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Long Island City | 35-49 | Female
About:  I love being entertained- as a teen I spent most of my nights at various theaters where my bf worked and saw tons of shows. I went off to college and met someone who was the lead singer in a band and then he was my form of entertainment. Let’s hop 20 years and he no longer performs but I’m back at e... Read more Read less
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Great acting, Predictable, Insipid

See it if You like jimmy buffet and don’t like to think during a show

Don't see it if You hate Jimmy Buffet’s music and the all American way feeling this audience can evoke.

Also I had a bad Theater experience with a racist bartender. I had to sit t... Read more Read less

Exactly like the movie

See it if You want to entertain your kids or what to show them the “real” cast of characters.

Don't see it if You can deal with the songs your kid sings every day - lol!

Also I saw this twice. The first time there weren’t as many little kids in ... Read more Read less

Great singing, Entertaining, Delightful, Great acting

See it if You love American songwriting at it’s inception and enjoy a time hop into the past.

Don't see it if You expect Carol King there or you don’t like a musical about women earning their success.

Also I loved Melissa Benoit as King - she was AMAZING!

Clever, Riveting, Resonant, Hilarious, Entertaining

See it if You wonder the origin of your Latin culture, you like history or you like his comedic style.

Don't see it if You don’t like one man plays, have prejudices or you don’t like history lessons.

Funny, Hilarious, Great acting, Entertaining, Clever

See it if You’ve ever felt alone and want to experience humanity.

Don't see it if Hate musicals, don’t want to relive high school and can’t cope with depression or suicide.

Also It’s absolutely a wonderful story. I’ve seen it twice and would jump a... Read more Read less

Great acting, Thought-provoking, Profound, Entertaining

See it if You want to see amazing acting with a global cast

Don't see it if you can only see Danny Divitto as the main character.

Jersey Boys (NYC)
Midtown W
Great singing, Entertaining, Dated

See it if You liked Beautiful, love Frankie Vale, NJ or listening to american songwriting.

Don't see it if You don’t care for old school music or appreciate musicals or American songwriting classics.

Also I have it extra points because I saw it with Mark Ballis and he was re... Read more Read less

Quirky, Funny, Entertaining

See it if You like the movie and want to see it from 2018 perspective - social media wasn’t as relevant in the movie.

Don't see it if You hate pink and don’t want to relive high school.

Entertaining, Enchanting, Great acting, Masterful, Riveting

See it if You want to see first class acting at its best.

Don't see it if You have no class and can’t stand theater

Great staging, Entertaining, Dizzying, Great acting, Funny

See it if you ever were a fan of the cartoon. See it if you like a heartwarming tale and a colorful set. See it cause Ms. Bubbles rocks!

Don't see it if You expect to see animation, can’t tolerate excessive colors and don’t like to laugh

Epic, Masterful, Must see, Riveting, Entertaining

See it if You ever want to feel connected to others, if you ever lost faith in the human race or if you want to have a feeling of unity amongst people

Don't see it if You're crazy, hate the human race and can't handle or relive 9/11 - but you'll be missing out on seeing a different side of people.

Chicago (NYC)
Midtown W
Entertaining, Epic, Funny, Great singing

See it if you love great acting and drama

Don't see it if you don't like musicals, if your underage