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Midtown W
Great writing, Great acting, Must see, Profound, Relevant

See it if you are interested in meta theater, history, intersectionality, creativity, censorship, art as a vehicle of hope and empathy

Don't see it if you are homophobic, xenophobic, antisemitic; if you can't follow plot across generations and actors playing different characters

Also this is a gorgeous, poignant, astonishing production which carefully l... Read more Read less

¡Figaro! (90210)
Midtown W
Delightful, Great singing, Hilarious, Great writing, Must see

See it if you like a fast-paced, modern adaptations of classics; beautifully performed opera and farce; great live music by the orchestra on stage

Don't see it if you don't care for current issues no matter how delightfully presented; you don't like opera sung in (mostly) english, with titles on screen

Also oh, what a brilliant, contemporary adaptation of the libretto (which, ... Read more Read less

Bull in a China Shop
Upper W Side
Entertaining, Funny, Relevant, Anachronistic, Ambitious

See it if you like historical drama w/ contemporary language & diverse casting; biographical stories about women's rights; lesbian romance in academia

Don't see it if you are looking for fully developed plays (the scope is ambitious but at times confusing & lacking nuance); you don't mind spare set design

Diva: Live from Hell
East Village
Great staging, Great singing, Funny, Clever, Must see

See it if you like charles busch-esque dark comedies, excellent live music, a bit of meta in your musical theater, & BRILLIANT cabaret performance

Don't see it if you're triggered by even the campiest rehash of high school bullying; you don't like one-man shows (but oh, make an exception for this one!)

Also in a word: ENCHANTING. i haven't enjoyed an up-close-and-personal solo... Read more Read less

Ambitious, Refreshing, Thought-provoking, Dynamic, Uneven

See it if you like physical, intimate productions (tiny black box, near-interactive action), modern takes on classical forms, young theater companies

Don't see it if you don't like small budget shows, tragedies with some comic highlights, somewhat contemporary topics (though underdeveloped)

Also for a show presumably focusing on the messengers, there is far too muc... Read more Read less

The Liar
East Village
Great acting, Great writing, Hilarious, Entertaining, Clever

See it if you like 17th c fluffy rom-coms, brilliantly adapted to contemporary language, directed and performed beautifully in an intimate space

Don't see it if you don't like stories of confused identities, told in pentameter; due to 3-sided seating view may be obstructed from some seats.

Also the "fantastic" sword fight with running commentary was incredible; i ... Read more Read less

Great acting, Great writing, Profound, Entertaining, Relevant

See it if you're interested in great american drama; extraordinary performances from everyone in ensemble cast; gorgeous set; vivid, powerful writing.

Don't see it if you're looking for entertainment that won't stay with you after you leave the venue.

Also wilson's work is unparalleled when it comes to depicting the humor, th... Read more Read less

During previews
Wakey, Wakey
Midtown W
Exquisite, Great acting, Slow, Thought-provoking, Indulgent

See it if you like meditative, abstract plays; stream-of-consciousness monologues; focus on the intangible; little to no action.

Don't see it if you don't like thinking about death (even if done by mostly celebrating life); if you're sensitive to strobe lights; if you don't like cake

Also for 75 slow minutes, on a simple but evocative set, an elderly white m... Read more Read less

Exquisite, Great staging, Intelligent, Riveting, Profound

See it if you enjoy imaginative use of staging technology to convey protagonist's unique perspective; sensitively written plays about childhood

Don't see it if bright moving lights may be physically uncomfortable (migraine sufferers can probably relate)

Absorbing, Great acting, Profound, Resonant, Riveting

See it if you like one-woman shows, minimal staging, gripping performances, & plays about reasserting one's identity against horrific obstacles.

Don't see it if the subject matter is too painful/triggery (the show takes a hard look at protag's experience of child abuse, violence, rape, suicide/death)

The Crucible
Midtown W
Great staging, Great acting, Epic, Resonant, Great writing

See it if you like modernized adaptations of drama classics; this one is beautifully executed and the set is stunning.

Don't see it if you're fed up with reality of a bleak political landscape, fear-mongering, & destructive power of lies, & don't care to see it on stage...

Midtown E
Clever, Funny, Great acting, Resonant, Entertaining

See it if you're interested in the civil war, race relations, great dialogue, & a historical example of creative lawyering to protect human rights :)

Don't see it if you are looking for modernized adaptations, action-heavy productions, or don't care about historical drama

During previews
West Village
Great acting, Intense, Devastating yet empathetic, Cliched

See it if you like classic Broken Britain drama; as-if-ripped-from-gruesome-headlines premise, explored via character study; excellent performances.

Don't see it if you dislike adult themes & heavy topics, including cruelty, abuse, and assault (see content warnings @ the end under "read more" below)

Also Despite its youthfulness, YEN feels quite old-fashioned in its coverag... Read more Read less

Ambitious, Entertaining, Quirky, In development, Immersive

See it if you like young writers' voices, spirited, imaginative, easily interactive, in-progress work, interesting staging & fun performances.

Don't see it if you dislike experimental theater, incohesive storytelling, somewhat mandated audience participation, pancakes, and dancing.

Also there is A LOT going on in this show - as if the play has just discove... Read more Read less

Love, Love, Love
Midtown W
Banal, Disappointing, Great acting, Indulgent, Funny

See it if you enjoy excellent actors stretching their performances across 3 generations' worth of characters (often funny, fundamentally depressing).

Don't see it if you expect a play about a specific cultural shift to be intricate & not an half-baked oversimplified caricature, nodding at "plus ca change"

Sense & Sensibility
West Village
Refreshing, Romantic, Great staging, Hilarious, Enchanting

See it if you like inventive staging, fresh and fun performances, and a light, original take on a classic

Don't see it if you are bothered by even the slightest breaking of the fourth wall (there is some interaction with the front rows)

During previews
Angel & Echoes
Midtown E
Great acting, Riveting, Relevant, Thought-provoking, Poignant

See it if you like powerful performances in intimate, simple setting; women's war stories; unflinching look at injustice via complex characters.

Don't see it if you prefer lighter themes; you are triggered by graphic descriptions (and some enactment) of violence - more specific warnings below.

Also this production delivers some truly remarkable acting; the solo show A... Read more Read less

Midtown W
Cliched, Slow, Relevant, Ambitious, Dated

See it if you're interested in gen-x contemporary theater about sexual identity, handled with simplicity; small productions.

Don't see it if you're looking for in-depth, original, well-thought-out drama about the fluidity of sexual identity; this one is sadly full of stereotypes.

The View UpStairs
East Village
Ambitious, Entertaining, Relevant, Romantic

See it if you like intimate, near-immersive shows; plays about community; great singing; amazing cast chemistry; history showcased via magical realism

Don't see it if you need a strong plot; you don't like works that paint a story (& many of its characters) in rather broad strokes; you are homophobic

Also the lead couple are stunning and practically sizzle throughout the sho... Read more Read less

For a previous production
Absorbing, Great writing, Resonant, Thought-provoking, Powerful

See it if you like history imaginatively presented as courtroom-drama-meets-Shakespearean-epic. Great staging, strong acting, educational.

Don't see it if you dislike flashbacks, same actors performing many roles, theatrical exploration of sociopolitical themes, artistic license with history.

Also This show made me laugh, cry, think, and throw myself into research th... Read more Read less

Smart People
Midtown W
Ambitious, Thought-provoking, Intelligent, Great acting, Relevant

See it if you enjoy mostly conversation-based theatre of ideas on intersectionality; open-ended plot; thoughtful writing & committed performances

Don't see it if you are offended by some explicit content (e.g. male nudity); you need closure and don't like shows that make you think

Also lydia diamond applies her sharp wit, humor, and insight (much enjoyed ... Read more Read less

The Bride
Ambitious, Funny, Entertaining, Interesting staging, Uneven

See it if you are familiar with the Shakespeare plays used in the remix; you like youthful, low-budget, loving & inventive productions of classics

Don't see it if you rarely see Shakespeare (connections and parallels may be easy to miss); you look for high production values; you can't sit for over 2hrs

Fun, well organized, inspiring

See it if you have any interest in Broadway and/or West End, memorable sets, iconic costumes, and behind-the-scenes items from major productions

Don't see it if you don't care for theater, i guess

During previews
Cliched, Disappointing, Overwritten, Slow

See it if you're interested in dystopian settings or half-baked imitations of Pinter's bleakness, Beckett's circular exposition, & Brecht's alienation

Don't see it if you think a 2-hr comedy should make you laugh more than 3 times; if you expect depth rather than a trite pile of old-fashioned ideas

Also oooof. imagine a dirty old white man's idea of a dystopia, except the ... Read more Read less

Sleep No More
Clever, Enchanting, Great staging, Great acting, Immersive

See it if you even wanted to walk thru/haunt a film noir; surreal and nonlinear theater-as-witnessing; spectacular, fresh, original productions.

Don't see it if you need to see "everything" (i've seen different strands of the story each of 3 times i've gone). the set has limited accessibility :(

Absorbing, Great acting, Ambitious, Great writing, Intense

See it if you like updated & imaginative staging of a classic masterpiece; excellent performances with great/unsettling physicality.

Don't see it if the revolving set is an issue (sometimes the views are partially blocked in several scenes)

Hamilton (NYC)
Midtown W
Great writing, Intelligent, Great singing, Relevant, Thought-provoking

See it if you want to experience the most important, original, culturally significant musical of this generation. the hype is on point 100%.

Don't see it if ...i don't understand the question. why wouldn't you wanna see it??? (i don't even like musicals and this one blew me away. just go.)

During previews
The Object Lesson
East Village
Entertaining, Immersive, Performance art, Uneven

See it if you like being a part of a tremendously elaborate set; non-linear theater with audience participation; anecdotal storytelling; magic acts.

Don't see it if hoarding gives you anxiety (the set is basically a huge mess of boxes); you dislike uncomfortable seating and somewhat blocked view.

Also THE OBJECT LESSON sounds more meaningful and profound on paper than in... Read more Read less

During previews
West Village
Absorbing, Funny, Great acting, Profound, Relevant

See it if you enjoy dialogue-based dramedy about intersectionality; compelling perfomances; meta-critique of TV as the American storytelling industry.

Don't see it if you are looking for escapism from sociopolitical reality, action-based shows, or can't make it through a 2-hour play with no intermission.

Also On a simple set (which still nicely depicts the corporate side of the ... Read more Read less

For a previous production
Nutcracker Rouge
Enchanting, Great singing, Sexy, Funny, Exquisite

See it if you like stylish burlesque, truly impressive dancing & singing, gender-bending performance, sexy & chill atmosphere, gorgeous costumes

Don't see it if you prefer linear narrative, you're not comfortable with even minimal immersion/interaction with the audience, if nudity offends you

Midtown W
Riveting, Intelligent, Hilarious, Ambitious, Great acting

See it if you like genre-bending, original, extremely entertaining, multimedia theater that uses a wrecking ball on prejudice against immigrants.

Don't see it if you voted for Drumpf.

Small Mouth Sounds
Midtown W
Clever, Funny, Great acting, Original, Resonant

See it if you are interested in unique productions and performativity beyond speech

Don't see it if you are offended by nudity