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Ludwig and Bertie
East Village
Slow, Intelligent

See it if you want to see how philosophers have a battle of wits.

Don't see it if you want to see how philosophers have a battle of wits.

Impactful, visceral, necessary

See it if Want to see EXCELLENT writing and EXCELLENT acting. See it for the truth it speaks. You leave exhausted *for him* !

Don't see it if You are not where it's playing because EVERYONE should see this play in person.

Also This is the first play I have given 100 to. "American Moor" is so forc... Read more Read less

The Dragon Griswynd
East Village
Horrible script, Staging amateurish, Exhausting to sit thru, Not campy at all

See it if you want to waste your time stroking the ego of a bad playwright (Sorry- but this is my honest opinion) I truly pitied the actors.

Don't see it if your're smart & breathing.

Also What didn't help this play's cause that we had to wait 45min (!) befor... Read more Read less

Necessary message, Needs new angle, Semi provoking, Good acting

See it if you want to see up & coming playwrights and good acting.

Don't see it if you thought it was a musical.

Also Hard to judge bc the playwright is also the director and plays 2 roles... Read more Read less

Good acting, Plot sadly too american, Ambitious

See it if you want to see a slice of American life. If you wanting see real good acting

Don't see it if you don't want to be re-disheartened at the sad state of American racial interactions. You're depressed @ the state of affairs in the USA

Ambitious, Reminiscent of "friends", Good acting

See it if Like to see new & up coming actors.

Don't see it if You never liked the show "Friends" or other 30-somethings trying to figure life out.

Also Please know your venue actors, know its acoustics & mind how you do or... Read more Read less

Lower E Side
Mesmerizing!, Athletic, Primal, Fabulous

See it if you like to be entertained; if you like dance; athletic talented dancers! Environmental activism in dance. Speaks of the anthropocene age.

Don't see it if if you're not in the location where it is being performed. If you cannot afford the ticket.

Also I have to admit the singing bit @ the end detracted from the well chor... Read more Read less

El Credito
Great acting, Great writing, Funny reversal of fortunes

See it if you like tight well acted plays

Don't see it if Don't understand Spanish bc reading the captions & watching is distracting

Also Loved this play but my 1st caption machine didn't work so check out yo... Read more Read less

For a previous production
Hilarious, Slapsticky, Heavy handed, Predictable fun!

See it if you like to see a serious profession poke fun a itself. You like well-timed choreographing of stage effects. You want good belly laughs!

Don't see it if You don't like slapstick. You're an actor who has had horrible experiences in stage & don't wish to relive them.

West Village
Feministic, Funny, Energetic acting, Good writing

See it if You want to see a feminist version of the Cinderella story.

Don't see it if You think it's for kiddies

Also Cindy was almost too cute. Higher marks to the step sisters & mom. BUT... Read more Read less

Trump Lear
East Village
Energetic, Great writing, Searingly funny, Affordable

See it if Great script, animated acting by a talented mimic/actor. Poor Mr Carl, having to do 3 Bushs/P45 several times/wk must do damage to his soul

Don't see it if if you voted for P45 (pretender NOT president) #45. Better yet, DO see it if you voted for him & learn the error of your ways.

Unmemorable, Well staged, Good acting, Long

See it if Liked the twist @ the end; good repertory company. Actors had good chemistry together.

Don't see it if This is another play that could use critical editing. By the time the twist came most were squirming in their seats to leave.

Maple and Vine
Clever, Great acting, Great writing, Resonant

See it if A production by the NY Deaf Theatre used 3 methods for people w/all abilities to be thoroughly entertained. Loved it!

Don't see it if Tad too long but actually the time flew.

Absurd: definitely | confusing | worth staying | some outstanding actors

See it if you have patience, because by the end you'll appreciate its message. See it if you love seeing up & coming actors...Major bravos to Susan Ly

Don't see it if you do not like a message very well hidden in this absurdist plot.

Also I really liked it by the end ... STAY for the full message/the actual ... Read more Read less

Energetic, Well-written, Fun but dated, Fast paced

See it if you like the TV show Sex & the City. If you want to see fun, amusing, & fast paced theater Good interaction with the audience.

Don't see it if Seemed more of a touristy thing - even though the NYers outnumbered them.

Also Even though SATC has its last new episode over 14 years ago, this one-... Read more Read less

During previews
Midtown W
Fantastic writing, staging, directing, & acting, Heart wrenching, Oddly, funny

See it if you love well scripted, staged, acted, & directed plays. Sad plots punctuated w/funny bits that speak to MANY in the audience. Bring hankies

Don't see it if Don't want to cry in public. If you have a recent death in the family or someone suffering with dementia, this play may be too raw for you.

Also I loved the overlap of timelines and the linking to theories of time t... Read more Read less

No Exit
Forceful, Intimate, Well staged, Well directed, Very good acting

See it if you like intimate theater with excellent actors. The moral of this play hits hard in such a small venue. Bravo!

Don't see it if cannot climb the steep stairs to get to the actual theater. If you are bothered by competing productions' sounds. No worries, its compelling

Also I want to give top marks to the actor who played Estelle, Anita Moreno... Read more Read less

Powerful, Masterful, Minimalistic, Great acting

See it if (for Richard III) you want be exhausted at the intense, raw, emotional, and intimate production of a Shakespeare masterpiece. Don't miss it!

Don't see it if you know you don't like 3-hr long Shakespeare plays. If you're in a real bad family situation...because this is all about BAD families.

Also Loved the actors who played Margaret, Clarence, & (of course) Richard ... Read more Read less

Broken Pieces
East Village
Very good acting, Emotional, Good writing & staging, Uneven

See it if you want to see enjoyable theater and excellent up & coming actors.

Don't see it if really no reason not see this set of vignettes.

Also I found the first 3 of the 6 vignettes the best, meaning well written ... Read more Read less

The Sundogs
East Village
Clever, Very good acting, Morality play, Well written & edited

See it if you like well written, edited, staged, & acted plays by up and coming actors, directors & playwrights.

Don't see it if you don't like morality plays & clever staging.

Also My only criticism is of the taped portions near the end were too loud ... Read more Read less

During previews
Get the Boat
Very good acting, Thought-provoking, Oddly dated, Well written

See it if You're against abortion no matter what the circumstances

Don't see it if you have to travel great distance to see's only 45 min long

Good acting, Needed editing

See it if you want to support repertory theater, their playwrights , & actors

Don't see it if Not feeling well

Also I think my physical discomfort clouded my judgement of this effort

West Village
Ambitious, Promising, Trite, Confusing

See it if Actors get high marks for their energy & craft. See this promising playwright & actors though a bit more creative staging is needed.

Don't see it if Starts off well but at some point the script, staging, & costumes confuses the plot and the audience. Split timelines need extra care.

Overrated, Slow, So-so acting, Disappointing

See it if The staging was well done thought out. Costumes were good.

Don't see it if St Joan's actress was not understandable-throughout; she needs diction/projection lessons.

Ambitious, Confusing, Way too long, Needs editing

See it if The cast has great heart and are doing the best with what they've got. The staging is well done too.

Don't see it if The script needs severe editing. Don't know why it's in 3 parts; my 'part' was 2.5 hours LOONNNGGG. Perhaps my inner professor came out.

The Diana Tapes
Great staging, Entertaining, Riveting, Thought provoking

See it if I liked the staging & its use of minimal stage props. There's a voyeuristic feeling of behind-the-scenes into Princess Diana's private life.

Don't see it if You don't know who Prinecess Diana was.