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Reviews (4)
Confusing, Relevant, Intelligent, Ambitious, Great acting
May 14th, 2019

See it if Theatre geeks, Miller fans will like. Uneven story, made enjoyable by strong performers, esp Jon Spano!, Mike Meth, and Kristen Gehling.

Don't see it if Dialogue can be repetitive, meandering, and circle back. An unfinished quality; fault Miller not the performers.

Golden Boy
Ambitious, Dated, Thought-provoking
November 14th, 2017

See it if You like stagings of classic American plays; if you like Odets and period pieces; archetypal characters.

Don't see it if You want something new, fresh, original, and fast.

Also Stronger original concept and style would bring crispness to dated mat... Read more Read less

August 16th, 2016

See it if you like drag, costumes, and artifice.

Don't see it if prefer depth.

Absorbing, Great acting, Profound, Riveting, Poignant
August 16th, 2016

See it if you like original structure, three-dimensional humanity, stories that tell of triumph over adversity, inspirational stories of empathy

Don't see it if you're a robot and have no understanding of how well-told tales are told effectively and simply.