor. Okay

Don't see it if Do not see if you believe in the sanctity of the funeral ritual, especially with regard to the offstage aftermath of "The Lady" of the title

Also Basic low-brow humor that would play well in a dinner theater, only th... Read more Read less

Ok bard-ophiles, u know the drill: it's faeries vs. lovers vs. mechanicals, Funny, Mix of veteran actors & newbies keep shakespeare alive!

See it if Die-hard Bard fans are in for some chuckles, especially from the experienced band of "Mechanicals" that steal the show w/ Pyramus & Thisbe!!

Don't see it if IF you are a stickler for appropriate vocal volume, 1 of the veterans thought he was performing in Central Park. A bit prudish costuming 2??

Thought-provoking, Must see, Absorbing, The bway is a business first, tho making money isn't the endgame?, Probably your one & only chance to get the hard facts from the horse's mouth, do this one 1st!

See it if In gambling there's a statistical chance that you "might" win your money back, but with Bdwy it's 100% risk. Get with Jessica, she knows all

Don't see it if If you prefer to blithely think that musicals "magically" appear on Broadway, the numbers will erase the innocence of putting on a show.

Ambitious, Latin history 101 should be mandatory!, Thought-provoking, You'll get more laffs if u understand latin slang, Almost enuf dancing to be qualified as a musical?

See it if Not a history lesson for morons as much as a "book list" for those who don't want to be morons on Latino history. More edifying than funny.

Don't see it if Skip if you don't like being lectured on the slow extermination of the Aztecs, Incas, & Latino's as a whole. Skip if U don't speak Spanish.

Also If you're not up on Spanish slang, then skip the show and head to the ... Read more Read less

Downtown Race Riot
Midtown W
Disappointing, Raunchy, Actually raunchy is a bit harsh, but there is nudity and a dry-hump on a couch. shock value only, Slow, Golden globe winning actress chloe sevigny is good but much of the play she is left in a side bedroom watching tv -wtf??

See it if There's RIOT going on in midtown at the Signature, but it's long slog down the sidewalk to 10th av, then a long slog till the aforesaid riot

Don't see it if If you aren't a BIG fan of Chloe Sevigny or bare-chested boys, then skip it. Seems like a Sam Shepherd wannabe wrote it, no cigar. Great set

Also One thing I would like to add it that THE SET by Derek McClane is an a... Read more Read less

For a previous production
Great acting, These actors are fearless as they continue to doggedly complete a murder mystery with the whole world falling apart around them -literally!!, Great staging, Hilarious, Must see

See it if If U have been in or seen a show where something unexpected goes wrong onstage but the actors ignore it & keep going -this is THAT show x100

Don't see it if Don't see if you can't tell the difference btwn what should be happening onstage & what should NEVER happen! Otherwise U'll miss the jokes!!

Also IF this is how funny the show is after the British cast left town, I c... Read more Read less

Peter Pan
Midtown W
Clever, Funny, Great acting, Edgy, Must see

See it if This is 1 of those shows where either U get it or U don't. Luckily, I got it! This isn't your daddy's PETER PAN, this is an insane revision!

Don't see it if If U don't have an open mind & imagination much of this will fall flat. Flying w/o Foys & Frenchmusic interludes notwithstanding, NOT4kids

Also "Remember not to bite your nails" may seem like a forgettable line, bu... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Great acting, Funny, Great writing, Overrated

See it if In 2013, actor Michael Urie won the Drama Desk for solo perf, now he's ready to compete in the Lead Actor category. See it now or pay Bdwy $

Don't see it if This is 3 hrs (w/ 1 break) of one-liners & family melodrama, so if U're a 90 min play type this 1 may be 2 much. Diction-nazis stay away too

Also 1982 was a special year for Harvey Fierstein (the playwright) AND the ... Read more Read less

Ambitious, A helicopter landing & a full-sized statue of liberty set = big broadway, Great acting, Katie rose clarke was the 1st (of 2) perfs to get me misty-eyed, Great singing

See it if 99% perfect big-budget musical until that 2-bitter bittersweet ending. Really? Is that the only way to end a Love Triangle? Otherwise GREAT!

Don't see it if Lotsa duets in this show, maybe more than Phantom, so if U hated PotO then U might skip this. Shows a dark side of Viet Nam so there's that!

Also Is it just me or was Eva Noblezada (as 'Kim') singing a whole level hi... Read more Read less

The Sonnets
East Village
Ambitious, Edgy, Great writing, Raunchy, Ever wonder if the bard was a feminist, or maybe female? here's a good sampling

See it if A "Peep Show" gets a strange, but somewhat effective, re-vamping as "8" dancer-actors speak a sonnet then Dance in their skivvies. Shocking?

Don't see it if Using exploitation (lingerie-clad hotties) to protest the same is a slippery slope. Some will be offended, pervs will be aroused. No cigar?

During previews
Absorbing, 2-hander w/ veteran actors arnie burton & matt mcgrath worth seeing!, Funny, Both funny & sad as the symbolism of "the chairs" deepens the story, Thought-provoking

See it if Saw their 3rd perf. & there were a couple line goofs plus open/closed sign has not been mastered by the cast. That aside, Dietz' play WORKS!

Don't see it if U prefer larger cast shows? This 2-hander may not meet your needs. Solid acting from both, tho theme of AIDS crisis may be uncomfortable 2 u

For the Girls
Midtown W
Great singing, Funny, Entertaining, Delightful, Ambitious

See it if They really should have sold the 8-show run as a "package" for fans due to the number of guests that rotated in-and-out each night. Magic!!

Don't see it if If U don't like KC why bother, unless U like 1 of her many guests: CeCe Winans, Chele Wright, Laura Benanti, etc. Also, if U dislike WICKED

Also Guests for Wknd 2:... Read more Read less

An Enchanted April
Midtown W
8 actors + piano-man = musical?, Great acting, Great singing, Slow, Romantic

See it if I saw the non-musical version of this on Broadway in 2003 w/ Molly RIngwald as Rose. A simple but easy-to-like story set in 1922. Homesick??

Don't see it if Although some lines R funny, they come in response to marital duress. Enchantment is in the eye of the beholder & mostly women attended.

Also Although still in previews, I'm not sure the current casting will send... Read more Read less

There's magic in the air (& patti murin's voice too!), Great staging, Great acting, Funny, Delightful

See it if The clock's tickin folks! At the end of FROZEN's 2nd yr on Bdwy it's '2' biggest stars'll be leaving, so don't delay seeing Patti & Caissie!

Don't see it if .. if U R a man who prefers to be seated among same (theater was packed w/ adult women, some kids). If U dislike seeing Special FX on stage.

Also Caissie Levy's voice alone is worth the price of admission, but the ni... Read more Read less

During previews
Bella Bella
Midtown W
Harvey fierstein is a living legend, catch him while u can (he ain't gettin any younger)!!, Must see, Intelligent, Great acting, Entertaining

See it if Bella Abzug was a major force for Feminism in the 70's, so it's kind of ironic her story is being told by a MAN (in the 1st person no less)!

Don't see it if Skip if U don't want to hear a feminist rant, tho U could replace Nixon w/ Trump and it would still apply to today. If U hate his voice??

Also If U don't know your NYC political history then U might want to google... Read more Read less

Derren brown is a very charming fellow, but more "illusionist" than mentalist, Thought-provoking, Funny, Entertaining, Clever

See it if Derren Brown has a 'Secret' but the only way to 'really' learn it is to attend the show more than once. He has other secrets too ... yours!!

Don't see it if Don't see if you can't keep secrets nor wish to reveal any. Skip if U don't like improv-oriented shows that require audience participation.

During previews
Not for all tastes, two scenes in particular -not for pet-lovers or pro-lifers, Riveting, Intense, Great writing, Great acting

See it if 4 women take the stage & then go out of their damn minds to fulfill the rituals of their "Dead Leaders Club." Only for those seeking risks.

Don't see it if Don't see if you are a sensitive person, especially concerning animals or humans. Has some lesbian kissing in too, but the shocks are earned

Also Oh, lastly and somewhat important, there is a long monologue near the ... Read more Read less

If u haven't seen this by 10/27/19 (& u r over age 40) your bucket list will be missing a must-see, Great singing, Funny, Entertaining, Clever

See it if There's no good reason 4 this Show to be closing (R Baby Boomers dying?) cause the music of Carole King is timeless -along w/ a funny script

Don't see it if IF U R 2 young for early pop music & rock'n'roll artists like Neil Sedaka, The Drifters, The Chiffons, etc Adultery & mental illness upset U

Tony-winner lena hall joins an already extraordinary cast!, Great acting, Great singing, Funny, Ambitious

See it if Went BACK! Got a better seat & had a much better time! The music was great both times, but stay away from House right: blinding onstage lite

Don't see it if If U aren't familiar w/ Jim Steinman's pop-rock power-ballad style of music then U may not enjoy this as much as those raised on it.

Also Note: I originally saw BOOH from the front row of the Balcony (BAD ide... Read more Read less

Dying City
Midtown W
Slow, Great acting, Dated, Mary elizabeth winstead holds the stage well, time to up the degree of difficulty, Absorbing

See it if Fans of streaming TV hits like "Fargo" & "BrainDead" should be satisfied w/ Mary Elizabeth Winstead's NY stage debut. But she can do more ..

Don't see it if Don't see if U don't like 2-handers? (2 of the 3 roles are played by 1 actor). Be sure to get the "hearing devices," may lose words #DICTION

Thought-provoking, Resonant, Raunchy, Entertaining, Ambitious

See it if In 2001, I saw an outdoor prod. of The Seagull w/. Meryl Streep & Kevin Kline. This indoor version (w/o A/C) is intimate fun, a REAL family!

Don't see it if IF U don't like a lil diversity in casting AND technique (1 guy shouted his lines, another too soft to be heard). If no A/C is an issue.

Quirky, Warning: naked young man (front&back) appears (welcome to old off-bdwy), Edgy, Maggie siff will be '45' in june, but looks much younger in play (not miscast, just too gorj), Great acting

See it if 20 yrs after its debut, CotSC is still relevant as the scammers go after the unwary (again). Worth seeing for David Warshofsky's perf as dad

Don't see it if If you don't like Sam Shepard plays but are curious, then U could do much worse. If U abhor stage nudity then skip. Gross ref's to animals 2

During previews
Robo-penis finale, stay till the end?, Nathan lane monologue with interruptions from his co-stars, Watchable mess, Ambitious, Great acting

See it if You might like this if you have a real good seat and a sense of humor that appreciates rhyming verse channeled through the Three Stooges.

Don't see it if Don't C unless some-1 that knows your sense of humor recommends U see it. Beware of "revenge recommendations" that hope U will hate it too.

Also SPOILERS: Grand finale of the show is a chorus line of FIVE male dance... Read more Read less

Sex Object
Disappointing, Funny, Edgy, Finally a creative team that brings narcissism & masturbation to the stage??, Title indicates sexual premise, but goes for humiliation??

See it if Foursome (2 couples) takes the stage (at times) & tries to set off sparks with middling results. "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" - NOT! :(

Don't see it if Don't see it if U R prudish & don't wish to see various "sex toys" exhibited but rarely used to any comic effect (& NO sexual effect AT ALL)

Standby nicole van giesen was in as 'heidi' & nailed it!!, Entertaining, Great acting, Great singing, Social media gets its own musical!!

See it if A year-&-a-half on the Bway, but still as fresh & relevant as a TEXT ALERT. Altho several 'Evans' have come & gone it's the tunes that SOAR!

Don't see it if Show will mean less to U if you've never been the outsider, "Waving Through a Window" at the 'real' world. Also, songs R more pop than Bway?

Also Other standout songs include: "Requiem," "You Will Be Found" and "So B... Read more Read less

During previews
Midtown W
Genius idea? put classic rock ballads side-by-side with operatic aria's??, Cliched, It's hard to believe artists who have toured the world have so little contact with the audience?, Disappointing, Great singing

See it if ROCKTOPIA vainly tries to unite fans of classical music w/ rock ballads (no backstory as to Y). No songlist in the program so study opera??

Don't see it if Skip if U don't like LIVE concert performers that cannot riff with the audience, basically Sing & walk-off style. Be a fan of slow music too

During previews
Ambitious, Funny, This show is available as "andy & the orphans" when male understudy goes on, Disappointing, House is too big to hear all dialogue, be sure to get a hearing device!!

See it if Small cast dealing w/ the huge topic of mental disability in a small dysfunctional family. Lead actor actually HAS Downs Syndrome. Poignant?

Don't see it if EVERYONE is playing an obnoxious character in play, so "Amy" is the only one to root for. Her perf can't fill this House-get hearing device?

The Sardi's Tour
Midtown W
Must see, Unfettered access to hundreds of portraits/charicatures -photo-op heaven!!, Thought-provoking, Great untold stories of early broadway & where today's stars began!

See it if IF you are a fan of the many stars that Broadway has created, then be sure your cam/phone batteries are fully charged so you can take pics!!

Don't see it if Skip if you mainly interested in newer stars of which there were only a few portraits from stars of recent hits in Shubert theaters only??

The Children
Midtown W
Ambitious, Play re-imagining the fukijima disaster for the uk should have stayed in the uk!!, Great acting, Overrated, Thought-provoking

See it if The events following a regional disaster take a backseat to chit-chat, tea, & adultery. Not G.B. Shaw, but Brit-philes may like its 3 stars

Don't see it if If U don't pay close attention U may miss the backstory that lends gravity to this seemingly trivial coded "chat" between 3 retired folks.

Also I think they did the audience a disservice by not having an intermissi... Read more Read less

During previews
Funny, Entertaining, Clever, Must see, Great acting

See it if Count Orsino opens the show w/ 1 of Shakespeare's most famous monologues, "If Music be the Food of Love ... Play on" -and so they do -"PLAY"

Don't see it if If you like the Bard totally traditional then U might not like the additional songs that bring the show to nearly 3 hrs (w/ intermission)

Also Fiasco folks are in fine form with their regular players nailing the l... Read more Read less

Disappointing, The real title of the show should be ego, because somebody has lot of balls to put together such a slipshod bdwy show, Indulgent, Only a few xmas carol classics are in the show, the uncredited songlist features "new" tunes for the holidays that have no hooks, no memorable choruses., Slow

See it if HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS-$48-49K (last wk gross)--37% attendance--Avg. ticket price: $13.51. Now that's a lot of comps & No-shows! Word-Is-Out.

Don't see it if Numbers r bad, reviews r bad, & anyone who's seen ANY other Xmas show is shakin their heads. 3 newbie singers cannot carry bad songs/intro's

Also If inexperience is a cardinal sin, it shows on the faces of all the pe... Read more Read less

Hot Mess
Midtown W
Cliched, Disappointing, Great acting, Fluffy, Raunchy

See it if Shows about stand-up comics are un-funny as a rule. This 1 takes on the rom-com genre & proves that the same goes for romance. Needs depth??

Don't see it if Skip if U like comedies to actually be funny. Don't go unless U R already a fan of stars Max Crumm, Paul Molnar & Lucy DeVito (tru-troupers)

Also Lastly, you just paid for a long one-act, but not long enuf at 55 min ... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Funny, Great singing, Fluffy, Overrated

See it if Sept. 14, 2008 -The day this Jukebox musical opened & it's still running 9 yrs. later to full houses of grinning lil old ladies. Don't scoff

Don't see it if If you don't like pop songs from the 50's & 60's (see list below) or all-female casts (4 cuties). If U don't like audience interaction also

Also FACT: when this show opened future Tony winner (for "Come From Away") ... Read more Read less

Prince of Broadway
Midtown W
Ambitious, Over "30" numbers, 12 included michael xavier, sadly he was out?, Entertaining, More 10 o'clock numbers that you can shake a stick at (2 much of a good thing?), Great singing

See it if Well, Harold Prince's PRINCE OF BROADWAY closed today but I got to see the show a coupla weeks ago. Solid cast of Bdwys best plus great nos.

Don't see it if If you don't like revues, even with very familiar material, U might be overwhelmed. Too many complex characters for too small a cast. 2much!

Also One thing I will say that would've helped this show greatly would have... Read more Read less

During previews
Midtown W
Funny, Lisa lampanelli has created a 1/2-stand-up 1/2-ensemble vehicle that still needs some re-structuring, Great acting, The cast of 4 (incl. ll) is a game bunch & the subject of food is near & dear to their hearts (& stomachs), Resonant

See it if If anything, STUFFED! is the most accurately titled show on Off-Bdwy, & easier to put on a marquee than Everything U wanted 2 know bout food

Don't see it if If U don't like hearing women rant about what they can & can't eat. Skip if 4-women trapped on a micro-stage is scary 4 u. Vagina-monos-NOT?

For a previous production
Desperate Measures
Midtown W
Entertaining, Great acting, Great singing, Altho lauren molina was "type-cast" she's still 10 times funnier here than all her skivvies exprerience combined!!, Funny

See it if Hard to believe it's taking only "6" superb actors & "4" musicians 2 turn the Bard's "Measure4Measure" into this funny-tongue-in-cheek romp!

Don't see it if I imagine die-hard Shakespeare-philes could find fault with the re-writing of the Bard's text, but it still rhymes, even when it's not sung?