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If Only
West Village
Edge New York

“The play's subject and story are novel ones…What distinguishes the play is Klingenstein's considerable gift for characterization and his facility at capturing the elegant and formal patterns of turn-of-the-century speech. From these he constructs a story of surprising and very real poignancy. He is aided in that by director McElroen's fine staging. Gilbert is superb as Astorcott…She is well-matched by Smaltz's solid yet delicate performance…An intimate and affecting drama.” Full Review

Edge New York

"Daniel Sullivan has provided the Public Theater and its audiences with what may be the best Shakespeare in the Park production I have ever seen...Sullivan proves his brilliance once again in this vital presentation that captures the essence of a play: one of Shakespeare's hardest to render properly...Many of the performances are memorable, and the whole is at first funny, then unnerving and finally affecting." Full Review

On the Verge
Edge New York

“A small, mostly skillful revival...Austin deftly handles each of the males that the women bump into. Possibly even better is the immensely charming and funny Kitchens...While the show's action, such as it is, starts off slowly, there is a wealth of wit in the show, and the second act is quite delightful...Be prepared for the fact that the show's first act is overlong, and it's two hours, twenty minutes with intermission. But, if you can handle that, you should have a good time.” Full Review

Edge New York

"Presented in an intimate space, the company performed with heart, spirit, skill, and fire. And if the actors aren't famous, they range from good to superb. Here was one of the most charming plays in our language given a production it deserves: rousing, lively, engaging and amusing. Credit for that must start with the company's artistic director, Scott Alan Evans, who had the good sense to keep the production simple and to cast his actors largely by their talent." Full Review

Edge New York

“The resultant drama is a strange cross of ‘The Breakfast Club,’ ‘Altered States’ and a rape counseling meeting. But, if it sounds odd, it was rarely dull, and most of the crowd watching it was plainly uplifted and moved. Moreover, Gosheff adds to the power and energy of her tale of these five young women confronting adulthood through her staging...Hence, the show's ninety minutes move by relatively briskly. And, although the cast is relatively inexperienced, it is not untalented.” Full Review

Awake and Sing!
East Village
Edge New York

"A number of the actors stood out for their sensitivity and intelligence...It's often said that this frequently revived 1935 drama is Odets' best play. That's almost certainly true, but it's a little like saying that of all poisons cyanide is the most flavorful...Odets' presentation of his characters proves as willfully naive and sentimental as his politics." Full Review