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During previews
Interesting and odd, with deft staging and performances

See it if You like Will Eno's work and you have a high tolerance for fractured avant garde narrative

Don't see it if You like your characters and storylines presented directly

During previews
Charming and polished production

See it if You like well-staged musicals with vivacious talented performers

Don't see it if You don't like musicals or you want something more meaty and thought-provoking

Almost tennessee williams'-like exploration of family--here, 3 generations of black women. inventive, wrenching, superbly-acted--with very effective contemporary twisty framing by playwright

See it if You love great acting, intimate theater, thoughtful and provocative look at black family

Don't see it if You want something big and musical or you don't think black women characters in a kitchen are important enough to rate a play

Amusing bonbon of a distraction with some wit and style (though more wit and style would have been much better)

See it if You want light amusement, not camp perfection

Don't see it if Your ticket represents a major investment of time and money to you--this play is a throw-away pleasure

During previews
West Side Story
Midtown W
Mess of a show with incoherent staging and dance

See it if You want to see something new, geared to folks who like video and switching among platforms and eras

Don't see it if You love the movie, Jerome Robbins, and theater that offers something beautiful and whole, even when disturbing

Also Maria and Anita have beautiful voices--but I could only enjoy their nu... Read more Read less

During previews
Beautifully performed and staged historical relic with charm but no depth

See it if You like fairytales, great performers, and great staging

Don't see it if You want layers of meaning

Mayakovsky and Stalin
West Village
Great acting, narrative, and nuance

See it if You are interested in the period and enjoy extensive exposition and a finely-tuned production with great performances

Don't see it if You want quick pacing, plot, and drama

Also More:... Read more Read less

West Village
Earnest, well-acted, somewhat predictable two-hander

See it if You haven't thought through what war is like and you look up to those who fight them/you like good acting and great intentions.

Don't see it if You already see soldiers as pawns/you hate predictable plots.

During previews
Well-acted, well-staged, intriguing irish play

See it if You like Irish family dramas. You're intrigued by questions of morality.

Don't see it if Brogue and slow action get on your nerves.

For a previous production
Mac Beth
Upper E Side
Well-performed, shrill, ugly, trivializing production

See it if You love new takes on Shakespeare, relish "mean girl" plays, or want to see MacBeth treated as a comedy

Don't see it if You like your tragedies tragic, don't like shrieking, and do like visually arresting staging

During previews
The White Devil
West Village
Confusing, peculiar, dated, with moments of spark

See it if You love Jacobean drama and have a high tolerance for elaborate bloody plot with inventive touches.

Don't see it if You don't love Jacobean drama. You expect eloquence.

Painfully misconceived and slow production with uneven cast

See it if You cherish Into the Woods and don't care about production values. You love to discover talented performers no matter the setting.

Don't see it if You are not a highly-tolerant Sondheim fanatic.

Also As others have noted, there's no explanation of or reason for the immi... Read more Read less

During previews
Great play with great actors undercut by bizarro director choices

See it if You like intimate productions, Antigone-style people against state themes, and thoughtful text.

Don't see it if You love the play as Berrigan wrote it and hate seeing it crapped up by arty and incomprehensible direction.

Also I would have given a lower score but enough of the original play survi... Read more Read less

During previews
Behind the Sheet
Midtown W
Slow, anachronistic, inventive, weirdly contemporary

See it if You like contemporary takes on historical horrors, with strong black female cast

Don't see it if You like character development, plot and fidelity to historical fact

Also I found this play painfully interminable but my friend and seemingly t... Read more Read less

During previews
Gussied up monologue with muddy thinking--for me, not intellectually or emotionally engaging

See it if You like monologues, savor personal stories with a political gloss and are charmed by young women debaters and tales of women's empowerment

Don't see it if it makes you crazy to listen to superficial and sloppy analysis of whether the law and the constitution help or hurt have-nots

During previews
Visually elegant, ambitious, uneven, sometimes confusing

See it if You love Shakespeare and/or beautifully choreographed fight scenes reminiscent of martial arts movie

Don't see it if You're frustrated by actors who swallow lines and hard to follow plot. Some actors great, others less so.

Symphonie Fantastique
Gimmicky, visually and theatrically disappointing and dull

See it if You love Symphonie Fantastique and appreciate unusual abstract puppetry

Don't see it if You want subtlety, or drama, or great use of color and light and shape

Also I was really disappointed by the aesthetics of this production. The li... Read more Read less

During previews
Fabulous performers but something is off

See it if You love jukebox musicals and opportunities for talented cast to shine.

Don't see it if You're picky about live music.

Also I don't have the expertise to figure out what's wrong--maybe the sound... Read more Read less

For a previous production
Intelligent, moving, beautifully-performed collage of voices without a storyline

See it if Women's stories and great performances move you. You experience accounts of the present political moment as cathartic collective experience

Don't see it if You need a plot. You don't like women's stories. Or stories that show how screwed and polarized we are just frustrate you.

During previews
Paradise Blue
Midtown W
Passionately performed sketch of a play with cliched characters and ambiance

See it if You like melodrama or jazz or period pieces--or good acting regardless of the play

Don't see it if You want characters who are individuals, not stereotypes--and endings that flow from characters and don't feel contrived.

Also Nothing in this play felt true to me--the plot, the characters and the... Read more Read less

Upper W Side
Ambitious, heart-felt, flawed, thoughtful and unfocused production

See it if Great performances and a sophisticated take on the immigrant experience allow you to appreciate a production that just doesn't cohere.

Don't see it if You need fully realized characters and plot lines. You loved Cost of Living (as I did) and crave something equally good.

During previews
An Ordinary Muslim
East Village
Nuanced, meaty, superb treatment of how one negotiates life in face of intolerant family, workplace, world

See it if You love plays with no heroes or villains--everyone has a distinctive mix of motivations and virtues

Don't see it if You want action and have no patience for something subtle and lengthy

During previews
Party Face
Midtown W
Aspires and fails to cross married with children with tennessee williams, witless script, game cast

See it if Your affection for Hayley Mills knows no bounds. You love jokes about mental illness and gimmicks like penis topiary.

Don't see it if You seek wit or depth or coherence.

Also This play tries to be a fast paced comedy. Then it tries to be insight... Read more Read less

During previews
Midtown W
Flawed but extraordinarily inventive serious lark

See it if You're open to something experimental and visually arresting, with gem-like moments of satire

Don't see it if You need developed characters or a storyline. You're anti-choice. Or organized religion means a lot to you and you hate to see it mocked.

During previews
Counting Sheep
A potentially engaging and emotional expenence encouraging dancing, singing, and revolutionary fervor

See it if You like immersive theater and are fine with high-powered musical experiences that don't ask you to think

Don't see it if You hate immersive theater, nationalist propaganda, people shouting at you in an untranslated foreign language

Also I hated this show but my friend--who is computer illiterate and won't ... Read more Read less

Idiosyncratic and hard to follow performance of highly referential poem

See it if You know you love Paul Muldoon's poetry and are unfazed by heavy Irish accents and a multitude of obscure references

Don't see it if You don't already know the poem or you care about understanding what you're hearing

Also I like poetry, Irish drama, Beckett...but I HATED this. So check out t... Read more Read less

Well-acted, peculiar, intriguing production that takes a while to cohere

See it if You like Durang, theater references, and the absurd, and you have patience

Don't see it if You want a play that gets to its point promptly

Moving, beautiful,eerie and artful exploration of benjamin banneker's life and blacks in science

See it if You appreciate history, inventive theater, stunning visuals, amazing puppets, fab marching band, great collaborative and thoughtful tapestry

Don't see it if You want linear storytelling, high polish.

Also Ideal La MaMa production--combines theater with community.

During previews
17 Minutes
Midtown W
Thoughtful, moving, well-acted solid little drama with no false moves and no surprises

See it if You appreciate great acting and earnest, intelligent theater on social issues

Don't see it if You want flash and excitement, musical numbers, or revelatory insight.

Also This strong character study, extremely well-done, kept me engaged thro... Read more Read less

Thoughtful comedy show full of pop culture references

See it if You like Desiree Burch and/or comedy shows and/or updated Jean Shepherd storytelling with raunch and gen-x relevance

Don't see it if You're expecting something more of a theater performance and less of a raucous bar experience

Also Burch has a way with words and is grappling intelligently with importa... Read more Read less

During previews
Moving, intimate, nuanced portrait of lives confined by, yet transcending, racism

See it if You are moved by great storytelling, acting and singing--and don't mind that there's just one person on stage

Don't see it if You want something big and sweeping with dialogue and action among multiple actors

During previews
Monsoon Season
West Village
Small gem with superb writing, acting, sets

See it if You like dark, witty character and relationship studies

Don't see it if You want heartwarming or a big production

Little Gem
Thoughtful, well-performed, heart-warming, slightly dull family story not well staged

See it if You like Irish family dramas and monologues

Don't see it if You're looking for excitement or clever staging.

During previews
Magical, illuminating, fabulously acted and enunciated production

See it if You want to see a great production of Much Ado, with actors who speak Shakespearean dialogue with ease and a streetwise edge

Don't see it if You can't deal with uncomfortable Delacorte seats or non traditional casting

Also LOVED THIS. The casting took nothing away from Shakespeare and added n... Read more Read less

East Village
Smart but flat and confusing romp

See it if You like avant-garde edgy theater and don't care about coherence, storyline, or character development

Don't see it if You care about coherence, storyline, and character development.

Also I loved Plano for the first half hour, then I started to find it weari... Read more Read less

Midtown E
Wrenching, nuanced, insightful and beautifully done exploration of bullying, macho, and parenting

See it if You like deeply thoughtful theater on tough contemporary issues

Don't see it if You want a light and fluffy fun time out

During previews
The Dance of Death
East Village
Hilarious, witty, beautifully-acted portrait of vicious and deluded married couple

See it if You like smart vicious dialogue, great acting, and a knife-edge sharp portrait of a nasty co-dependent couple

Don't see it if You like your plays heart-warming, with elaborate staging and plot

Hostile, self-indulgent, shallow, lacking character development or plot

See it if You have a love for theater seemingly intended to generate discomfort and anger.

Don't see it if You like nuance and subtlety. Your idea of theater doesn't include a monologue of neo-Nazi ranting.

East Village
Fully engaging, powerful solo show thanks to charismatic, smart, funny, brutally honest writer/actor

See it if You appreciate a wrenching family story told with the drama and inventive staging of a play; though a solo show, it felt richly realized.

Don't see it if You need a linear story and a happy ending; you disbelieve accounts of abuse and its impact.

During previews
The Conduct of Life
East Village
Wrenching, provocative, disturbing, well-acted production

See it if You appreciate avant-garde political theater performed in intimate space

Don't see it if You can't tolerate emotional and physical violence; you want a traditional plotline

The Chechens
Intense slice of life, well-acted, wrenching, thought-provoking

See it if You want a glimpse of what folks face elsewhere and appreciate thoughtful, immersive theater

Don't see it if You can't deal with horrible sight-lines and a hot, airless theater

During previews
Modest but charming and thoughtful slice of cultural history

See it if You're interested in Americana, preservation, gay history, small but well-done plays

Don't see it if You want big showy theatrical productions. Gay themes annoy you.

During previews
Fire in Dreamland
East Village
Incoherent mess with characters and story that don't align

See it if You are a passionate fan of Rebecca Naomi Jones and can't bear to miss her.

Don't see it if Character development, plot, coherence matter to you

Also This play was painful to watch. If there had been an intermission, I w... Read more Read less

Well-intentioned, energetic, painfully thin excuse for a play wrapped around a tidbit of history

See it if you really enjoy youthful "let's put on a show" exuberance from a talented cast

Don't see it if You expect something thoughtful with regard to history or character development. The stories had no clear connection to the history.

Also But for the screaming and cursing, this felt like a bad play for eleme... Read more Read less

During previews
Midtown E
Flat confusing characters, muddy script, righteous mess that's a solo show, trying to be a play

See it if You like solo shows and poetry slams. The raps/rants by the two young leads are the strongest part of the show.

Don't see it if You care about coherence, character development, or clarity of thought.

Also This play is a mess in multiple ways, from its muddy take on student f... Read more Read less

Draw the Circle
West Village
Radically empathetic, wrenching, beautifully conceived and performed

See it if Great acting and richly-populated narratives float your boat. Because this one-person show is so well done, it feels like a play.

Don't see it if You're not interested in someone's story, no matter how unusual and affecting.

During previews
Thoughtful, well-acted historical drama that drags a bit

See it if You like history and a cast that gives its all.

Don't see it if Awkward staging and lack of action or surprise keep you from being engaged (my problem)

During previews
Hindle Wakes
Midtown W
Startlingly relevant, well-performed and well-staged dust-off of 1910 play on gender and class

See it if You like period pieces, good story-telling, charming sets and a plot line that's a weird echo of today's headlines

Don't see it if You crave cutting-edge modern productions or meaty dramas with deep character development and multiple themes

The Children
Midtown W
Deeply thoughtful, well-acted, rare examination of moral obligation to make hard choices

See it if You like thoughtful theater and welcome the opportunity to think about mortality and hard, scary social issues

Don't see it if You want only to be amused and undisturbed

During previews
Poetically evocative, superbly acted, nuanced, truthful

See it if You like ambitious and humane efforts to tackle big questions of art and truth

Don't see it if You want something traditional with a chronological narrative