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"A dramatic, theological, psychological, hilarious, and well-written back-and-forth clash of documented moments in Luther’s life, supported by flashbacks that build up a timeline that’s easy to follow…The astounding acting combined with the gorgeous set, time period costumes, lighting, and music cues make ‘Martin Luther on Trial’ an unforgettable production of documentary, historical accuracy, and effective self-awareness." Full Review

NY Theatre Guide

"Gives us a lot to think about: Why are humans so awful? Why do we seek self-gratification? Why do we wonder and imagine and try? But also, why do we want and want so much, but never do? 'You Don’t Matter' takes the complicated discussion of humanity, why we’re so horrible to ourselves and each other, and presents it to us to digest in a way that’s easy to understand. But, did we learn anything new? Does it really matter?" Full Review

Evening - 1910
West Village
New York Theatre Guide

"Director Randy Sharp and music director Paul Carbonara have put together a magnificent and poetic musical score...However, with almost 40 songs all evoking the same soft 1900s folk melody, the story tends to get lost and boring, no matter what the lyrics speak...The cast shines together though, moving in a patiently practiced dance choreographed by Lynn Mancinelli that is aesthetically mesmerizing, like watching old photographs move." Full Review

The Place We Built
NY Theatre Guide

"A powerful, emotionally driven, coming-of-age piece...You become part of the play, immersed and included, as the characters narrate their story. It’s easy to connect with these characters, each one dynamic with a point of view…As a character-driven story, 'The Place We Built' nails it with its inclusion of political, religious, and youthful antics in modern Eastern Europe…The whole show is a culture shock in the best way: educational, hilarious, and also incredibly somber." Full Review

Inner Voices 2016
Midtown W
NY Theatre Guide

"'Just One Q:' The direction by Rouse was easy to follow...A fun, engaging piece...'The Pen:' Davis’ portrayal of Laura was sympathetic...Kudos to the director, Margot Bordelon; the entire performance was eye opening and very well done...'The Booty Call:' Thurber is phenomenal...The entire monologue is very intimate and personal...I walked away unable to pick a favorite, as each performance shined in its own way." Full Review

NY Theatre Guide

"'A Funny Thing…' takes a very sensitive topic and flips it around to be humorous and dark, but also compassionate with in-your-face realism...It shouldn’t work, this dialogue-heavy performance on a single set, with minimal characters and walking room, but it does. 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Gynecologic Oncology Unit at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center of New York City' isn’t a show for everyone, but it’s definitely a show everyone should see." Full Review

NY Theatre Guide

“The actors give stunning performances as individuals and as a group, using their own bodies as props and character makeup…'Body’ is one of those pieces that if you stop paying attention for a longer than a moment, you’re sure to miss something; luckily the dynamic characters, continual movement, and fantastic visuals keeps the audience on their toes...One of the most fascinating performances I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness. It was raw, intense, stunning and emotional.” Full Review