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During previews
Great acting, Great staging, Great singing, Entertaining

See it if A fun show. Fast paced. Spot on acting. Enjoyable experience and very entertaining

Don't see it if Music does not stand out

More for teenager, Some good singing, Baffling

See it if A few good songs and some good singing but that's about it. Creative and quirky

Don't see it if Made something out of nothing. Have potential but end up baffling. Not much artistic value. Don't understand why NY Times gave critic's pick

Good drinks, Entertaining

See it if Good storytelling about history of drinks. Good drinks: Irish coffee, Bloody Mary, Bellini, along with mini pastries

Don't see it if Can use some cut towards the end

Polished, Children-friendly, Entertaining

See it if you like to see talented magicians from across the globe. Polished production. Entertaining night out. Children-friendly

Don't see it if you don't like Vegas style shows

Riveting, Refreshing, Intelligent, Great writing, Great acting

See it if a story of pioneer women in science, worth seeing just for tour de force acting alone. Writing is intelligent

Don't see it if the tone is hard hitting feminist, a bit too obvious at time

Refreshing, Clever

See it if you're a David Byrnes fan. This is a concert with no plot. Songs are his old songs, not new. Musicians are great, artfully presented

Don't see it if I never heard these 80's songs so I'm biased. A bit like a blast from the past. Tunes are somehow monotone

The Great Society
Upper W Side
Relevant, Intelligent, Great acting, Exquisite, Absorbing

See it if All around great acting. Performed with such passion. Educational and informative history reenactment.

Don't see it if you don't like politics or history

Entertaining, Masterful, Incredible, Mind-blowing

See it if you like a fun and entertaining night out. Quite some feats I've never seen done by other performers.

Don't see it if you prefer a plot line. Some feats might be beyond belief

Great dancing, Great singing, Great acting, Entertaining, Enchanting

See it if you like fantastic vocal, dancing, staging, and acting. Super entertaining. Lots of fun and humor

Don't see it if juvenile plot line bothers you. It's after all about high school...so be prepared for high school cliques and clichés!

Broadway Bounty Hunter
West Village
Strong choreography, Outstanding supporting cast, Wildly entertaining

See it if What a riot this musical is! Perfect for summer. Writing is imaginative and outside the box. A wild ride!

Don't see it if Female lead does not have as strong vocal capacity as other cast members but her acting is spot-on.

Also Supporting cast can sing, act, dance, and kick ass! Innovative set des... Read more Read less

Original Sound
West Village
Compelling, Immersive, Marvelous

See it if a fantastic play with everything comes together in top notch: writing, acting, staging. It's very nice to see pop music creating process

Don't see it if go see it before it closes. Set is in between seats so feels very intimate and immersive. All actors are very convincing. A must see

Original, Thought-provoking, Great acting, Great staging, Great writing

See it if basically 2 stories intertwined into one by paranormal events. Quite interesting and outside the box.

Don't see it if a plot point later in the play appears a bit contrived

The Poor of New York
East Village
Timeless, Full of humanity, Passionate and compassionate, Really engaging, High production quality

See it if Small production but the cast & creatives hit it outside the ballpark. Full of life. Superb acting with perfect accent in in unison

Don't see it if No reason not to see this show. Worth the effort to see it

During previews
All My Sons
Midtown W
Intelligent, Great writing, Great staging, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if you like a well-written, all-American piece with complex, interlocking interpersonal relationship. Acting is stellar.

Don't see it if you prefer light-hearted entertainment

The Light
Midtown W
Great acting, Great staging, Great writing, Masterful, Must see

See it if This play is very thought provoking and will challenge your own opinion-forming process. This is a Broadway-level high standard production!

Don't see it if N/A. Excellent writing, acting, staging, direction in a brand-new theater. What's not to like?

Also There might be some minor issues with the plot but those minor issues ... Read more Read less

Campy, Nice story, Great singing, Entertaining, Light-hearted

See it if This is a small production. A little too campy at times but storytelling is worthwhile. Singing is enjoyable & overall entertaining

Don't see it if you prefer a larger stage, a more polished production and a more professional presentation

During previews
Mindless entertainment, Low production value

See it if you like silly, low-brow, campy shows. Singing was good but the concept of the show needs rework. Feels put together at last minute

Don't see it if you prefer a theater experience with brain involved

During previews
The Hello Girls
Midtown E
A knockout, Full of heart & soul, Truly original, High artistic value, Soaring & ravishing

See it if A must see gem. Best original show this year. Heartfelt and really transports audience. Strong music, vocal, and acting. Deep and moving.

Don't see it if No reason not to witness this show

Also A wonderful singing tribute to unsung heroines and pioneers exactly 10... Read more Read less

During previews
Entertaining, Funny

See it if you like light-hearted entertainment. Good-storytelling but theatrically there is nothing profond

Don't see it if you expect a lot more than a moving stand-up comedy with a theme


See it if The drama and acting are good and worthwhile...but the lead singer's voice left much to be desired

Don't see it if in a cabaret style musical...the lead singer's voice is rather limited...significantly reducing the show's appeal

During previews
King Kong (NYC)
Midtown W
See it for the mighty king kong on stage, not for the music/songs

See it if The actual King Kong on stage is a fantastic experience, both technically and artistically. The beast is a feast.

Don't see it if The musical part of the show is subpar. Was treated like an afterthought

Trainspotting Live
Midtown W
See it for the acting only

See it if you like immersive theater. Acting is pretty strong. You're okay with no clear story line

Don't see it if you prefer something more substantial. This show offers a glimpse of lives of drug users. Nothing more

Dated, Cliched, Great acting, Delightful, Great singing

See it if you like old-fashioned musical. Everything is safe. A lot of emphasis on a few key songs.

Don't see it if At times appears like a modern dance piece. 2 biracial leads lack chemistry. Direction is loose

During previews
Great singing, Great choreography, Very strong vocal

See it if you like non-stop singing, very strong vocal performance. Choreography is also good. The songs are difficult to sing.

Don't see it if you prefer a stroyline

During previews
Girls & Boys
West Village
Boring rambling

See it if you're a big-time Carey Mulligan fan. You like a play written for a star to showcase storytelling and acting skills

Don't see it if you prefer something more dynamic and intesresting. The first 75 minutes were just background setting

Beyond Babel
West Village
Phenomenal, Beautiful choreography, Great dancing, Agile & energetic

See it if Don't miss it if you like West Coast break dance. This troupe's group dancing is a sight to behold! Very diverse dancers.

Don't see it if It's basically Romeo & Juliette story, with communication mainly conveyed by lyrics of pop & hip-hop songs. Full of youthful energy!

17 Minutes
Midtown W
Slow, Relevant, Profound, Intelligent

See it if Difficult subject matter. Good acting. Deals more of a cop's response at time of shooting than shooting itself

Don't see it if Does have quite some down time and feel need to develop a bit further

Riveting, Thought-provoking, Great acting, Great writing, Absorbing

See it if By focusing on relationships between black characters, this play sets it apart from other race-focused dramas

Don't see it if Excellent revival. Worth seeing

The Inheritance
Midtown W
Breaks no new gound, Too many monologues, Low artistic value, Tortuously long, Overstuffed

See it if Stuffed every LGBT issue. Messy, overly sentimental. Should be trimmed to within 3 hrs instead of 6+ hrs. Nothing really new or insightful

Don't see it if Other than a few characters mirror each other, there is little artistic value. Too many monologue/narration over acting. Boring stereotypes

Great acting, Great singing, Great staging, Dizzying, Delightful

See it if you like great singing from lead cast members. Musical largely sticks to original form. Good dancing

Don't see it if Pacing slightly off. Sing-through a little difficult to follow. Supporting cast not as strong


See it if More of a celebration of Yiddish language and Jewish heritage. Good music and some good dancing

Don't see it if Story is quite dated...3 hours of mostly about marrying daughters. Can be tiring due to talky nature with subtitles

During previews
Linda Vista
Midtown W
Cynical, preachy, talky, Overly long with plenty of down time, Good central promise with depth, Strong performance, Too much references & one-liners

See it if It's a good play with a good central promise; however, is delivered too conventionally with endless one-liners full of cultural references.

Don't see it if Can easily trim 30 min or so. Lots of negativity. I got it, the lead character is a smart ass, but no need to give a speech each time

Also On purpose I think, this play casts attractive female and unattractive... Read more Read less

Superbly acted, Heavy subject, Masterfully written, Very european, Super intelligent

See it if a tour de force play/production, with everything at its peak form. Not to be missed. Every detail provides multiple possibilities to think

Don't see it if you don't like heavy/deep subject matter. This play is very European/French, not usual American entertainment

Felix Starro
Midtown W
Original, Thought-provoking, Resonant, Absorbing, Delightful

See it if Totally original. An interesting story, uniquely Filipino. For the story alone is worth seeing

Don't see it if the musical part is mediocre. Too much down time for a musical. Perhaps the subject matter is too dark for musical.

Disappointing, Great acting

See it if you like very conventional theater and will love at every bone thrown at you

Don't see it if you prefer something new, original, insightful. I am a Hillary supporter but I'm not sure why this got made on stage

Intense, Thought-provoking, Great writing, Edgy, Great acting

See it if you're ready to a 2-character drama confined in small space. Can be uncomfortable at times. It's a good play.

Don't see it if you prefer something more light-hearted. This is certainly not very entertaining. A bit overbearing and tiresome back and forth

During previews
Long Lost
Midtown W
Low artistic value, Only good thing about this play is its set

See it if you like boring soaps, think day-time TV drama with slow motion, awkward lines. Everything is off except the set

Don't see it if don't want to waste time on trivial, predictable, uninteresting and unintelligent writing with zero inspiration

Queen of Hearts

See it if you like an entertaining evening. Unlike XIV's previous production, this one has more variety show than group dancing. Fun, imaginative.

Don't see it if L train service change or high drink price bother you

Life Sucks.
Midtown W
Thought-provoking, Great acting

See it if You like modern spin of classic writers. The play is thought provoking and life affirming in a way. Characters are interesting.

Don't see it if You don’t like cast talking to audience in the middle of the show. At times it seems a bit preachy.

Gloria: A Life
Boring, Documentary-like

See it if You like enacting an inspiring women's life story in a documentary like storytelling

Don't see it if You expect real theatrical play with characters interacting with each other

Also The format of the show is very limited and redundant. The main charact... Read more Read less

During previews
Breaks no new gound

See it if Just like the film "Moonlight", this play breaks no new ground. This is not to say it's a bad play. Outstanding singing & dancing

Don't see it if if your seat is in mezzanine, do borrow hearing device. My friends and I had difficulty hearing some dialogues

Also In a time there is an explosion of LGBTQ-themed plays & musicals...thi... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Delightful, Great dancing

See it if you like to see strong dance performance and somehow interesting rumor surrounding Broadway insider jokes

Don't see it if expect anything profound

Torch Song (NYC)
Midtown W
Cartoonish, Overacted, Exhausting, Tv gay sitcom, Unmoving

See it if you like TV sitcom. You like exaggerated acting full of one-liners. You like some gay-themed cheap laughs

Don't see it if you prefer a coherent drama with depth. This is a train wreck I didn't see coming. Stay home watch TV instead

Also Mere mindless entertainment. Very little artistic value in this show

Delightful, Enchanting, Entertaining, Great acting

See it if you love Shakespeare. You like food and wine served during a show.

Don't see it if N/A

During previews
Rather ordinary

See it if More of a vessel for showcasing Elaine May's acting. Other than her acting, the play is listless. Other characters are forced/stereotyped

Don't see it if the play is very "all-American": ordinary and boring

Great staging, Great singing, Great writing, Delightful, Dated

See it if you like Broadway classic. Production quality is high. Cast is strong.

Don't see it if You don't like plays about social/economic class differences, slightly sexist and a little dated

During previews
The Nap (Broadway)
Midtown W
Meaningless, boring, stupid, cheesy

See it if every 30-second comes a stupid British style joke is your thing. You like good-looking young actor or actress

Don't see it if you don't like boring, meaningless, anti-intelligent plays. The plot holds promise for a moment then descends into cheesy ending

During previews
Midtown W
Absorbing, Great acting, Refreshing, Resonant, Relevant

See it if you like plays regarding class differences. You like one woman solo show. Acting is good.

Don't see it if N/A

During previews
Witty, wry, wacky, whippy

See it if you like imaginative entertainment and good singing. Might be campy but it's creative to come up with a wild story. It's a fun ride!

Don't see it if you prefer serious drama or straight-up musical

During previews
Log Cabin
Midtown W
Lgbt sitcom

See it if you like lighthearted entertainment. Playwright threw too much stuff in. Plenty of one-liners. The staging is nice.

Don't see it if you prefer a more profound and meaningful evening.