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Himself and Nora
West Village
Entertaining, Edgy, Great acting, Quirky, Romantic

See it if You are a fan of 20th century literature and want to see a raunchy musical.

Don't see it if You expect great writing or a story that goes in depth into the ideas of Joyce's literature. Very overarching, spanning decades of his life

Masterfully crafted and produced with a firework performance by the lead

See it if You want to see a dynamic, new age take on the story. Such amazing and "sci-fi-like" stage design. Impressive acting by the lead.

Don't see it if You read the book and don't ever want to tarnish that experience. The play is a different beast. Moments of predictable, over done acting

Natural Life
Heartwrenching, intelligent, and very well written

See it if You have a soul. This play touched me in a way only a couple plays ever have. I was sobbing at the end of it. So real and so tragic.

Don't see it if You are looking for a lighthearted show.

Exile Is My Home
East Village
Clever, Funny, Quirky, Original, Profound

See it if You enjoy visual and enchanting theatrical experiences, colorful characters, plays that support women, and have a sense for the absurd.

Don't see it if Realism is the only thing that works for you.

Entertaining and intelligent but could have been more interesting

See it if You want a very conventional take on the story. I think the set should have been simpler. A few very good actresses and rich writing

Don't see it if You don't like big ensemble casts. Lots of characters to follow, which is definitely part of the fun.

The Gin Game
Midtown W
Great acting, and very touching

See it if You want to see two great actors give their all. So amazing to see Jones and Tyson, at their ages, deliver such performances. Inspiring.

Don't see it if You are looking for something fast paced. The play takes place on the back porch of an old folks home in the south, so it's on the slow side

Midtown W
Beautifully acted and a unique, extremely relevant story

See it if You want to immerse yourself in a completely new world. You feel like you are in Liberia, going through the trails of these resilient women

Don't see it if You are very close minded...I would recommend this play to anyone, hands down.