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About:  I love going to the theater ... I am a clinical psychologist and I live in Westchester but I spend a lot of time upstate. I am married and "father" to two sibling poodles. My partner likes to go to the theater from time to time - a reasonable amount - so I often go on my own after work once a week... Read more Read less
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Preview blue ridge
Intriguing, Humorous, Well observed

See it if You like dramedy and the challenge of troubled individuals working to be less troubled

Don't see it if Intimate dramas of human struggle, both intrapersonal and interpersonal, does not appeal to you

Also It does feel like I liked this work more than a lot of people. I think... Read more Read less

Preview hard problem
Creatively staged, Intriguing, Cerebral

See it if A play full of ideas and talk about the psychology of consciousness and the differences between the brain and the mind are of interest

Don't see it if You find Stoppard too talky and the focus of the play on a content level does not interest you because you will hear a lot about it

Also There are some Tom Stoppard plays I really like and some that I do not... Read more Read less

Preview tj1
Compelling, Immersive, Tragic

See it if you are absolutely open to political documentary theater that is immersive

Don't see it if political themes do not appeal to you; if you will have a depressive collapse from the hopelessness and futility of what is presented

Also St Anns Warehouse has been totally transformed to recreate the tent ci... Read more Read less

Preview es1
Relevant, Creatively staged, Thought provoking

See it if A contemporary perspective on the African American experience is a good match for you

Don't see it if You seek something less polemic and more traditionally structured and presented

Also Eve's Song does suffer somewhat from an identity crisis - satire?, tra... Read more Read less

Preview ame p113 300x450
Well written and staged, Unfortunately timely, Appropriately disturbing

See it if You enjoy disturbing contemporary dramas that accurately reflect a crisis of our time

Don't see it if You do not want to be upset in general or you will be more dismayed if no resolution or remedy emerges from the narrative

Also I found this work appropriately disturbing and thought provoking. It a... Read more Read less

Preview lif p140 logo 4x6 300 l1
Entertaining, Thought provoking, Timely

See it if If you would like a play that has some weight and meaning to it but is not at all too heavy or overbearing

Don't see it if Three people talking about a single point of conflict is not enough dramatic tension for you

Also For me this was an entertaining yet thought provoking work that was ne... Read more Read less

Preview good grief 800x1200
During previews
Heartfelt, Interesting, Unique

See it if You would enjoy a chamber piece that allows a unique voice and perspective to emerge

Don't see it if You want an big production and focus

Also I went to Good Grief because I had seen Ngozi Anyanwu's The Homecoming... Read more Read less

Preview thenap
Well played, Entertaining, Funny

See it if You enjoy a farce that is well crafted and paced

Don't see it if You would consider this material too trivial

Also I usually don't like these British farcical plays but I loved One Man,... Read more Read less

Preview nytwconstitution
During previews
Unique, Engaging, Creative

See it if you are interested in one's personal relationship to the law or politics

Don't see it if you want a traditional, structured examination of the topic

Also Heidi Schreck, who wears many hats in the theater world, takes us on a... Read more Read less

Preview bh showscore 800x1200
During previews
Thin premise, Good cast, Well staged

See it if You are a Janet McTeer fan (who isn't?) or you would be interested and intrigued by a backstage story of Sarah Bernhardt and Edmond Rostand

Don't see it if the 3 names above have no meaning for you

Also The towering Janet McTeer (she is 6 feet, 1 inch) takes center stage h... Read more Read less

Preview house showscore image
Historically fascinating, Unusual, Wild ride

See it if you seek out serious, well crafted plays that explore unusual and significant subject matter

Don't see it if the time and place do not appeal to you

Also I was up early for a full day of work and I got to the theater that ev... Read more Read less

Preview brechtonbrecht
Intriguing, Stirring, Creative

See it if This is what it is so you know before: cabaret style presentation of Bertolt Brecht's work - interested? Go

Don't see it if Brecht is not your thing or you are not seeking an introduction to his work

Also I am a Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) devotee - it started when I went to ... Read more Read less

Preview show page 1
Limited, Provocative, Ambitious

See it if you are open and interested in exploring issues of race in a non-traditional theatrical forum

Don't see it if you like the fourth wall to remain where it is or you have a problem looking at yourself in relation to the issues explored on stage

Also For me, Jackie Sibbie Drury's Fairview is a conceptual play. It is abo... Read more Read less

Preview thedamned2
Intense, Unconventional

See it if you are interested in innovative approaches to storytelling in the theater

Don't see it if you avoid intense, horrifying imagery and themes in your theater diet

Also The real star here is the brilliant theater director - Ivo Van Hove. S... Read more Read less

Preview st plum 800x1200
Meaningful themes, Uneven

See it if you are following the work of Joshua Harmon - a kind of gay "thinking man's" Neil Simon

Don't see it if The themes of beauty, society, aging and physical attraction are not of high interest to you

Also Joshua Harmon's plays are so different from each other - my personal p... Read more Read less

Preview 1718 teenage dick image email 580 v2 01 795x960
Witty, Genuinely funny, Creative

See it if you would like a satire with a modern setting that uses Shakespeare as its template

Don't see it if an out of the box satire is not your thing

Also It has been a long time since I saw as a fine a satire as this - I thi... Read more Read less

Preview sugarinourwounds
Unrealistic, Commendable

See it if you would respond to an intimate piece exploring a topic that is rarely explored or thought about in any medium

Don't see it if you want your historical fiction to be an effective mirror of the time period it is rooted in

Also Sugar in Our Wounds has its heart in the right place but if only it ha... Read more Read less

Preview angels
Moving, Epic, Historic

See it if You have not see it ... It was great to see young people in the audience who were not born when the play takes place

Don't see it if Gay characters and how politics impacts them is not of interest to you

Also It was interesting to see this production because I had not seen the p... Read more Read less

Preview thegreatleap
During previews
Thought provoking, Engaging, Creative

See it if cross cultural psychological explorations appeal to you

Don't see it if you will not embrace basketball as being the vehicle through which the characters evolve

Also I found this a totally entertaining believable unbelievable story that... Read more Read less

Preview mt1
Absorbing, Important, Creative

See it if you like dramatic stories in a sociopolitical context

Don't see it if the topic is going to be too upsetting for you or you do not have an interest in it to begin with

Also Lynn Nottage, playwright, is a major player on the New York theater sc... Read more Read less

Preview admissions large
Intriguing, Absorbing, Provocative

See it if the subject is of interest to you because that is really where the focus is / you enjoy dramatization of family dynamics

Don't see it if you are not intrigued by the subject

Also Admissions is a very interesting and absorbing play and I do find the ... Read more Read less

Preview myfairlady
During previews
Creatively staged, Engaging, Classic

See it if You like Broadway musicals - especially classic ones given a traditional all guns drawn salute

Don't see it if If you do not like musicals or you only like short ones

Also Of course I knew a lot of the music of My Fair Lady but the only time ... Read more Read less

Preview t11
During previews
Thought-provoking, Relevant, Absorbing

See it if A timely exploration of sociological themes of race, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation appeals to you

Don't see it if The drama that is created when people's agendas clash is not how you define a theatrical experience

Also I do not consistently respond to Lucy Thurber's work but this I did co... Read more Read less

Preview otto
Important social topics, Well played, Intermittently absorbing

See it if you are interested in the dynamics of the mental health professions; you are a fan of ensemble acting pieces

Don't see it if You seek fast paced work that follows a dramatic arc that reaches a cohesive gestalt

Also Well, I had a good time but this is such a very specific work - it is ... Read more Read less

Preview ttw show score 800x1200
During previews
Profound, Thought-provoking, Intelligent

See it if Serious - albeit entertaining and funny - American plays appeal to you; you are open to a genre defying, unconventional work

Don't see it if If you are on Showscore scanning reviews of plays, I can't think of a reason why you would not want to see it

Also Personally, I first saw this work downtown when I was 35 years old and... Read more Read less

Preview merrily
During previews
Witty, Nostalgic, Entertaining

See it if If you have never (like myself) seen a professional production of this work; you are a Sondheim fan

Don't see it if You be annoyed by the time frame moving backward; you might find this too sentimental and dated

Also Although I have listened to several recordings of this work, I had onl... Read more Read less

Preview fabulation
Outrageous, Insightful, Wickedly funny

See it if You like witty, biting satire

Don't see it if You want a reverential and traditional play

Also I missed this work when it first premiered so I welcomed the opportuni... Read more Read less

Preview nou carousel 1.png  960x480 q85 crop upscale
Moving, Complex, Absorbing

See it if You are interesting in the psychological impact of being an immigrant

Don't see it if Political themes do not appeal to you or you are not interested in the political and psychological plight of the outsider

Also It looks like I valued this theatrical work more than my cohorts. I th... Read more Read less

Preview poster
During previews
Creative, unique direction and staging, Great script/dialogue, Ambitious

See it if You are interested in an intelligent social commentary that is ambitiously staged

Don't see it if You saw the film and did not respond positively to it or you want something that is more emotional and less cerebral

Also Network is one of my favorite films and I think the best movie satire ... Read more Read less

Preview wgd2
During previews
Surprising, Seriocomic, Lovely

See it if you enjoy small plays on big themes with wildly imaginative staging

Don't see it if creative, unusual staging would not intrigue you

Also A play written by a young South Korean playwright is certainly a rarit... Read more Read less

Preview ferryman poster
During previews
Tragic, Epic, Absorbing

See it if You would be able to lose yourself in a long, complicated piece with a dozen main characters

Don't see it if You want a work that is of average length or less and you want to be entertained without any effort on your part

Also What a wonderful piece of serious theater - and it was so gratifying h... Read more Read less

Preview djdyla9w0aakw k
Absorbing, Creative, At times: beautifully performed

See it if Bob Dylan's song catalog is important to you and you want to see a creative work using those songs as it focus

Don't see it if You are sensitive to what can become somewhat melodramatic or you do not appreciate Dylan's music

Also For me, overall, this was a beautiful work with some recoverable misse... Read more Read less

Preview motm1
During previews
Well staged, Necessary?

See it if You must consider the Joan of Arc story from every angle or you would enjoy an excellent Glenn Close performance

Don't see it if unless either of the two considerations above apply to you

Also I do think the idea of taking a story, even one that we are all famili... Read more Read less

Preview only 2
During previews
Well crafted, Thought-provoking, Intense

See it if you like heavy drama that hits on a myriad of themes or the idea of the simultaneous ASL translation appeals to you

Don't see it if you are going to be too unsettled by the graphic portrayal of addiction

Also I have not seen every play in the Craig Lucas oeuvre but this might be... Read more Read less

Preview collective rage 800x1200 j
During previews
Cliched, Funny

See it if gender politics is a theme that you respond to in the theater and a playful poke at it all is tolerable

Don't see it if you want a believable, serious examination of gender politics

Also I am not sure that I have ever heard or read the word "pussy" so many ... Read more Read less

Preview mpm2
Profound, Intriguing, Ambitious

See it if A serious play with a nonlinear narrative appeals to you and you are comfortable with the patience and attention required

Don't see it if You would be bothered by the lack of temporal sequence and the fact that the main character is played by six different actresses

Also For me, I have never responded well to Tracy Letts as an actor - I alw... Read more Read less

Preview onaclearday
Engagingly sung throughout, Light, Fun

See it if You are interested in this specific musical or you are a musical theater fan - especially when performed in an intimate setting

Don't see it if you are not interested in simply staged, intimate musical theater presentation

Also I had never seen On A Clear Day on stage and that is what influenced m... Read more Read less

Preview 1526954668931 ca 1
Irresponsible, Unbelievable, Misguided

See it if If a clinical presentation of extreme psychopathology as a case study would be of some interest

Don't see it if The above does not speak to you - I am not sure there is any reason to see it

Also Cyprus Avenue is such an extreme disappointment because what it begins... Read more Read less

Preview 97915 1
During previews
Intriguing, Creative, Unique

See it if offbeat, nonlinear narratives about unusual subjects are of interest to you

Don't see it if you want something more traditional both in subject and presentation

Also It looks like I enjoyed this work more than most of my Showscore peers... Read more Read less

Preview log carousel.png  960x480 q85 crop upscale
Intelligent, Edgy, Funny

See it if explorations of gender politics and its application to the LBGTQ are of interest to you

Don't see it if this topic is not of interest to you or you do not enjoy a nonconventional presentation

Also For me, this was a funny, interesting and edgy exploration of gender p... Read more Read less

Preview tbitb1
Well played and directed, Provocative

See it if LBGT themes are of interest in general or you want to experience the zeitgeist of 1968 for gay men in the city

Don't see it if You will be too offended by a perspective from another time or these themes in general are of no interest to you

Also Almost 50 years to the date that it first premiered, The Boys in the B... Read more Read less

Preview carmenjones
During previews
Beautifully sung, Intimate and powerful

See it if musical theater is your thing

Don't see it if Small scale productions, regardless of quality, do not appeal to you

Also The 75th anniversary of the creation of Carmen Jones brings the first ... Read more Read less

Preview pb1
Intense, Dramatic, Evocative

See it if You are following the prolific and talented Dominique Morisseau's work

Don't see it if Stylized, dramatic slow burns are not your thing

Also Although not my favorite Dominique Morisseau play - note the phenomena... Read more Read less

Preview peace
During previews
Redundant, Disappointing

See it if you must see everything Ms. Lois Smith does (and who would question you on that?) or end of life family dramas are your genre

Don't see it if you do not fall into either of the two categories above

Also I am a geriatric psychologist and I love messy family dramas so I thou... Read more Read less

Preview mylh1
Unique, Absorbing, Important and topical

See it if you like intimate musicals on serious topics

Don't see it if big musical productions define what you want from a musical or if you believe serious topics don't fit into a musical context

Also I fell deep in like with Miss You Like Hell. Sometimes it feels a bit ... Read more Read less

Preview yerma
Dramatic, Intense

See it if you respond to intense, dramatic staging of serious work

Don't see it if individual suffering and psychological turmoil are too upsetting to you

Also I came late to the game with Yerma - deciding to see it when it extend... Read more Read less

Preview lh.showscore
Lackluster staging, Uneven cast, Powerful, important play

See it if you have not seen this play in its original or previous off broadway revivals

Don't see it if you know the play from one of its previous productions in New York or the region / quiet, character driven plays do not appeal to you

Also Lobby Hero is a fine play and I remain partial to the original 2001 Pl... Read more Read less

Preview flat earth2
During previews
Ultimately unresolved, Unique perspective, Front page timeliness

See it if New American plays focused on the micro impact of macro level events is of interest to you

Don't see it if you respond best to traditional dramatic presentations where some resolution is offered

Also I do not think that This Flat Earth is a good play but I liked it very... Read more Read less

Preview hangmen showscore
Evocative, Absorbing

See it if You would respond to a macabre but wickedly funny exploration of our inhumanity

Don't see it if You enjoy your coffee light with extra sugar

Also I came late to the game on this one but I am glad that my path finally... Read more Read less

Preview trmns1
Creatively staged, Dramatic, Interesting

See it if you want to emotionally jump into intricate family drama with a sweeping historical focus and a large cast of characters and relationships

Don't see it if You want a linear approach that focuses on the here and now or you are not intrigued by some level of ambiguity in terms of unfolding events

Also It is amazing how much is able to be accomplished dramatically in a sh... Read more Read less