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The slotted spoon can catch a potato.
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I love going to theater, film, and art around our fair city.
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Waiting patiently for the revival of Moose Murders.
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I lead a charmed life!
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AEA Actor and mom. I go to the theatre once or twice a week. I have no patience for bad theate... Read more
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Theater major with an MFA in arts management, which has been my career for 25 years. Addicted to... Read more
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Naturalized New Yorker! Writer/director and member of the Actors' Fund of America and the Dram... Read more
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Theatre has become a true passion of mine. Curtails up please!
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I love theatre, with a warm spot for Musicals of all sort! I'm blessed to have seen almost ever... Read more
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cannot dance, cannot sing, cannot act....... but love theater location should read Brighton Be... Read more
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