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See Reverse
Midtown W

"'See Reverse' is theater at its finest...The pieces performed truly embody the full range of what the art of mime is capable of. With only gestures, music, lights and well-applied facial makeup, they took the audience on an emotional journey covering several profound themes...'See Reverse' was truly an artistic, thought-provoking delight and I highly anticipate seeing how this fine company, and its extremely talented cast, evolve in the near future." Full Review

Simon Says
East Village

“Brian Murray is excellent in the role as are Anthony J. Goes as James and Vanessa Britting as Annie...This play is mostly engaging although very dialogue-heavy. The plot is slow in certain sections and some of the speech, although beautifully written, is more poetic and lyrical than the sentences that are spoken by the average person. That said, the excellence of the cast masks these minor issues...It is entirely understandable and watchable to mostly anyone.” Full Review

Thao's Library
Midtown W

"Heartfelt, moving, tragic and uplifting all at once. One of the best plays of the season, Elizabeth Van Meter’s brilliant multimedia performance titled 'Thao's Library' is all of that and more...Nothing can truly prepare you for the emotionally charged—and often humorously told—story that unfolds in the play. Elizabeth Van Meter is incredibly personable and likable on stage...Overall, this is an incredibly moving and powerful piece of live theater." Full Review

The Flatiron Hex

for a previous production “A truly odd marvel…It takes about ten minutes to ‘get into it’ but once your mind adjusts to its quirky nature you will find yourself enjoying it immensely…The sound, video, and lighting were truly remarkable…Yet the true genius of the show was its creator, James Godwin, who managed all the physical and shadow puppets…A hilarious, successful, and bizarrely-feel good live performance…For fans of the experimental and avant-garde this show is an absolute gem.” Full Review

"The play is avant-garde and strange; disjointed but oddly coherent...While the plot of the show and the meaning behind the dialogue is vague, the setting and the tone are irrefutable...The play is an immensely watchable performance mostly due to the infallible Tracy Weller whose mastering of the numerous characters is nothing short of absolutely astounding...Anyone who adores experimental, imaginative, and deeply thought-provoking theater should absolutely experience it." Full Review

for a previous production "Every one of the actors is excellent in their parts--warm and affable and immediately endearing to the audience...'Gorey' is a play that anyone who is a fan of the artist will likely enjoy. Whilst there is more emphasis on Gorey's possible homosexuality than is strictly documented, the play is well done and incorporates enough facts to make one feel as if they are spending 65 minutes with Gorey himself." Full Review


"A heartfelt play with strong avant-garde elements...At its core, this is a character-driven play that demands much from its actors. Costumes, puppets, and props do a lot to enhance the atmosphere and make the audience feel closer to both the living Ada and the departed Ava. Although sans words, the play employs a team of musicians to help set the emotional tone of each scene." Full Review