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"More than a recitation of Sassoon’s and Owen’s writing. It’s a moving metaphysical explosion, a modern danse macabre about the soul’s yearning for its true homeland...Pearce beautifully imagines the two men conversing through poems in the hospital, discovering a brotherhood running deeper than love of country...Through Pearce’s magnificent play, their words continue to bear much fruit." Full Review

Crime and Punishment
Upper W Side

"A retelling of a tortured young academic that is deeply inventive–sometimes to a fault–and that manages to hit all of the major notes of Dostoevsky’s work...In the first third of the play, Zhu and Burago do a fantastic job capturing the bawdy, rowdy characters and crackling dialogue of Dostoevsky’s writing...Zhu and Burago never lose sight of the animating force of Dostoevsky’s novel...Zhu and Burago’s adaptation ends with a major misfire–a rock song that feels needless and even tacky." Full Review