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About:  I am a theater junkie who is always looking for a bargain so I can see as many shows as possible. You will find me entering lotteries or on a rush line. I like adventurous shows that are dark, but am always happy to go to an old fashioned "feel good" musical if it is staged well.
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Overrated, Great writing, Disjointed, Hopeless, Depressing

See it if you want to see Sam Shepard's most autobiographical play in the wonderful Signature Theatre. The lamb is adorable. Everything else is ick.

Don't see it if you want to care about the characters -- some I hated and others didn't understand. It's full of sadness and anger from start to finish.

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Clever, Wild, Gory, Quirky, Gender-bending

See it if you are a Scottish play fan and want to see a kitschy and wild interpretation. Solid acting. Girls can be cruel and sick!

Don't see it if you are a Shakespeare purist or don't like Shakespeare at all. Not for those who can't handle blood and gore - there is plenty. Screaming!

Upsetting, Must see, Masterful, Intense, Heavy

See it if you are moved by challenging shows with a lot to unpack. Gut wrenching and powerful. The actors go very deep and things get crazy and ugly.

Don't see it if you want a light-hearted romp. Don't go if you don't want to think about racial issues. Makes you angry, want to cry or be very reflective.

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Amusing, Fluffy, Great staging, Entertaining, Delightful

See it if you like big musical stage productions, great sets/costumes and a cast that gives it their all. Fans of the movie will enjoy it. It's fun.

Don't see it if you are looking for the next Hamilton or more profound theatre. Lacks chemistry between some characters. Score is eh. Kind of traditional.

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Resonant, Great staging, Great singing, Epic, Ambitious

See it if you like musicals with innovative staging of mythical proportions with a top-notch cast, choreography and music. Beautifully executed!

Don't see it if you think building a wall is a great idea. Orpheus actor is weaker than other cast, including his love interest, Eurydice - no chemistry!

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Violent, Flamboyant, Tragic, Great staging, Clever

See it if you like Elizabethan tragedies with a modern twist. Lots of nastiness and gore. Interesting use of technology and modern sets.

Don't see it if you aren't into long tragedies with lots of characters and violence. Some of the actors were better than others. It felt amateurish at times

Raw, Insightful, Curated, Thought-provoking, Intelligent

See it if you want to be part of a communal listening experience. It takes you inside the minds, songs, & heavy hearts of what these prisoners endured

Don't see it if you want a play with action. It's more like a curated immersion into an recorded album that reveals the history of prison slavery. Not fun.

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Uncomfortable, Physical theater, Scatalogical, Great acting, Ambitious

See it if you are interested in the wacky genius of Taylor Mac and see a remarkably talented cast. A multi-layered show oozing with social commentary.

Don't see it if you want to be entertained rather than challenged and don't like physical theater that seems gratuitously crude. It was challenging for me.

Also I really don't like slapstick comedy, especially crude humor that is s... Read more Read less

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Confusing, Great singing, Great staging, Cool lyrics, Poignant

See it if you are a fan of Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater. It's a very talented cast and the staging is interesting. Has some beautiful songs.

Don't see it if you don't know the story of Alice in Wonderland very well. It's confusing and takes a while to get into. Some scenes did nothing for me.

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Clever, Great staging, Great writing, Thought-provoking, Multi-dimensional

See it if you love old Hollywood and a view of the Black experience during that time. Lynn Nottage is an excellent playwright who makes you think.

Don't see it if you don't want to be challenged at the theater. It jumps back and forth between eras. Some things seem repetitive.

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Cynical, Clever, Great staging, Great acting, Intelligent

See it if you like dark, cynical shows full of biting dialogue and intrigue. Life is cruel so get used to it until you die. Great use of music.

Don't see it if you don't like to intently listen to dialogue or are repelled by cruelty. Probably triggering for people who feel stuck in bad marriages.

Poignant, Depressing, Great acting, Resonant, Challenging

See it if you like shows that show the poignancy of everyday family life and can appreciate some great acting. All of the characters are relatable.

Don't see it if you find watching the decline of a parent or grandparent too relatable and depressing. It's really sad even in its sweet moments.

Clever, Funny, Great writing, Poignant, Great acting

See it if you love clever writing and dialogue. It's a searing black culture riches-to-rags story, full of surprises on the spiral down and landing.

Don't see it if you don't like sarcastic humor that pokes fun at stereotypes. The subplots don't go very deep into the characters. Actors play many roles.

Nuanced, Clever, Intelligent, Slow, Twisty

See it if you like shows about memories and cultures intertwining. It has a twist and it explores gender roles.

Don't see it if you don't like having to listen intently to lots of dialogue that is sometimes very nuanced. It's an internal show that explores identities.

Resonant, Thought-provoking, Intimate, Immersive, Inspiring

See it if you are an open minded person who is interested in the spiritual connections of humankind and learning about the personal journey of Sauvage

Don't see it if you don't like things that are too touchy/feely or make you feel nervous or uncomfortable at times. Not for the passive audience member.

Disappointing, Overrated, Slow, Great acting, Wacky

See it if you are a Michael C. Hall fan and like spare one-man shows that are not too long. Hall made the most of a mediocre show.

Don't see it if if you prefer shows that tell an absorbing story or where something happens. I did not find him to be an interesting character.

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Great acting, Edgy, Resonant, Masterful, Thought-provoking

See it if you're a fan of Ivo Van Hove, Bryan Cranston, & the film. Cranston is legendary in this role. Audience is a character. High tech to the max!

Don't see it if a big experimental theater production with lots of high tech stimuli is not your thing. Some supporting actors are weak compared to Cranston

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Delightful, Entertaining, Fluffy, Campy, Formulaic

See it if you love musical theater and are engrossed in the NYC theater scene. Lots of insidery NY theater references. Belty songs and big dance #s!

Don't see it if LGBT themed musicals that make fun of the Midwest offend you. This light "feel-good" musical has a formula. Not appealing to tourists.

Clever, Great acting, Great writing, Intelligent, Relevant

See it if you really like to dissect words and find the meaning of truth. Excellent actors! Convincing and dimensional characters. Makes you think.

Don't see it if you prefer shows with lots of action and drama. This play is about words, thoughts, dialogue, and journalism.

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Absorbing, Great acting, Excruciating, Intense, Resonant

See it if you want your breath taken away. This is a Tony performance for Kerry Washington. It's heart wrenching and gets you in your gut.

Don't see it if if you shun plays that deal with racial issues and show ugly things about our society. This is not a fun ride.

Great singing, Riveting, Great instrumentals, Good storytelling, Intimate

See it if you enjoy one-woman shows with lots of art, singing and instrumentals. Leenya Rideout is very talented. The show builds in intensity.

Don't see it if you are not into biographical mother/daughter sagas. If you are uninterested in a woman's voice, this show is not for you.

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Great acting, Great staging, Slow, Intelligent, Charming

See it if you like witty dialogue and the history of theater. Great sets. Great acting. Second act is more interesting than the first act.

Don't see it if It's not an intricate story with lots of action and intrigue. It's an insight into the life of a historic actress with a feminist bent.

Great singing, Cheesy, High production, Formulaic, Amusing

See it if you discovered Donna Summer in 1975 and have been a fan ever since. The women who play Summer have amazing voices and stage presence.

Don't see it if you want great dialogue or a story. Also, it's hard to overlook some of the hoaky choreography and manipulative entertainment techniques.

Enchanting, Great staging, Refreshing, Absorbing, Moving

See it if you like high production-value schmaltz! This is Fiddler to the max in all its glory. The set is simple but effective! Excellent cast!

Don't see it if if you aren't into the Jewish schtick or if you don't want to run into someone from your shul.

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Great acting, Great writing, Textured, Great characters, Multi-layered

See it if you want to see an underrated Hellman classic that has a "film noir" feel about family, community and capitalism. Great characters!

Don't see it if you can't relate to the 1930's culture and dialogue of that era. You don't want to see human frailty, weaknesses, ignorance, or dishonesty.

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Confessional, Stirring, Sincere, Heartfelt, Absorbing

See it if you like the personal story telling genre. The story is somewhat drab at the beginning but becomes more interesting toward the end.

Don't see it if you prefer action and intrigue. The character is subtle, strong and not very emotional, so it takes a while to get engrossed.

Good concept, Quirky, Clever, Great lighting

See it if you've travelled to some of the 17 places, like travel monologues, and appreciate a creative use of a spare stage.

Don't see it if you don't like one person shows, stories that jump around, immigrants or the mixing of funny and serious themes at the same time.

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Fluffy, Amazing sets and special effects, Campy, Silly, Funny

See it if you are a cult fan of the movie and like campy jokes and lavish sets. Where did Sophia Anne Caruso get that amazing voice? Day-o!!!

Don't see it if crowdpleasers fully of campy jokes are not your thing. Not profound by any means - it's formulaic fluff. More touristy - not a theatre crowd

Riveting, Must see, Masterful, Epic, Flawless

See it if you want 3 hours to fly by watching masterful acting, directing, epic set, sublime music and an absorbing story. 3 actors, 1 piano - WOW!

Don't see it if you are tired, illiterate, have no attention span, not interested in American history, or can't sit for 3 hours. Not fluffy, campy, or light

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Unsettling, Feminist, Absurdist, Thought-provoking, Resonant

See it if you want a creative way to explore women's views of how really terrifying and frustrating it is to live in the patriarchy on a daily basis.

Don't see it if you don't know what empathy is. Do you hate absurdity in plays or symbolism as social commentary? Then don't see this.

Also This show got to me on a visceral level and yes, I do feel anger.

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Satire, Operatic, Political, Dated, Relevant

See it if you are interested in union history and seeing how today's audience relates to political theater from a different era. Power to the people!

Don't see it if you don't like operettas and period language. The rich are greedy -- we get it...not much subtlety. More a history lesson than a show.

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Painful, Therapeutic, Confessional, Relatable, Honest

See it if you enjoy personal storytelling that keeps you repelled and enthralled from beginning to end. Maddie Corman bares her soul. Female-centered!

Don't see it if you don't like one-person monologues that are introspective and are from one perspective -- that of a victim. Repetitious at parts.

Cool set, Repetitive, Slow, Great singing, Banal

See it if you like sad musicals although it's not a "sob into your Playbill" show like Next to Normal. Lovely and relatable chemistry between actors.

Don't see it if you want a show with a plot that moves along. The music and lyrics felt repetitive. Could have been 1/2 hour shorter. Good but kind of "eh".

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Ambitious, Confusing, Edgy, Absurd, Resonant

See it if you can handle the edgy and challenging direction of Danya Taymor! This show is A LOT and really hit me emotionally. Powerful..Melodramatic!

Don't see it if 2nd night of previews so transitions need work. Really uncomfortable, especially 3rd act. Some people walked out. Nudity galore. Confusing.

Also If you loved Taymor's direction in Pass Over, you will be impressed wi... Read more Read less

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Sublime, Ambitious, Great staging, Great singing, Touching

See it if you like or love Sondheim and want to see a paired down innovative staging of this production with a very talented cast.

Don't see it if you live in a another century in which a backwards plot blows your mind too much. Or listening intently to lyrics gives you a headache.

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Intense, Absorbing, Gritty, Severe, Riveting

See it if you like absorbing and intense shows that draw you in and repel you at the same time. Plenty of all-out drama. Never a dull moment.

Don't see it if you can't handle graphic sex and violence. This show is stark, heavy and bleak.

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Great singing, Dazzling, Great choreography, Talented cast, Banal

See it if you enjoy acapella and very tight choreography with a talented cast. The music is very moving and their voices are amazing.

Don't see it if the story is more important than the staging. The plot is a bit trite and does not go too deep. Not for those uncomfortable with gay themes

Riveting, Great acting, Great writing, Intense, Multi-layered

See it if you appreciate stories with a denouement that culminates at the end. The show unfolds like a Shakespearean tragedy in a 20th century setting

Don't see it if you don't like long dramatic plays, underage drinking or strong Irish accents. This is not light or family-friendly entertainment.

Ambitious, Great staging, Quirky, Great set, Overly stimulating

See it if you want a creative glimpse into Korean culture and the connections and lack of connections people have. It has a magic realism feel to it.

Don't see it if you can't relate to Korean culture. The chorus portrays a constant stream of social media which can get annoying. Over the top symbolism.

Earnest, Meditative, Cliched, Incomplete, Nice

See it if you want to see every immersive show that comes out or are a Peter Pan fanatic. Some nice moments.

Don't see it if Not for you if you hate interactive shows with a small audience and participation. Great actors. Feels like a workshop. Needs more edge.

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Fun, Kitsch, Clever, Great dance moves, Entertaining

See it if you are a fan of the movie, the 1990's, or want to see a PG rated musical sprinkled with naughty jokes. These actors can dance!

Don't see it if you don't like the teenage musical genre. It lacks any edginess and is just fluff. Doubtful that it will go to Broadway. Wigs are terrible.

Touching, Exploratory, Sweet, Thought-provoking, Personal

See it if you want to watch a personal exploration play out on stage. It's intimate but also has universal emotions that we all can relate to. Lovely.

Don't see it if you prefer epic stories with big staging. This is a very internal show. The emotions are not always on the surface. More charming than deep.

Delightful, Enchanting, Exquisite, Great singing, Great staging

See it if you love big musicals. Laura Benanti is a GEM! The cast choices modernize the show while retaining the original intent.

Don't see it if you don't like traditional musical theatre.

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Relevant, Farcical, Incisive, Disturbing, Trippy

See it if you'd enjoy a revival that would make Vonnegut proud. It's a wacky and rather perverse view of our culture. O'Connell is a master sleaze.

Don't see it if you are triggered by pervasive toxic masculinity. It's disturbing how relevant this play is 50 years later. Not hilarious to me.

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Ambitious, Epic, Intimate, Innovative, Masterful

See it if you like musicals and immersive theater or modern interpretations of a classic. It's dark in a good way. It really resonated with me.

Don't see it if if you prefer big-budget, splashy, and more traditional shows, and dislike experimental theater. Keep away if you hate cornbread and chili.

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Provocative, Intelligent, Inspiring, Relevant, Thought-provoking

See it if you like discussion-based shows that deal with issues of justice, law, feminism, equality, and society from a personal and fun perspective.

Don't see it if you want to make America great again. This show is about the need to make progress and not about going back to the "good" old days.

Great acting, Great singing, Great staging, Fun, Cultish

See it if you are a teenager or a teenager at heart. Great cast who play many roles. Like Mean Girls but with sci-fi thrown in. Lots of belting!

Don't see it if you can't relate to the teen genre, a kitschy story, or are looking for something more profound.

Clever, Great writing, Great acting, Cutting, Witty

See it if you like scorching dialogue in a well- acted story about when looks matter the most, aging equals death, and what money can and cannot buy.

Don't see it if you've had it with plays about dysfunctional families. This one is a "hot" mess. Also, it's more cutting commentary than funny.

Powerful, Great acting, Intense, Riveting, Vivid

See it if you appreciate an all women of color cast who paint a vivid story full of strong characters, history, and vibrant dialogue. Breathtaking!

Don't see it if you can't relate to history and how it affects us today. Or you prefer action to dialogue.

Delightful, Enchanting, Great staging, Accessible, Inclusive

See it if you enjoy "theater for the people" that is accessible to everyone and reflects the diversity of NYC. Shakespeare in the Park at its best!

Don't see it if you want a traditional and unabridged interpretation of Shakespeare and really don't like musicals. You don't like penny stinkers like me.