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About:  Avid theater-goer. Have a soft spot for musicals as a former choreographer, and enjoy being entertained, but also love serious contemporary drama, creative staging, classics reimagined, and intelligent direction wherever I find it. Although I don't often mention the designers in my reviews here due ... Read more Read less
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Preview all aboard
Feels a little bit like pleasant summer stock., Some clever bits with staging and set., Cast of three is talented, and they grow on you., Standard musical fare, but likable enough.

See it if Enjoy watching skillful actors play different roles, capably. A morality play in the end, with song, dance and oddly, lots of profanity.

Don't see it if Adult themes/language bother you, don't like small musicals, want flashy. Most seemed to love it, but I found it workmanlike and agreeable.

Also I don't want to discourage people - I've seen many, many musicals and ... Read more Read less

Preview img 0008
During previews
Slow, A mess from start to finish., Bizarre

See it if You want to see a production that tries hard to be quirkily meaningful,or are willing to take your chances from the promising description.

Don't see it if 2 excruciating hours. Was looking forward to this, but it was all bad. Script, direction, acting. Meanders to anticlimax. Incomprehensible.

Preview linda
During previews
Excellent production with masterful revolving sets and lighting., The actors are well-cast, the lead is excellent., A few scenes felt a bit superfluous, but overall, a good show., Absorbing and interesting.

See it if You want something a little thought-provoking and are interested in exploring societal norms about women, aging, fidelity, youth, beauty.

Don't see it if You get uncomfortable w characters who are flawed & at times, unlikeable. That being said, there's a lot of poignancy here. Not an easy show

Preview 299518
During previews
Resonant, Story is predictable, but still presents aspects of culture that have been underserved., Needs a 15 minute trim, Interesting and mostly absorbing

See it if You're interested in thinking about lives that might be different than your own. It's a cultural exploration that covers class and race.

Don't see it if You aren't interested in somewhat slow-moving, dialog-heavy play with a predictable plot. Can't sit thru break- less show. Good, not great.

Also I think this was a good effort from a burgeoning playwright. My bigges... Read more Read less

Preview jack of hearts  master of none
Cast never leaves the stage and sings for 80 mins, no break., Minimal set and costumes effective, lighting is excellent., Score is solid and good, as is the musical talent of cast and orchestra., Female lead is fantastic, "jack" is stiff and dull.

See it if An operetta of womanizing cad interests you & you're ok with a single set/2-hander. The music is good, but the script's weak and wandering.

Don't see it if Not in the mood for a story w little uplift/redemption, get fidgety, can't focus on story that is sung-through, want a traditional musical.

Also I'm a little flummoxed here. The woman was a genuinely good actor and ... Read more Read less

Preview ghosts800x1200
Stories are disappointing., Nicely staged and performed., Good use of music, lights and sfx, Church setting is perfect venue.

See it if You like actors reading from a script at podium, enjoy listening to radio drama, want to see a little something different, like the idea.

Don't see it if You want really scary stories, or unpredictable tales of the supernatural. The tales themselves, tho well-performed, were dull/led nowhere.

Preview 18859 show portrait large
A good evening out., Lots of creative genius here., Entertaining and clever., Very talented cast who seem to love what they do., Bawdy, silly, irreverent fun.

See it if Ballet/opera/circus/jazz/pole-dancing in pasties and g-strings sounds like fun. This show is suggestive and sly, with highly skilled cast.

Don't see it if You are straight-laced and don't want to see partial nudity and gender-fluid spectacle, and if these descriptions make you cringe.

Preview gorey
Absorbing throughout., Staging is effective, but there's some over-acting., Great set, lighting and projections., Interesting, but a bit of a jumble., Quirky play about a quirky man.

See it if You enjoy Gorey's work and want an engaging look at the man behind the eccentric drawing/writing. This is enjoyable and non-traditional.

Don't see it if You want linear storytelling, don't like stories about eccentric personalities, are offended by gay themes, never seen any of Gorey's work.

Also You don't HAVE to know about Gorey or his work, but it would be more e... Read more Read less

Preview showscore
During previews
Cast of five are talented performers and musicians., Thoroughly entertaining and a balm for the spirits., Enchanting, Delightful and joyous.

See it if You want a lovely 90 minute escape from holiday/winter blues, enjoy music from around the world and are ready to be transported. Loved it.

Don't see it if Don't enjoy S. African culture, playful audience participation, want big production, or don't like world music. Want traditional Amer. Xmas.

Also A group of five of us saw this together and we all loved it. Thuli Dum... Read more Read less

Preview coriolanus
Stunning and surprising all the way through., Absorbing and powerful., Thought-provoking, relevant, intelligent production., The director used a spare hand to achieve much., Fantastic staging and masterful acting.

See it if You like contemporary staging of WS, want a challenging and intense theater experience, can appreciate stagecraft with minimal sets/props.

Don't see it if You hate WS, don't enjoy plays with topical relevance, don't want to think, want elaborate production, don't like politics or strong POV.

Preview career suicide white
A different kind of stand up act., Thoughtful and well-written., Absorbing, but a bit too long., Tough subject, movingly explored, Touching and funny, in equal measure.

See it if You like standup and find quirky, nerdy personalities appealing. Chris handles his personal demons with charm and grace. It's absorbing.

Don't see it if You would find the subject matter too triggering/depressing. Not for everyone-some walked out. Some parts are uncomfortable or squirmy.

Preview aint never been easy white
The actors were earnest, but the script didn't have much., Slow, but an interesting premise, Well-intentioned, but dull

See it if learn some American history, or just want to support All Stars Project. The show had its moments; the director used odd space pretty well.

Don't see it if Not interested in black social themes and events.

Preview paris
Overall, a pretty fun evening., Interesting new space that is well-suited to the production., Great singing and dancing, but derivative of other company xiv shows., More suggestive than raunchy, but it is burlesque!, Entertaining and edgy.

See it if You like theater that's different and "out there", like music and dance and acrobatics and circus, and not a faithful myth retell. It's fun.

Don't see it if Don't like genderbending, nudity, lewd(ish) dance/staging, are prudish, or want traditional theater. Watch the videos and know what's up b4.

Also If everything you've read appeals to you and you haven't seen Company ... Read more Read less

Preview my father s voice white
Thought-provoking., There's a lot of good and touching material here., Eric is likable and comfortable in front of an audience., Slow and long; needs considerable tightening., Interesting and (mostly) absorbing.

See it if You want to hear a non-actor read his father's beautiful letters to his mom about his astonishing life experiences and two world wars.

Don't see it if Want polished performance/production, don't want play to be read from a script, don't like war stories, 100 mins, solo show. Still good, tho

Also This is a very compelling evening which needs more directorial and pro... Read more Read less

Preview afterplay white
Stays with you., Gentle and wistful., Beautifully performed., Quiet and touching., Lyrical

See it if You are a fan of Friel (or Chekhov), like imagining the (after)life of fictional characters, enjoy interaction between 2 masterful actors.

Don't see it if Don't like quiet, all-dialogue, little-action work. You have NO knowledge of the plays these characters were in, can't hear implied thoughts

Also Lovely set in very intimate space. You do not have to have seen or rea... Read more Read less

Preview heisenberg
During previews
A little long and a little slow., Intriguing and absorbing, but some may want more "production" ., There's a resonant beauty to this that comes on slow, but once there, lingers., Arndt and mlp are well-paired and give fine performances., Layered and intelligent.

See it if You like MLP- she's in good form here. Are willing to let the writing and actors draw you in; there's virtually no set. You like 2-handers.

Don't see it if You've never liked MLP, want to feel your $$$ ticket should have more visible production, want a linear story, don't like quirky characters.

Also If you can go on a Saturday matinee, there's a talkback following with... Read more Read less

Preview final
During previews
The performances carry the day, here., Intelligent, but may require more knowledge of britain's politics to fully enjoy., Interesting and (mostly) absorbing., Well-acted, especially amy ryan(fantastic) and zoe kazan., Some recognizable human foibles and personalities

See it if Like stories about family relationships, have interest in following people over several decades, can laugh at recognizable character flaws.

Don't see it if You have trouble watching alcoholic behavior, drug culture, teenage angst and rebellion. You're expecting a treatise on love, or a romcom.

Also This play is being touted as something deeper than I found it, but I w... Read more Read less

Preview capturenn
Sweet, but not overly so., Fanciful tale which may be too slow for very young kids., Dancers are gentle and suited for this production., Some creative parts and the cast is good., This is children's theatre, but adults will be mildly entertained.

See it if Interesting retelling of The Little Prince, but possibly too existential for very young and not compelling enough for older kids.

Don't see it if You are expecting Cirque de Soleil-level acrobatics or dance, a fully-realized show, something profound. It's pleasant enough but not great.

Also There were some very lovely moments in this show, but it felt repetiti... Read more Read less

Preview fiorello mps
Tuneful but needs more instrumental support., Still, it's reasonably entertaining., Cast is too young and lead feels miscast., Some good production elements., Feels like community theatre or summer stock.

See it if You like classic musicals with a good score. The book is dated but decent. Dialects all over the place, but singing generally pleasant.

Don't see it if You saw Tom Bosley on Bdwy & want lead to be more like him. Don't like period pieces or have any interest in NYC history/politics.

Also I have always liked the score and book of this show, and appreciated a... Read more Read less

Preview newsical the musical
The cast tries hard, but the material wasn't great., Indulgent, Uneven humor: some funny, some meh.

See it if You like sketch comedy and topical humor. You have a passing knowledge of current news and pop culture or aren't politically thin-skinned.

Don't see it if You don't want humor that's a little raunchy. If you have to spend a lot of money on these tickets, you'll be disappointed, I think.

Also From reading the other reviews, I suspect that this show has its good ... Read more Read less

Preview mar show page artwork v4
During previews
American musical heritage storyline, but not much plot, If you like gospel, you'll like this, Beautiful performances, Absorbing and interesting about the roots of r&b, pop gospel, Great voices and acting - nice two-hander

See it if You like music history/heritage, gospel. Semi-biopic, fine voices. Trad'l church music v sexier r&b, treatment of black artists pre-MoTown.

Don't see it if Not your kind of music, want action, plot, more production value. Don't know who Rosetta is/not interested in stories about Gospel culture.

Also Interesting experience at matinee today: Person next to me fidgeted an... Read more Read less

Preview small mouth sounds show score
Funny and touching., Mesmerizing and absorbing, Deft writing and direction, actors are skilled and compelling, Intelligent, Unexpected and fine

See it if You like innovative theater, moments of connection, can laugh and cry over human foibles, love observing people. Stays with you long after.

Don't see it if Don't want to sit on hard chairs for 100 mins/no break, can't appreciate the concept, need action/dialogue, want traditional theater/plot.

Preview rsz mushroom cure
During previews
Resonant, Wry and skillful storytelling, Intelligent and interesting, Thought-provoking, Absorbing

See it if You like solo memoirs, are interested in the psyche, want to go on a journey of the mind. Adam's smart and funny, show is touching and good

Don't see it if Uncomfortable with OCD, want intermission, don't like drug talk, need action or production value. He's a standup comic and that factors in.

Preview confusions white
Intelligent, Terrific direction and staging, Great acting, Funny, Clever

See it if You like Ackbourn, you love idea of 5-1 acts.Cast is brilliant, the combo of plays interesting & fun, director has just the right touch.

Don't see it if You have trouble understanding British accents, don't like farce, want very serious drama, don't appreciate small bits of staging/acting.

Preview 81716 1
During previews
Giddy, It's crazy and over-the-top, but entertaining, Technologically great, Mostly fun to watch spectacle, Great staging

See it if You've never seen the Rockettes, get a kick out of overdone but fun theatrics, you want to blow your kid's mind, you like big dance numbers.

Don't see it if You want good script, reasonable plot, dance numbers that don't veer goofy. It's overwhelming, loud, visually intense, silly. And yet...

Preview screenhunter 2587 jan. 09 20.02
During previews
Thoroughly entertaining., Funny. lots of funny., Creative, quirky, captivating., This show builds one surprise on top of another., Exciting and original.

See it if Love a theatrical ride. More heady than emotional—writing/direction take you to unexpected places. Go there. Cast is superb/ very talented.

Don't see it if Don't want a semi-immersive experience. It's experimental, a bit avant-garde, and about death, morality. But if you let it, it transports.

Also I saw this on 2/20/17 at Signature, tail end of previews. For me, this... Read more Read less

Preview if i forget key art   show score
During previews
Nicely directed and well-staged., Too long by about 20 mins., Good ensemble work, some actors great., Smart and relevant

See it if Dysfunctional family drama with exploration of Jewish thought and themes post WW2 interests you.

Don't see it if Don't like exploring family relationships/get uncomfortable having your own beliefs challenged. The cast good, the play needs a trim.

Also Saw this in EARLY previews on Feb. 4, 2017. and the version I saw ran ... Read more Read less

Preview georgie
During previews
Fine one-man show that's a touch memoir, theatrical showmanship, excellent storytelling., Ed dixon has the acting chops to pull this off and does, beautifully., Masterfully written and performed., Touching, funny, mesmerizing, dark all wrapped up together.

See it if You love theater & its stories. Dixon is a perfect voice for a fine memory play/character study; a tour de force performance. Transporting.

Don't see it if Don't like gossipy anecdotes, solo shows, have never heard of George Rose or don't know work from the 70's-80's. References abound.

Preview hiddentemple1
The play is not boring, but not altogether engaging either., Good lighting and set, Actors are stilted and the pacing is slow, Disappointing

See it if You're interested in a historical fiction and might find a political WW2 drama with murder and romance subplots intriguing.

Don't see it if Want something really well-acted, a plot that doesn't meander/have holes, aren't interested at all in Chinese culture or characterizations.

Preview in transit
Production design is clever and artful., Predictable in plot, novel in execution., Generally charming and enjoyable theater., Creatively staged and directed, as one might expect from kathleen marshall., Nice voices and personable cast.

See it if You like traditional musicals presented with a little twist, enjoy watching ensembles of talented performers, like Kathleen Marshall's work.

Don't see it if Don't like a cappella, have NO understanding of NY/subways, don't want religious beliefs challenged, even a little, want linear storyline.

Also Sure, I liked this show and was happy to see it. Yes, the cast was tal... Read more Read less

Preview master harold white 2
Good performances by two of the three actors., Parts are very moving and tender., Still relevant, but this play stunned when first produced., Absorbing and intelligent., Well-written and nicely directed.

See it if You've never seen an Athol Fugard play.-some very beautiful moments here. "Harold" lacked nuance, but the other actors were quite good.

Don't see it if Insensitive/uninterested re apartheid,aren't up for tough drama, don't like plays w 1 set, little action, no break. Need to lean in a bit.

Preview 00029 show portrait large
The 3-d videos, new sets and projections add a lot., The rockettes are better than ever, Entertaining and happy-making, Goofy and silly, but still lots of fun., Everyone should see this show at least once in their life!

See it if You've never seen the show, Radio City or the Rockettes live before, and just want to be thrilled by a talented cast and lots of spectacle.

Don't see it if Too cool for this type show, aren't impressed with precision dancing, want something serious. This is a VERY New York Xmas experience. Go 1X

Preview rsz the babylon line
Everyone gets little moment to shine ., Absorbing, for the most part., There are some funny acting bits, and good performances., Thoughtful, but too long and drags in places., A memory play with some solid writing, but it's indulgent.

See it if A cast of fine actors keep this afloat. It's helpful if you know Long Island and the late '60's, but it's solid, funny, some parts great.

Don't see it if Don't want to work a little hard to have it make sense. You have to be willing to listen and forgive some stereotypes. One false ending.

Preview final thewolves poster copy
One great night at the theater., Takes you to the edge of comfort, but it's worth it., Skillful ensemble work, cast is terrific., Grabs you from the first minute and doesn't let go., Excellent writing, deftly handled.

See it if You like sharp, funny, incisive dialogue that sounds effortless, a world created out of lights, sounds/ astroturf that's wholly real. GREAT.

Don't see it if Don't like overlapping dialogue (that's huge here,) stories about teen girls, anything to do with sports, or want a big production.

Also This is a knockout. Glad they brought it back. It's not to be missed.W... Read more Read less

Preview vietgone
Intelligent, Entertaining and worth-seeing, Funny, clever, absorbing., Thought-provoking and relevant., Nicely acted, inventively staged.

See it if You like to have your assumptions challenged, like plays w historical reference, appreciate clever staging/projections, like work by MTC.

Don't see it if You don't like rap, loud music/sounds, don't like work about different cultures or experiences, not interested in a new POV about Vietnam.

Also I really liked this, but didn't really see the point of the musical in... Read more Read less

Preview my name is gideon white
Gideon is insanely talented and creative., Quirky, zany, unexpected, charming..., Perfect balm for stressful times., This is one of the most original shows you will ever see., Go! go! go!

See it if You want an utterly escapist night out. Unique and delightful, Gideon is so engaging that you will be swept up by it. Resistance is futile!

Don't see it if Don't like non-trad theater, or are not able to go along for the ride. Gideon's a truly likable soul with a big talent, bigger heart. Loved.

Also I was very stressed and not feeling well when I arrived at the theater... Read more Read less

Preview desh
Enchanting and masterful., I was transported from beginning to end., Beautiful storytelling, imagery, performance., Magical and captivating.

See it if You want to experience a wonderful theatrical hour. You love exquisite dance, music, creativity, gorgeous animation, storytelling. Just go.

Don't see it if You want straightforward narrative, not willing to venture into fantasy, don't like solo pieces, aren't a fan of culturally-infused dance.

Also I found this weepingly beautiful. There are some mildly scary moments ... Read more Read less

Preview end of summer white
There is plenty of lovely grace here., The cast is good, some are excellent., This is an "old-fashioned" play with a production that supports the writing., Quiet, sometimes lyrical

See it if You like the work of Behrman and enjoy parlor plays depicting a different time. The depiction of class struggle still resonates today.

Don't see it if It's slow and lacking a lot of drama or action. However, its pace is part of charm and what you might expect from a period, parlor piece.

Preview bedlam
Jane austen like you've never imagined., Enchanting, entertaining, delightful., Sparkling and joyous., Tremendous theatricality-a unique experience., Delicious and creative.

See it if You want to be enthralled and mesmerized from first moment. Actors play multiple roles with skill and charm. This is very special theater.

Don't see it if You don't like Jane Austen, want traditional/linear, are not open to inventive staging. This is the type of production that changes you.

Preview kingdom
During previews
Catches you by surprise., Quirky and smart., Fine acting and compelling staging., Funny and unexpected., Absorbing and relevant.

See it if You like exploring the fragility of relationships, the masks that hide our insecurities, knowing we are more than what is seen. Worthy.

Don't see it if You don't like small, intimate theater, are uninterested in online dating stories, don't want your presumptions challenged.

Preview sellbuydate
During previews
Worth seeing., Nicely drawn characters all well-performed by one person., Interesting premise and pretty solid writing., Relevant, a little edgy, absorbing., Sarah jones is a very skilled and appealing actor.

See it if Interested in topical & thought-provoking issues, you like solo shows where actor plays many characters, you like Sarah Jones. Good show.

Don't see it if Can't sit for 90 mins, don't like 1-actor/many characters. It's about "sex workers",but it's not graphic, so don't be deterred by subject.

Also There are some previous member reviews here which reference Sarah Jone... Read more Read less

Preview 82854 2
At times slow, too-long by about 10 minutes, Relevant and pointed about human impact on the planet, Intense and intelligent, Edgy, experimental theater, but not inaccessible, Masterful and absorbing.

See it if You are open to a new theatrical experience, are intrigued by the art of storytelling, like to be challenged a bit. Performance mastery!

Don't see it if You cannot wear headphones, don't like solo shows, want big production, are not prepared for some visceral reactions, want linear story.

Also I thought this was a remarkable piece of theater, but it may not be fo... Read more Read less

Preview screenhunter 1794 aug. 05 20.08
During previews
Excellent performances from all three actors., Intelligent, Relevant, Thought-provoking, Absorbing and riveting

See it if You had strong opinions about the Bush presidency but are open to having your ideas challenged. It's a masterful drama that makes you think.

Don't see it if You would be bored watching a "mock" trial, don't want to consider another POV, can't face the horrors of the Iraq war, intense imagery.

Also This was a POWERFUL piece of theater. I was utterly surprised to find ... Read more Read less

Preview unnamed
During previews
Nice night at the theater., This is a period play depicting life in 1920's texas., Quiet, funny, resonant., Touching and poignant, Lyrical

See it if Slice of life play with several somewhat lengthy monologues from interesting characters. There's not much action, but it's a sweet dance.

Don't see it if You don't like Horton Foote plays. The actors spoke a little too quietly and all's not attention-grabbing, but it's funny, warm, and worthy.

Preview we live by the sea
Good cast with lead exquisite, Captivating., Lyrical and fine., Funny. touching. lovely., Resonant and insightful.

See it if You'll be transported for a quick 70 mins, you find joy in small things, want touching family/friend dynamics. This is something special.

Don't see it if You want easy solutions, don't want to see an unflinching portrayal of autism, can't give yourself over to the experience, small production.

Also Alex Brain playing 15 yo Katie, a loving, creative person with autism,... Read more Read less

Preview fdfd
During previews
Resonant and lyrical (in part), Mostly thoughtful, some of it fine, Needs editing, Slow, Absorbing

See it if You like plays about family, memory, the stuff of life that touches and haunts you. I wanted to love this, but it was a bit slow and long.

Don't see it if You don't want to see play about death, don't like staging that breaks 4th wall, can't hear quiet dialogue, want fluff, seated on side.

Preview paramour
Cast has talent but staging is unfocused, Indulgent, Cliche script, non-existent plot, Entertaining in part, Frenetic

See it if hmm.You like acrobatics and some big sets. You like "everything tossed in but the kitchen sink" with your musical numbers, some clever bits.

Don't see it if You're expecting usual Cirque du Soleil (it's not) or classic musical (it falls short). You don't fret someone will fall (they almost did.)

Preview golden bride white
Refreshing, Enchanting, Beautiful score, beautifully sung, Charming, Lovely

See it if You like operettas, large ensembles that are well-cast and directed, tuneful and exuberant theater, simple plot that's touching. I loved it.

Don't see it if You want serious drama, don't like supertitles, are looking for a big plot, don't like old-fashioned, Yiddish Theater, romance, some farce.

Preview shelovesme
Great singing, Beautiful score., Romantic and fine revival, Charming and old fashioned, Delightful

See it if You like tuneful, beautifully staged shows, w romance, wit, charm. Topnotch cast shines one by one. Memorable songs, gorgeous, artful, rich.

Don't see it if You want drama, heavy themes, topical issues. You want more contemporary music, razzle-dazzle.But if you love musicals, GO! It's lovely.

Preview thehealing
During previews
Occasional biting humor, Solid acting, Has thoughtful moments, Slow, Intelligent

See it if You like realism with flashbacks, a decent ensemble cast, are interested in exploring religious issues or the bonds of shared experience.

Don't see it if Devout Christian Scientist, uncomfortable w disabilities. Parts well-written, but direction is slow-going. I expected more. No intermission.