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Beautiful design, Ambitious, Slow

See it if Like moody, elegiac one man shows. Nice characterization, innovative light/projection design and use of set.

Don't see it if Looking for much of a plot, happy ending, or excitement. Can't stand one man shows

Operation Crucible
Midtown W
Clever, Well-tuned, Absorbing

See it if Lovely snapshot of specific lives at a particular time in history, which winds you deeper into emotional stories. Well deployed flashbacks

Don't see it if Can't understand heavy Yorkshire/Sheffield/Irish accents (and if you go anyway, do NOT spend the whole time hissing, "What'd he say?"!!!)

Indulgent, Slight, Amateur

See it if Really enjoy winking MT pop and over the top characters. Scrappy but fun group. Points to Aida Levantaki, Lawryn LaCroix, & Kristen Sandler.

Don't see it if Want a more polished production, or more significant material. Both come off as distinctly community theater level here.

Zany, Entertaining, Nautically nonsensical, Overrated

See it if Would love the "classic" Spongebob lines. To marvel at the on point physicality in casting of Spongebob, Squidward, and Patrick. Pure silly.

Don't see it if Expect far more quality in a Broadway score; pop writers provided music here, and it shows. Prefer shows about human stories sans winking

Loopy, Indulgent

See it if Enjoy the RSC conceit, of goofy shows for both Shakespeare neophytes and in-joke lovers. Family friendly

Don't see it if Expecting the energy and glee of earlier RSC shows. Actors are antic, but the schtick is wearing thin.

Upper W Side
Off-kilter, Ambitious, Funny

See it if Enjoy absurdist interludes (by far best parts) with your hipster self-mocking. Like shows about real-world, "average" protagonists

Don't see it if Looking for representational show presented straight, with characters that inspire more emotion than sardonic recognition

Nostalgic, Derivative, Glossy, Soulless

See it if Really, really fond of the movie. Would laugh at all the catch phrases. To worship at the altar of Kerry Butler, with also solid lead cast

Don't see it if Can't stand Casey Nicholaw hyperkinetic excess. Would miss the drier, earthier humor and emotion of the film.

The Wolves
Upper W Side
Ambitious, Great acting, Resonant, Underrepresented

See it if Were ever a teen girl, or wonder how they think. Almost ethnographic examination of push and pull of teens/teams. Support F cast & creatives

Don't see it if Slightly too formulaic plot stuffed with happenings and backstory. But so impeccably crafted, it's forgivable.

Nostalgic, History lesson, Good concept, Meditative

See it if Intrigued by premise of motivations/interactions of Disney and Stravinsky. The actors credibly inhabit 2 sometimes unlikable artistic egos

Don't see it if Looking for a through plot or more depth in exploring the aesthetics and problematic personas and politics of two giants. Conflict is forced

Bullet Catchers
Greenwich V
Earnest, Uneven, Conceptual, Topical

See it if Support diverse voices; involvement of Adrienne Brammer USAF, esp strong. Flashes of thoughtful insight on burdens & pros of military career

Don't see it if Would prefer realistic, plot-driven show over overwrought allegorical framing device. Bad sightlines, awful acoustics, weak links in cast

Oslo (Broadway)
Upper W Side
Absorbing, Great acting, Relevant, Intense

See it if Fastest moving 3-hour play every, the level of tension and how quickly it can turn and ratchet up is stunning - masterclass by actors

Don't see it if Would be depressed by how little has changed in this conflict. The sound mix from the side orch (LincTix seats) is terrible.

Enchanting, Immersive, Wistful, Theatrical

See it if To delight in a love letter to theater, written on a Möbius strip; if you've spent time backstage or ever wanted to; all techies must see

Don't see it if Can't walk up/down stairs and in tight spaces backstage, looking for a traditional plot or through story, don't do immersive/interactive

Great staging, Entertaining, Fluffy, Typical minchin

See it if For all the moods of the ideally cast Andy Karl. Lovely physical stagecraft. Andrew Call and Ray Lee. Vocal arr (h/t Chris Nightingale)

Don't see it if An orthopedic surgeon. Get off that knee, Andy. Minchin's disregard of true rhymes and prosody, and 1:1 ratio of good:meh songs (esp Act 2)

Vanity Fair
Midtown W
Reworked, Uneven, Stylized

See it if Always good to see the lovely Zach Fine and Brad Heberlee, for a classic made more accessible, playful staging (especially nice chaos)

Don't see it if Looking for straight adaptation or are only frustrated by Thackeray's characters, kind of over Kate Hamill's interpolative style,

Riveting, Must see, Great acting, Definitive

See it if Annaleigh Ashford. A beautifully rendered Chromolume (which has never ever been said before), wonderfully openminded casting, the singing.

Don't see it if Jake Gyllenhaal's underwhelming vocals are a deal breaker, for a traditional love story, don't like the music, want the visual art evolution

During previews
Midtown W
Clever, Relevant, Goofy, Sobering

See it if Enjoy clever framing devices and subversive studies of history, for a bitter reminder that the search for military excuses never ends

Don't see it if Think the subject matter can't be laughed at (even in frustration), looking for polished production values and top talent

The Light Years
Midtown W
Ambitious, Slow, Ionic, Affected

See it if To witness a stage manager's and electrician's nightmare; for a really lovely onstage time lapse/transition scene

Don't see it if Annoyed by hyper-affectation in script or performance

Significant Other
Midtown W
Raunchy, Millenial, Resonant, Indulgent, Laugh-out-loud

See it if Are a millennial, whether proud or ashamed; have experienced dating in New York; for versatile secondary actors and perfectly tuned leads

Don't see it if Refuse to like or sympathize with flawed characters; expect a tone that is consistently earnest or consistently cynical; don't like swearing

The Liar
East Village
Sly, Delightful, Great writing, Playful

See it if You exult in language, especially humorous and sophisticated verse. Thoroughly top notch cast and writing. Pure escapism.

Don't see it if You can no longer laugh at pathological liars who seem to escape all consequences Folks near me seemed to struggle with hearing devices

Big River
Midtown W
Superficial, Whitewashed, Overrated

See it if Have never seen the show, as hard to imagine any other productions (save Deaf West) would be able to rescue the material either

Don't see it if Looking for intelligent adaptation of Twain, or even a well constructed show on its own merits, expect MT songs to go somewhere

Riveting, Bittersweet, Allegorical, Great acting

See it if The payoff of Lloyd's Shakespeare Trilogy/prisoner motif. Woof. Absolutely brilliant casting. To see yourself in classic, off-limits roles.

Don't see it if Looking for straight presentation of text, rather than eminently enjoyable take. Object to women finally getting a look-in and owning it.

Uneven, Indulgent

See it if Want to see work by a master playwright contrasted head-to-head with work by less established authors, for plays examining how power shifts

Don't see it if Looking for narrative driven or uplifting fare, want a full program of equal quality

During previews
Midtown E
Unique, Classical, Ambitious

See it if Like reimaginings of classic literature, solo shows and poor/found theater, know the original Rime but wouldn't object to changes

Don't see it if Have sympathetic acrophobia, expecting to hear the original text, need a "why"

Playful, Unique

See it if Enjoy Scottish puns, looking for something relaxed and less formal, like traditional Scots music styles and stories.

Don't see it if Can't understand Scottish burrs, expecting something more atmospheric, need plot in the second half. Center of room is a splash zone.

A Life
Midtown W
Conceptual, Ambitious, Disjointed

See it if Don't mind a non-straightforward plot or objective. Are scared of dying alone.

Don't see it if Want a character to earn your affection, and for a reason. Looking for more than a mourning son's ruminations on mortality.

Good acting, Great set, Half baked

See it if Like nodding at name checks of "human condition" and "topical" metaphors. To see Andrus Nichols get paid.

Don't see it if Looking for deeper engagement with themes, clear narrative plot, resolution. Want development and coherence on top of great characterization

Dated, Disjointed, Slow

See it if Cast, esp Ridloff, did their best with problematic material and direction. Nicely displays how eloquent and effective ASL can be, A+ casting

Don't see it if For play about a woman "speaking" for herself, all her words come from his mouth, and unnaturally; he restates rather than responds in conv

During previews
Overambitious, Epic, Fantastical

See it if Probably best version possible of this baggy play. Nathan Lane and James McArdle pitch perfect. Fab physical staging, particularly the Angel

Don't see it if Never understood why a property that is really 3 half-fleshed ideas, with alternating incisive vs baffling text, has been lionized. 7.5 hrs!

Entertaining, Showcase, Intriguing

See it if Mark Rylance is always a pleasure to watch, but you wonder if his tics fit his character or vice versa. Main supporting cast are lovely

Don't see it if Would be confused by the arthouse doubling concept (although paradoxically, it gets a bit lost in the hamming)

During previews
Great writing, Topical, Pitch black humor, Intense

See it if Stunning coalescence of story, form, and talent. Impeccably crafted book that turns on dime btw blue/black humor and devastating earnestness

Don't see it if Offended by a blue streak a mile wide, or unable to handle graphic descriptions of violence

Sassy, Hilarious, Fluffy

See it if for Jeff Hiller!! For deceptive party scene with a real heart of philosophy and anxiety, exploration of self-fulfilling drama queen

Don't see it if Aren't convinced by one man shows structured as dialogue, don't want to spend time with a sometimes less-than-sympathetic character

Enchanting, Lush, Great staging, Unique

See it if Enjoy incredibly specific, gorgeous, masterfully crafted musical theater that doesn't try to be more than it is. Astounding performances.

Don't see it if Looking for flash or splash, or a conventional romance.

During previews
Hundred Days
East Village
Romantic, Loose, Atmospheric, Great singing

See it if For a lovely, folksy/rocky meditation on commitment and mortality. Fabulous appreciation of the voice/s as musical instrument.

Don't see it if Looking for traditional or straightforward plot, or more book, less concert.

Midtown E
Darkly comic, Fringe-y, Distinctive, Great acting

See it if Single-woman play with wide cast of characters, female lead who is not a pushover or conventional, setup both deeply surreal and specific

Don't see it if Are put off by plays with pitch black humor, can't understand strong Irish and French accents

Rambunctious, Uneven, Edgy

See it if Don't mind sitting through some ill-considered songs to enjoy some rollicking fun tunes, beautifully realized set, game cast

Don't see it if Would like a little more cohesion in plot and tone, frankly borderline offensive tokenism

During previews
Napoli, Brooklyn
Midtown W
Ham-fisted, Ambitious, Cliched, Earnest

See it if Worth seeing for 3 beats and to experience a literal and prolonged jaw drop. The rare play with more F than M, and F independent of M

Don't see it if Over family dysfunction plays with plots visible from a mile away (ok, all the relevant bits at least). Audio aids seem ineffective

Midtown E
Slight, Millenial, A reach

See it if An ambivalent user of dating apps, or a successful one looking for a chance to gloat, a Gooner

Don't see it if Looking for a full plot or message, annoyed by split screen staging, damn kids get off my lawn

For a previous production
Cheeky, Slapstick, Great staging, Mindless

See it if You've ever participated in sub-par community/student theater - particularly as a techie, for the astonishing breakaway set, for laughs

Don't see it if Looking for a real plot/story, or anything other than a bit of pure mindless entertainment, for gender parity, if ex-Spiderman TOTD cast

The Profane
Midtown W
Ambitious, Thought-provoking, Relevant, Unevenly cast

See it if For the religious version of Chekhov's gun, to see the mostly fabulous cast get to play deep, conflicted, American characters, the set

Don't see it if Not willing to empathize with characters on the religious extremes, or with tendencies not your own, looking for a light or happy story

During previews
Midtown E
Cute, Slight, Playful, Music-driven

See it if Like to watch actors enjoying themselves and letting audience in on the joke, for multi-talents (instruments, voice, Foley, electronica...)

Don't see it if Looking for substantial or profound story rather than just a bit of fun, want big production values, don't like electronica/GarageBand fun

Clever, Great staging, Heartfelt, Delightful

See it if Love Kneehigh ingenuity and puppets, for a touching look at a lesser-known WWII story, deft use of gender-flexible casting

Don't see it if Looking for literal realism, would find the kid-focused cat plot line a distraction from the deep human stories available

Cry Havoc!
West Village
Thought-provoking, Protean, Wide-ranging, Didactic

See it if For a really personal and thoughtful exploration of Shakespeare's texts, demonstration of Wolfert's abilities as a physical actor

Don't see it if Are militantly pro- or anti- military, looking for straightforward narrative rather than a lesson with no clear answers, vaguely infomercial

The Object Lesson
East Village
Ambitious, Enchanting, Unconventional, Great staging

See it if Enjoy shows that are as comfortable with silence as with speech, for a tour de force dinner date and sly stagecraft, the overwhelming set

Don't see it if You're a neat freak, you can't stand or sit on backless stools for 2 hours, you want a proscenium house with clean sightlines

Tense, Inexorable, Black, Numbing, Twisty

See it if Never seen McDonagh, as a relatively bloodless entree, to mourn a viciously missed connection, for all the feels of the Marty Rea monologue

Don't see it if Can't understand thick Irish accents or vernacular, esp from up in the balcony, looking for a happy ending, want to like the main characters

Raunchy, Bizarre, Irreverent, Aimless

See it if For a weird old time with a game cast, especially the priceless Willy Appelman and Brian Bock, don't mind shenanigans w total lack of plot

Don't see it if Expecting something on par with The Great Comet, looking for insight on Rasputin etc, expect craft in lyrics or book

Quirky, Loud, Rocking

See it if To support diverse voices and a top notch cast of musician/actors, the ageless wonder that is Angel Desai, enthusiastic if amateur music

Don't see it if Can't handle the volume of a rock concert, think Peer Gynt is too bizarre by itself or looking for straight presentation

Made in China
Midtown E
Half-baked, Cliched, Great puppetry, Exploitative

See it if Want to see stunning puppetry built around a poor excuse of a plot; really beautiful physicality. Think puppet plays always require sex.

Don't see it if Object to self-righteous posturing in theater, especially when it's left completely unresolved by the plot, like your songs to rhyme

Midtown W
Tearjerker, Bipolar, Great singing

See it if to see Andrew Rannells and Stephanie J Block knock it out of the park, for some of Bill Finn's most gorgeous songs, remember 80s/90s NYC

Don't see it if Don't like being emotionally manipulated in Act II without real foundation in Act I, because of some of Bill Finn's most inexplicable songs

Rancho Viejo
Midtown W
Aggravating, Bizarre, Highly specific characters

See it if You enjoy cringe comedy and/or identify with oblivious manchildren. For the very specific characterizations of the supporting couples. Marti

Don't see it if The minutiae of suburbia and middle age relationships leave you cold, especially as thru eyes of the pathologically naive. Wtf dream cacti

Amateur, Delusional

See it if You know someone in the cast. Several are actually talented and the emcee is delightful, but the whole is significantly less than its parts

Don't see it if You know someone in the cast and would be honest with them. Heavy haze effects used. Terrible overpriced punch. Location is not accessible