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Heavy, Thought-provoking, Intelligent, Well-staged, Well-acted

See it if you want to see good acting chops; a two-hander; a treatise on aging/failure/dying (however well-handled); father-son dynamics; a solid show

Don't see it if you seek B'way type entertainment; the subject matter would upset or depress you; theater must be profoundly revealing to be worthy to you.

Also Cariou masterfully inhabits his role as an aging and now-failing would... Read more Read less

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Clever, Great writing, Great staging, Edgy, Great acting

See it if you dig great acting, clever storytelling, arch/black/gallows humor, great use of minimal sets/props, lots of theatrical energy, intimacy.

Don't see it if you don't like re-makes, even if fresh, original, edgy; small productions (cast of two) leave you cold; you need glitz and tech wizardry.

Also This was a great re-telling of the classic good/evil parable. Its stre... Read more Read less

Formulaic, Well-choreographed, Insubstantial, Derivative, Well-performed

See it if you want standard B'way musical fare, enjoy "slice of life" storytelling, are a "people person," and appreciate close-knit ensemble work.

Don't see it if you would be put off by a substantively superficial story or theater whose only major strong point is ensemble work, not lyrics/music/book.

Also I scored this well below the average, because of what I thought were p... Read more Read less

The Tricky Part
Midtown W
Deft, Absorbing, Upsetting, Humanizing, Masterful

See it if you seek a moving, superbly-executed *solo* perf., melding monologue with dramaturgy, on one's being sexually exploited as a young t(w)een.

Don't see it if you are unwilling to "do" solo theater; gay-themed material; or a frank recounting of pedophilia - the act itself and its lasting effects.

Also Moran is masterful monologist and storyteller. He has woven his Cathol... Read more Read less

During previews
Paradise Blue
Midtown W
Cliched, Absorbing, Great acting, Great music, Riveting

See it if you value quality ensemble acting, dig jazz, would find a treatment of urban African-American life circa 1940s-50s worthwhile.

Don't see it if you don't want to see frank portrayal of mental illness, psychic & physical violence in family and relationships, racial/class exploitation.

Also The lead and ensemble acting are superb. The plot and characters are a... Read more Read less

Riveting, Great acting, Great writing, Intelligent, Intense

See it if you seek terrific writing and acting in service of exploration of religion, political power & militarism, with insight into sexual politics

Don't see it if you seek pizzazz, glamor, and trendy treatments or subjects; or if even a light treatment of Catholicism's 15th C. horrors would upset you.

Also This play is the real deal -- a very solid rendition of a classic play... Read more Read less

Party Face
Midtown W
Entertaining, Dated, Intelligent, Good acting, Predictable

See it if you are OK with the stage equivalent of a "chick flick," and with the Irish setting and (incompletely realized) brogues and idioms.

Don't see it if you want serious theater or cutting-edge theater or high comedy (as opposed to "dramedy") or Broadway production values and sensibilities,

Also We arrived not expecting much, and were pleasantly surprised. The revi... Read more Read less

Midtown W
Clever, Great acting, Edgy, Resonant, Off the wall

See it if you dig original playwriting, biting satire, fresh insight, great acting and staging, social critique, provocative storylines, mind bending.

Don't see it if profane language or political incorrectness or sexual frankness or exploration offends you, or doctrinaire feminist politics appeal to you.

Also This playwright has potential for greatness or near-greatness at any r... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Funny, Cliched, Spectacle-ish, Heroine-worshipful

See it if you like period-musicals, traditional musical theatre sensibilities, tableaux- and set-piece-styled productions.

Don't see it if you seek serious theater, are not into old-fashioned musicals, are not enthralled with the casting of major roles at the time you go.

Also We splurged to see Midler in one of her last perf.s. She was spectacul... Read more Read less

The Children
Midtown W
Intelligent, Great acting, Slow, Relevant, Resonant

See it if you enjoy solid acting, British acting, solid writing, British writing, meditations on the most crucial issues of our time, serious theater.

Don't see it if you seek escapist theater, British acting and idioms repel you, or good political theater -- which this is -- is beyond your ken.

Also The acting, particularly that of "Hazel" (Deborah Findlay) but of all ... Read more Read less

Perfect Crime
Midtown W
Clever, Entertaining, Original

See it if you can tolerate an evening of O.K. theater, and "camp" theater.

Don't see it if you are looking for serious theater.

Intelligent, Thought-provoking, Great staging, Clever, Solid

See it if you enjoy expository (story-telling) theater, competently executed, you appreciate clever staging approaches to drama.

Don't see it if you must have B'way type production values, performances, etc.

Resonant, Great writing, Intelligent, Great acting, Great singing

See it if this new take, a splendid revival of the classic, would interest you, or you have any interest in Yiddishkeit (in either sense of the word.)

Don't see it if you aren't familiar with the original, fluent in Yiddish, or very intrepid re: theater; or can't distinguish glitz from great acting herein.

Also This is a very worthy production. (And I've seen the original circa 19... Read more Read less

Benny & Joon
Standout star turn, Clever, Well-sung, Quirky, Great acting

See it if you like "new-styled" and/or "derivative" American musical theater (the likes of Fun Home, Curious Incident..., Full Monty, Groundhog Day).

Don't see it if you seek traditional musical theater mores, must have B'way "pzzzazzz," need theatre to be transcendent and not just a night out, need more.

Also The one substantive reason to see B & J -- and it is more than enough ... Read more Read less

Intelligent, Quirky, Cliched, Funny, Shticky

See it if you dig stand-up/solo perf./monologue/storytelling/confessionals; you seek exploration of young family "gestalt." Birbiglia does it well.

Don't see it if you don't dig solo perf., especially comedic; dislike modern, somewhat graphic, storytelling re: sex, medical stuff, family life, the like.

Also Birbiglia is a professional comedian, performer/writer/actor. He perfo... Read more Read less

Inner Voices 2018
Midtown W
Original, Great singing, Great writing, Masterful, High-quality

See it if you enjoy "depth" musical theater, are keen on the future of American musicals, appreciate good writing & stellar performance, seek quality.

Don't see it if you dislike solo performances, need glitz, eschew modernism, can't listen to musical form more complex than big hits, must be entertained.

Also This was thrilling musical theater that bodes the future of the form. ... Read more Read less

Thought-provoking, Intelligent, Great acting, Honest, Unsparing

See it if you care at all about disability, good theatre, good acting, good play writing, good directing, the human condition, the nature of love.

Don't see it if you would be put off by sign language, subtitles, the different speech of deaf and hearing-impaired people, frank depiction of psychic pain.

Also It's said that this production doesn't live up to the original (which ... Read more Read less

A Brooklyn Boy
East Village
Riveting, Great acting, Intimate, Sincere, Taut

See it if you'd enjoy a multi-talented performer on the rise; plight of urban youth of color matters to you; intimate, honest acting is O.K. by you.

Don't see it if you' d be thrown by a solo perf.; urban B'lyn x W. Indian culture & idioms; or honest depiction of urban male street life, violence & all.

Also Solo actor Steven Prescod, now about 25, acts out an incomplete but ri... Read more Read less

Great acting, Clever, Profound, Resonant, Masterful

See it if you dig superb acting (primarily Mark Rylance's) or drama re: mental health, opera, castrati/musici, music therapy, and their intersections.

Don't see it if you shy from serious or imperfectly-realized serious theater; Handel's arias and baroque musical instruments.

Also Mark Rylance is an incredible stage actor, and worth the admission pri... Read more Read less

During previews
Intense, Great writing, Clever, Blunt, Disturbing

See it if you seek a disturbing, depth performance by a "different other," monologist, eccentric, non-doctrinaire feminist, political, strong woman.

Don't see it if frank first-hand discussion of child sexual/emotional abuse, rape, torture, war, cancer treatment, and coping with same would freak you out.

Also Ensler, whom I've not seen before -- I had to tell friends I've not on... Read more Read less

Upper W Side
Great acting, Great staging, Entertaining, Relevant, Resonant

See it if you enjoy well-written, serious theater about serious topics (in this case, Wall Street and what it engenders for the rest of us).

Don't see it if you want escapism and don't like being stretched a bit (assuming you're not a trader or economist) by narrative of an unfamiliar nature.

Also Several actors besides the lead shone in bringing their roles to life,... Read more Read less

Ambitious, Quirky, Clever, Fanciful, Hi-tech

See it if you like musicals, non-traditional presentation, tech prowess, fiddle/banjo, exploration, particularly Antarctic.

Don't see it if you are looking for theater grounded in the mores of standard American playwriting or the traditional form of the musical; subtlety; nuance.

If I Forget
Midtown W
Clever, Great acting, Ambitious, Quirky, Thought-provoking

See it if you are interested in or open to Jewish-themed drama, solid play-writing, quality acting

Don't see it if you are turned off by Jewish-themed drama or serious, thoughtful theater.

Wicked (NYC)
Midtown W
Entertaining, Cliched, Indulgent, Glitzy

See it if you like standard B'way fare, you're a teen or tween.

Don't see it if you expect serious musical theater.