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Midtown E
Edinburgh Guide

for a previous production "It’s a good-looking production with fittingly scientific overtones–all Perspex boxes and flashing lights, and the layered soundtrack of voices, Theremin-like and looped noises is a triumph. The use of lame humor and toy dinosaurs, whilst injecting somewhat nerdy charm, falls a little flat and some of the plot lines are insufficiently chased down. A well-crafted and enjoyable scientific jaunt, but not quite engaging enough to be found a pleasure-isuarus." Full Review

Yokes Night
Edinburgh Guide

for a previous production "This fast-paced, poetic production buzzes with the energy of that crazy night and the younger generation’s frustration at the actions (or inactions) of the Irish government and adherence to outdated notions. Great, engaging performances are helped by a simple but effective set...The denouement is perhaps a bit obvious and the game-show trial is a little overused device, but it remains a show to rave over." Full Review

We Live by the Sea
Midtown E
Edinburgh Guide

for a previous production "Katy is on the autistic spectrum and finds it difficult to connect to people, but with stories, well that’s when she does some of her best and bravest thinking...Live music and video projections form a backdrop to the utterly credible central character. The other parts are less well rounded. Ryan’s back story and the ease with which he is accepted feels somewhat underdeveloped. A unique, inventive piece of theatre that is touching, heart-warming and enlightening." Full Review

Chotto Desh
Midtown W
Edinburgh Guide

for a previous production "This production brings together dance, storytelling, projection and music to create a magical tale of discovery, heritage and identity. The lush visuals and score provide a backdrop for the athletic and precise choreography in a fusion of the classical Kathak and modern dance techniques. Superbly executed, this is a fantastic introduction to the magic of theatre and dance and, even when the narrative was less obvious, the younger members of the audience remained entranced." Full Review