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During previews
Nuanced acting

See it if If you love nuanced acting

Don't see it if If you love special effects

Oslo (Broadway)
Upper W Side
Great first act

See it if Love historical dramas

Don't see it if Dislike lengthy reinactments of history

Disappointing, Overrated

See it if The acting is pretty good but there are tons of asides and at times it is a TV style comedy

Don't see it if You Hate Tv style comedy

Great acting in a good production

See it if You have strong opinions on marriage or love Ibsen's Doll's House

Don't see it if If you have equally strong but different opinions on marriage

She is phenomenal

See it if Bette Midler was truly wonderful and the audience embraces her in it"s arms. The musical has a genuine sweetness with wow dance numbers

Don't see it if If you don"t like classic musicals and seeing performers that give you goosebumps.

Midtown W
Ensemble show with superb acting and directing

See it if Love intimate ensemble work that finds wonder and stimulates the imagination without any techno wizardry.

Don't see it if You like big techno shows about larger than life subject matter

For a previous production
Hysterical, slapstick ala faulty towers

See it if Love slapstick

Don't see it if Hate Mr Bean, Monty Python, Faulty Towers

Wil touch your heart

See it if You love creative, ensemble style theater

Don't see it if If you want to see a stat turn musical or a musical with catchy songs

In & Of Itself
One person show meets magic show

See it if You love the idea of a one man autobiographical magic show

Don't see it if If you expect Cirque du Soleil

Superb stirring production that packs an emotional wallop, This review is for the nixon as regina

See it if This is one of those don"t miss productions for people who love great acting - but go see Cynthia Nixon as Regina and Linney as Birdie

Don't see it if If you only love musicals or prefer happy cheery plays