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About:  Kathy Towson is a critic with Applause! Applause! She also writes restaurant and hotel reviews for TripAdvisor.com and serves as Advisory Board Chair of Beaux Arts Society, Inc. (www.BeauxArtsSociety.org)
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Crackskull Row
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for a previous production "To watch this show, you must suspend wanting immediate gratification or clarity. All will be revealed in time. There is a powerful unsettling scene regarding mother-son incest and unexpected twists and turns. I recommend this play to anyone who appreciates good acting, writing and directing, and who is willing and strong enough to venture into an emotionally challenging place. This show is not for the sensitive or faint of heart but will leave a lasting impression." Full Review

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"Inspired by the wrongful 18-year imprisonment of Fernando Bermudez, who was falsely accused of murder, the play itself did not go into the details of the actual case. The potential writing talent of the playwright was unfortunately not evident. I found the 'Liberty' character personally offensive. The production missed the mark in many regards and failed to take advantage of the opportunity to take us on an emotional journey." Full Review

The Healing
Midtown W
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"I was pleasantly surprised how uniquely an otherwise familiar plot was handled…The dialogue throughout was very natural, relaxed, and realistic, further making the disabilities of the characters truly a secondary focus…We become very involved with all of the characters through some very personal and heartfelt stories…This theater company is true to its name: Theater Breaking Through Barriers. It has certainly done just that with this unique and overall stellar production." Full Review