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About:  Longtime theatre fan, new NYC resident. While I am especially drawn to musicals, I do love plays. In either type of performance, I especially appreciate thoughtful, well-executed stagecraft.
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Talented children, High energy, Loud, Like the movie, Fun

See it if you like the movie (especially Jack Black's performance); you want to rock out with talented children

Don't see it if loud rock music is not your thing; you want something original from the lead (Jack Black) character [Note: I saw an understudy performance]

Also The overall show is a lot of fun. It's not for 'every family' as some ... Read more Read less

Twisty, Great acting, Relevant, Thought-provoking, Touching

See it if a show completely structured around the issue of gay marriage is of interest; an emotionally connected cast is important to your viewing

Don't see it if you’re looking for the grey areas of the gay marriage debate; you don’t want to become emotionally invested in these characters’ lives.

Also The performance was followed by a Talk Back with the playwright and di... Read more Read less

Moving, Pansexual, Erotic, Intimate, Creative choreography

See it if you appreciate the amazing abilities of the human body and how it can express emotions through dance, drag, acting, and movement.

Don't see it if nakedness and intimacy, both emotional and physical, is not something you want to see up close; you hold narrow views of beauty and strength

During previews
Timely, Humorous, Thoughtful, Wordy, Relevant

See it if you like grappling with who and what defines and decides truth, humor in your drama is fine, you want to see that DR is a great stage actor

Don't see it if pointless screen projection as a backdrop bothers you, you’re only going because you like HP films, you want resolution and answers

During previews
Relevant, Thought-provoking, Discomforting, Insightful, Creative staging

See it if you want to be left with more questions than answers about the characters and about the systems of racial power and privilege in our society

Don't see it if you aren't interested in the nuances of the power dynamics between and within racial identities; realistic portrayals of violence bother you

Scrappy, Farcical, High energy acting, Slow transitions, Long winded

See it if you appreciate drawn out British farces with big, enthusiastic acting and dancing; you’re looking for something light and fluffy

Don't see it if you have a hard time hearing vocals over music (the musicians are on the stage); shaky sets make you nervous (lots of unbalanced set pieces)

Traditional, Classical, Beautifully choreographed, Powerfully sung

See it if traditionally staged, choreographed and performed classical musical theater is your thing; you want to witness Joshua Henry belt

Don't see it if stories about domestic violence are difficult for you; you don’t enjoy extended dance scenes; you’re looking for a flashy show

Also I went into this production knowing nothing about the book or lyrics. ... Read more Read less

Loudx2 (music and audience), Great acting, Entertaining, High energy, Crowd pleasing

See it if you want to experience youthful exuberance, you want to hear some heartfelt teenage angst through quirky and well embodied songs.

Don't see it if you’re not interested in what a mash-up of Mean Girls, Little Shop, and Damn Yankees set in modern times high school might be like.

Also There is one scene that I had very mixed emotions about: in act two du... Read more Read less

Frenetic, Great singing, Extravagant, Dizzying, Ambitious

See it if You are interested to hear the million new songs which have been added, you appreciate extravagant set and costume design, you can can can.

Don't see it if You love the movie so much, you’ll be upset by changes in music compositions and you’ll miss leads that actually have chemistry

During previews
Intimate, Introspective, Slow, Reflective, Awkward

See it if you want to delve back into the 80s through the life of a reflective teenage character; you enjoy one-actor, memoir-ish plays

Don't see it if you are triggered by emotional and sexual abuses; you are off-put by actors who are clearly not teenagers playing teenagers

Great acting, Great staging, Surprising, Engaging, Realistic

See it if you want to be slowly ensnared through exposition and layered plot development into a family drama set against Irish/English history

Don't see it if you seek high intensity from the start; following Irish accents proves difficult when there are a lot of actors and realistic dialouge

During previews
Timely, Engaging, Imaginative, Full of heart, Stunningly constructed

See it if you seek motivation for keeping up the fight; you want to be invited into an emotional journey and provoking world

Don't see it if you don't mix activism and art; the history of folk music and spirituals is lost on you

During previews
Heartbreaking, Masterful acting from most, Realistic, Resonant, Awkward transitions

See it if you want to see masterful performances by Elaine May and Joan Allen; you can handle witnessing the struggles of a declining mind

Don't see it if slow and awkward scene transitions bother you; you’re going just for Michael Cera or Lucas Hedges - they aren’t the highlights

Also Perhaps over Previews runs they will tighten up the scene changes and ... Read more Read less

Convoluted, Imaginative, Creative, Great acting, Minimal

See it if Witnessing strong and complex female characters expressing a range of emotions is something you’d appreciate; friendships intrigue you

Don't see it if you don’t want to work to follow a non-linear storyline and actors portraying multiple characters; good acting isn’t enough to sustain you

Repetitive, Upsetting, Well acted, Ambitious, Cliched

See it if you’re wondering how power and abuse get interconnected; you want to see what kinds of clues to look for when someone is being abused

Don't see it if heavy-handed, repetitive scripting irks you; loud sounds and long pauses bother you; odd sound and light design takes you out of the story

Also It’s unfortunate that the script is too long and too on the nose since... Read more Read less

Imaginative, Frenetic, Clever, Insider, Surprisingly touching

See it if you love the Potter-verse and want more Cedric in your HP storytelling; you appreciate minimal staging and actors playing many roles

Don't see it if you don’t know the Harry Potter storylines both through books and movies because you’ll miss a lot of insider jokes; you’re a Slytherin

Ambitious, Magical, Immersive, Fun, Great staging

See it if you appreciate creative, literally magical stagecraft; you want reimagined articulations of the books different from the movies

Don't see it if you are not yet familiar with the HP books or movies if you want to care deeply for the characters, as their back histories play a big role

Also Keep in mind that it really is two stories and that’s why it’s two pla... Read more Read less

Surprising, Great staging, Witty, Great writing, Imaginative choreography

See it if you enjoy smart writing and creative choreography that is clearly set in world of high school, you know the Chicago North Shore community

Don't see it if you don’t care for timely jokes and references written into the book and lyrics, you don’t like tap dance breaks in the middle of a show

Also I have never seen the movie Mean Girls nor have I read Queen Bees and ... Read more Read less

Magical, Entertaining, Family oriented, Like the movie, Enchanting

See it if you wished the movie had more songs, you enjoy Disney theatrics and stagings, you’re looking for a show suitable for a wide range of ages,

Don't see it if you don’t like lighting tricks for creating effects, you don’t want to have Let It Go stuck in your head for days