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"David Arrow bears an incredible resemblance to Bobby and he skillfully crafted a brilliant rendering of the man, capturing Bobby’s mannerisms and his famous New Englander accent. However, the iconic, and potentially hyperbolic, Kennedy charm was slightly lacking during Bobby’s speeches...As a playwright, David cleverly creates the foundation for strong character development that follows alongside the success of RFK’s bid to become the Democratic candidate for President." Full Review

Time Stands Still
West Village
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"Under the capable direction of Jerry Heymann and the first-rate set design of Brian Dudkiewicz, the interior life of the narrative is compelling...Nagrant and Long establish a lived authenticity and love between these two characters, which exists alongside the heaviness of the trauma they have survived, both individually and as a couple...An impressive staging of one of Margulies’ finest and most thought-provoking dramas." Full Review

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"Under the skillful direction of Barbara Rubin, this insatiable hunger for the truth, this desire for self knowledge, is mirrored in the constant activity of food preparation and cooking...More like a moving art piece, 'Let Me Cook For You,' simultaneously nudges the audience, with its rhythmic pacing of narration and direct audience address and participation, to question what stories we’ve been told that upon closer examination feel expired or inauthentic." Full Review

Less Than 50%
Midtown E
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“A very romantic self-proclaimed ‘unromantic comedy’...Much of the beauty of the work is in the surprises layered throughout...however, there were a few moments leading up to the ending that could have made for a more believable and satisfying conclusion...Nonetheless, ‘Less Than 50%’ is a wonderful piece of storytelling with immense heart that benefits greatly from the biting humor and believability Soresi brings beautifully to the stage. A laugh-out-loud great night at the theatre.” Full Review

East Village
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"Despite Jericho’s physically abusive outbursts, which unfortunately were sometimes more heard than felt in Mr. Flutur’s performance, Julie loves and pursues him at all costs...Sloat’s fully felt and entirely committed portrayal of Julie sustains the complications of watching a woman stay in an abusive relationship. Mr. Weller achieves the difficult task of empowering a woman to go after what she desires, clear-eyed, even when what she desires may be unsafe and unpredictable." Full Review