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The Winning Side
Midtown W

"The play never forces an opinion on the viewer, rather it presents moral arguments from both sides...Wallert's text would risk falling flat...without the excellent company of actors bringing it to life...Russell’s direction could perhaps be stronger but effectively gets the message across...There is room for growth and tightening - indeed it begins to feel long though nothing is out of place - but in the end it tells a fascinating story and provides an excellent, poignant evening of theatre.” Full Review


"It is stylishly done and presents a charming picture of two beings finding their place in the world...The dialogue plays off of misunderstandings...with a fresh twist...The show is not one confined to the fourth wall of the proscenium. The actors move into the audience and incorporate that as part of the experience...The very soul of theatre comes from breaking the rules and exploring new ways of storytelling. ‘James and Jamesy: In The Dark’ does this with verve and charm." Full Review


“While it has some effective elements, 'Fusion' seems to make a caricature of relationships rather than delving deep to explore intimacy between two people...What 'Fusion' attempts may seem simple, but the simplicity demands perfection and this piece is lacking. Conversations go on too long or never quite reach fruition. Logic strings arguments together but seems unnatural...Parrish's script is not altogether unsuccessful, it just plays very one-sided.” Full Review

The Naturalists

“McCarrick's play builds ambience with every word. The characters are definitive and haunted. When they share secrets or observations, it's just enough to feel satisfying yet realistic. The plot gets slightly muddied in the middle, but...no moment feels out of place...The performers feed off of the rich text, bringing to life characters who are at once charming yet natural...‘The Naturalists’ is both quiet and loud, a lovely tale of making peace.” Full Review