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Reviews (3)
Cruel Intentions
Greenwich V
Time Out New York

"We learn all of this via numbingly expository dialogue stuffed between 'Cruel Intentions’ true raison d’être: its jukebox score of ’90s pop hits, woven together by nostalgia maestro Zach Spound. Some of the score is satisfyingly subverted...But most of the songs barely budge the plot, commenting on it instead with a convenient key phrase or two. While its story emphasizes the guilt of pleasure gained at the expense of others, the musical invites you to bop your head along." Full Review

West Village
Eye on the Arts

"In a play of drawn-out reveals, none of it is withheld from its audience. We bear full witness to the conflict and confusion within each character, emphasized through vivid performances erupting in Cherry Lane’s Studio Theatre. Collins in particular has a mannered delivery, perhaps signaling her character’s hunger for immediacy in communication, calling to mind the military’s guidelines to transparent communication." Full Review

Stairway to Stardom
Eye on Dance

"The monotonous deadpan delivery, syncopated by robotic stuttering, makes changes in syntax incredibly potent in denoting a new individual answering, as the content itself is strictly maintained from its original verbal answer, including mistakes in grammar, stalling words, and candid political incorrectness...In accompaniment to the text, postures and facings change on operative words without imposing subtext, while functionally generating a pulse that facilitates crystalline delivery." Full Review