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West Village
Talented actors still finding the laughs, rhyming couplets seems to stifle the proceedings, Premise wears thin

See it if You love Julie Halston. She does great work, elevating even her so-so material. Kuhoo Verma as Cinderella has some serious comedy chops!

Don't see it if You are expecting a laugh a minute. It is far from that right now (1st preview). But it will probably get there with some serious cuts.

Also It’s hard not to think of Into the Woods and Shrek while watching. The... Read more Read less

During previews
Not ready for primetime, Lacking in originality, Lacking in wit, Amateurish

See it if want to support live performances on Broadway with a primarily black cast and creative team.

Don't see it if are expecting an accomplished comedy. It's a Tyler Perry wannabe, without the over-the-top performances or humor. Audience was overly kind.

During previews
Story too thin for 2 1/2 hours, Love the actor playing nerdface, Ann harada's song as poo emoji needs to be replaced, Wears out its welcome, Some one is pumping a lot of money into a fairly mediocre product

See it if are feeling patient. There's some humor & some winning performances (G. Abud, M. Kane, F. Boswell). L. Margherita & J. Lamon steal focus.

Don't see it if are expecting any social relevance. It's a fairly simple, yet inconsequential plot. A couple of songs are fun, but too many just mark time.

Also Several of the costumes are quite good. Ann Harada's is great, setting... Read more Read less

During previews
Grand Horizons
Midtown W
More conventional than the playwright's other works, Solid script, Great to see jane alexander in a fun role, Nothing groundbreaking, Lots of laughs

See it if are open to a solidly written, very funny boulevard comedy. At the outset it seems like it is going to be more original than it is.

Don't see it if are expecting the fresh, non-traditional story telling of Small Mouth Sounds or Make Believe. This show is much more conventional

Also Jane Alexander is a joy to see onstage. Honestly, I recommend seeing t... Read more Read less

During previews
Judgment Day
Upper E Side
It's no hairy ape, Timely as it deals with a town acting on false information, Doesn't benefit from grand scale of production

See it if are curious about R. Jones' work. However, it is nothing like his Hairy Ape at the Armory. That play's themes were amplified by the space.

Don't see it if are expecting much character development. It's more about the townsfolk and their biased search for a person to blame for a train accident

Also Spoiler Alert: The set consists of two very large plywood structures t... Read more Read less

J. iconis needs to collaborate on his books, Book & characters need retooling, Drawn out & predictable epilogue, Second string cast, Hairspray meets chicago meets annie

See it if love, love Joe Iconis. Although this show doesn't have the same catchy tunes as his others, despite many reprises of several numbers.

Don't see it if want great acting/singing. Most of the cast feel like second choices. Plot points can be seen a mile away. The "revolution" in Act 2 drags

Also Having one actor play all the male characters is fine. It's just too b... Read more Read less

Power Strip
Upper W Side
Too...many...pauses, Engrossing subject matter, Great staging of flashbacks

See it if you want well-drawn characters in a dramatic setting. The specifics about life at the refugee camp are very compelling. Two leads are strong

Don't see it if get impatient. There's more than a little homage to Waiting for Godot. While the plot, characters and dialogue are good, it is way too slow

Fun tension between what's real vs. what's fiction, Draws you in visually & verbally, Fluid staging enhances sense of disorientation, Keeps you off balance

See it if a director, 2 actors and playwright all at the top of their game. I can't recall a recent play that's made me want to lean forward and focus

Don't see it if are expecting a linear plot. Changes in POV and narrator are half the fun. The economical use of sets greatly adds to the air of intrigue.

During previews
Midtown W
Come for raul esparza really cooking live on stage!!!!!!!, Stay for the same art vs. commerce argument screamed at top volume 3 times in the 45 minute first act

See it if want to see thinly drawn characters repeat the same unconvincing arguments. R. Esparza starts at 180 mph, so he has nowhere to go. Tedious.

Don't see it if think this Rebeck play will be better than others. Her workman-like scripts don't engage. I left at intermission, as I did Bernhardt/Hamlet

During previews
Lack of clarity of who's who, Corey stoll shines, Stellar cast, Intimate setting adds to impact, Captures the immediacy & urgency of the text

See it if want to see the intense passions of the play brought to life in an intimate setting with an amazing cast. C. Stoll & N. Bowers really shine

Don't see it if unless you read a plot outline beforehand. Seriously! Doubling of roles, limited costumes & gender-switches don't help distinguish who's who

Also Don't expect a helpful plot summary in the program, or even a list of ... Read more Read less

During previews
The Wrong Man
Midtown W
Clever choreography masks the lack of a dramatic story for about 45 minutes. then boredom sets in.

See it if a fairly accomplished, if same-ish sounding score. Its concept album origins quickly become a liability as the story is too simple/generic.

Don't see it if you're expecting the next Hamilton. It ain't. J. Henry gives a hearty performance, despite having to sing 10 variations of the same song.

During previews
The Great Society
Upper W Side
Recaps events w/o a guiding pov, Poor use of beaumont space, Lbj gets lost, Too much history crammed in, Tedious

See it if need to see events you're familiar with in a rushed, awkward & confusing staging. LBJ gets lost in the shuffle, but maybe that's the point?

Don't see it if are expecting the brilliance of All The Way. Bryan Cranston was much better than Brian Cox as LBJ. And that script had passion and momentum.

During previews
Linda Vista
Midtown W
Even mediocre-letts is better than a lot of other crap that gets produced

See it if you love T Letts. It isn't his best, but it's VERY good. Things go off the rails a bit in Act 2, but it's always funny and thought-provoking

Don't see it if you thought Frankie & Johnny had too much nudity and sex. This play has thematic similarities and is even more in your face. Loved the cast!

Long & chatty, Decent for off-off-broadway acting, Seriously claustrophobic theater, Fascinating true story

See it if are a Holocaust completist. Characters are real and interesting, but the playwright hasn't made a persuasive case for why to dramatize it.

Don't see it if are claustrophobic. You're asked to spend over 2 hours in a tiny room tucked away in a basement. Feels like a fire trap.

Life Sucks.
Midtown W
Riveting, Intriguing use of breaking 4th wall, Probes the pysche, Solid cast, Great adaptation

See it if you appreciate plays that slyly draw you in to listen to not always pleasant soul-searching and angst. It made Chekhov so relevant to today.

Don't see it if can't lean in and listen. There's lots of humor, but it's not a comedy. The audience interaction bits were really well-handled by the cast.

Pulitizer prize winning gimmick in last 5 minutes, Wild tonal swings

See it if are curious what's considered important theater in '19, or if you want to actively feel ashamed of your privilege and wallow in guilt

Don't see it if are expecting the playwright to present a persuasive case for why you should feel ashamed and guilty. It is knee jerk theater meant to shock

Also Spoiler Alert: Quite frankly, the "I'm so woke" smugness of the first ... Read more Read less

Red Bank
Program notes are the only exposition provided, Unengaging score, Unclear of heroine's want, Thin characters, Confusing

See it if don't mind jazz-inflected musical snippets rather than real book musical songs. Left at intermission as nothing had happened in all of Act 1

Don't see it if are annoyed by overly poetic dialogue and stock characters. A fabulous subject (all-female, all-black jazz group in 1940s) is squandered

During previews
A Strange Loop
Midtown W
Repetitive, Nice moments towards the end, "title of show" did this better, "meta" parts don't work, Unnecessarily vulgar

See it if want to see a powerful song where a mother's comforting love curdles into a diatribe against homosexuality. The show hits its stride here.

Don't see it if Meta "how to write a show about me" conceit is tiresome. PH should've helped shape this promising piece and put it in their smaller theater

During previews
Midtown W
Scarily relevant to life today, Starts light & silly but gets very dark & profound, A wild, yet very relevant ride, More of a song cycle than a musical, 100% original

See it if Premise sounds dreadful (12 Step meeting for tech addicts), but the ride is exhilarating, smartly dissecting societal impact of technology.

Don't see it if insist on plot driven musical. Really more of a song cycle, but the issues raised are so wide-ranging, it inspires awe, like Hamilton did.

During previews
Diminishing returns, Could be trimmed by 1 hour, Repetitive & overwrought surrealism, Uneven cast, Set overpowers the play

See it if a powerful performance by G. Geary as the son. His transformation from Act 1 to 2 is very powerful and affecting. He's the best thing in it.

Don't see it if don't have patience for same metaphors being slammed into your face for a drawn out 2 1/2 hours. M. Siff & A. Rothenburg seem like amateurs.

Laughs die out after 10 minutes, Pointless, Carol burnett show cast, Boring, Pretentious

See it if want to watch J White make N Lane break. It is like a Carol Burnett show outtake. Why we're watching it at Broadway prices is anyone's guess

Don't see it if think you "should" see it because Taylor Mac is an "important" voice. Judy is not. I can't decide which I hated more this or HIR.

Ultimately very moving, Exquisite tevye, Jackie hoffman phones it in, Average production values, Yiddish largely a gimmick

See it if for the most poignant rendition of "Do You Love Me" I have ever witnessed. Steven Skybell's performance reaches it emotional peak in Act II.

Don't see it if ...are expecting anything more than a solid production with a few standout performances. For me, being performed in Yiddish didn't add much.

During previews
Slow, Toxic masculinity laid on with a trowel, Over-the-top characters, Repetitive, Tiresome 1st scene

See it if want to see a playwright get heavy relationship baggage off her chest. The hyper and heightened emotions are tempered by the last 15 minutes

Don't see it if if you need a protagonist with a clear want. The first date scene is excruciatingly long. The toxic masculinity joke wears thin really fast.

During previews
Odd musical choices, Missed opportunity, Great subject matter, Haphazard puppetry, Great program notes

See it if want to read absorbing program notes about HC Andersen's life. You'll need to, because what's onstage is disjointed and very hard to follow.

Don't see it if are expecting the music to enrich the proceedings. It mainly gets in the way, and curiously isn't even from the era in which Andersen lived

During previews
Huge disappointment, Mediocre direction, Mediocre set, Mediocre choreography, Mediocre cast

See it if you'd watch Kelli O'Hara read the phone book. That would be funnier than her miscast performance here. Makes you yearn for Marin Mazzie.

Don't see it if you're expecting any fresh spark of innovation or originality. Too Darn Hot is very athletic, but it goes on forever without ever building.

During previews
Poor character development, Thin & wobbly premise, Well intentioned, High energy

See it if want to support the development of two eager writers who may have talent, but it is hard to judge from this dramatically inert musical.

Don't see it if can't stomach 8 to 10 songs about writing songs. None of the 3 characters are terribly interesting or believable. 80 minutes go by slowly

During previews
2 long draggy intermissionless hours, Dirge-like songs, 3 very talented actors hungering for a moment to shine, Then there's the void in a dress called jennifer damiano, Serious misfire

See it if want to marvel at how a simple story can stretch into 2 joyless hours. The creators have successfully avoided nearly all humor & sexiness

Don't see it if you are expecting to enjoy the talents of A. Nogueira, J. Perez or M. Zegen. They all deserve better material beyond one engaging charm song

During previews
Ending felt unresolved, So-so acting from the band members in smaller roles, Hilarious toby belch & andrew augecheek, Excellent viola & olivia, Simple yet effective set

See it if want to see a cleverly staged & directed version of the play. Some lovely performances and a lot of humor. Musicians add a fun, hip factor.

Don't see it if are expecting a fully resolved production. There are some audibility issues, and the Lobbyists are better musicians than actors.

Also I'd be shocked if the very phallic cod-piece that Malvolio wears makes... Read more Read less

Go!!!, Book makes the tale seem vital & fresh, Honed to perfection in london, Campbell scott avoids the usual scrooge cliches, Exquisite

See it if want a fresh take on a tired tale. M Warchus has perfected show at the Old Vic, and it shows. Great casting choices and inventive staging!

Don't see it if recoil at musical underscoring and sentiment. While the show is very emotional, the new scenes and back story make the emotion feel earned.

During previews
Greater Clements
Upper W Side
Dreadful actor playing asian american love interest, Aims for profundity of arthur miller, Indulgent 3-act length, Unconvincing setting & characters, Ugly & awkward set

See it if are curious to see a talented playwrights oeuvre. This is a much longer, but much lesser effort. Judith Ivey's acting is only reason to go.

Don't see it if have little patience for annoying & unconvincing characters that are on the spectrum. Joe sees duck faces on people, which leads to tragedy.

90 minute duration feels like an eternity, Unconvincing situation & characters, Aimless storytelling, Inconsequential, Snooze-fest

See it if want to eavesdrop on aimless conversation among unconvincingly drawn characters. The lesbian undercurrent is the entirety of the plot. Zzz..

Don't see it if expect any degree of realism. I'm sure there's an interesting play about Sally Ride being a lesbian. This dull and plodding affair is not it

Also The un-raked auditorium makes for dreadful sight lines at the Barrow S... Read more Read less

During previews
The Inheritance
Midtown W
Way way way too long, Manipulates the audience with knee-jerk emotional triggers, Repeatedly jumps the shark, Melodramatic, Paul hilton as e.m. forster is the real reason to see this play

See it if enjoyed the Crystal & Alexis fights on Dynasty. There are several in this vastly overrated gay soap opera. K Soller & P Hilton come off best

Don't see it if are expecting greatness. The "what story should I write" framework saps any dramatic urgency, since plot developments are all "up for grabs"

Also I'm no prude, but I really don't understand the need for such vivid an... Read more Read less

Very polished production, Lighthearted fare done extremely well, Great find to play judy garland, Very talented cast

See it if want to see pre-Oz Judy story told with a lot of skill, and top notch cast. Act 1 is really tight, w/ a knock out number "All Ma's Children"

Don't see it if The plot of Act 2 could use some tightening, but M. Von Essen and R. Rakos both sound glorious throughout. So much better than I expected!

Last Days of Summer
New Brunswick
Throws in the kitchen sink (e.g. japanese internment camps), Squanders adult talent, Too much weight on a child actor's shoulders, Padded with unnecessary songs, Utterly ridiculous plot

See it if want to see the equivalent of a children's book w/ mediocre songs added. I feel sorry for the talented adult cast members given bad material

Don't see it if can't stomach smart-alecky child actors. 2 1/2 hours of a poorly cast, unintelligible kid who's in virtually the entire show is 2 too many

Also Spoiler Alert: I feel badly for D. Binstock as adult Joey. He has to m... Read more Read less

Cyrano (NJ)
Red Bank
Awkward inclusion of contemporary songs/references, Below two rivers usual standards, Underwhelming cast, Little cleverness, Scattershot

See it if love Cyrano and simply MUST see the balcony scene again. This was my 3rd time seeing a production and that's the only memorable scene.

Don't see it if are expecting a charming farce. The humor is forced and the adaptation a missed opportunity. Actors are fine, but below TRT usual quality.

Where's the humor?, Where's the passion?, Where's the direction?, Where the character development?, Where's the book?

See it if want to see Alex Timbers spend a shitload of money to mask his dearth of directing craft and imagination, just like he did with Beeteljuice

Don't see it if expect the clever/corny way Mama Mia used ABBA's songbook. Snippets of chart-topping songs are thrown at the wall like spaghetti. None stick

During previews
Dublin Carol
Be awake & ready to focus, Discursive, Slower than molasses, Opaque to a fault

See it if like long-winded Irish folk who try really hard not to say what's on their mind. After awhile, you just want a little action and drama.

Don't see it if expecting a heart-warming Christmas tale. It's set in an undertaker's office, and gets bleaker yet. Inferior to The Seafarer and The Weir.

During previews
Scotland, PA
Midtown W
2 leads are energy voids, Tonally very uneven, Too slavish to movie?, Clever set/lobby

See it if want to see how several talented collaborators can be on different pages when writing a musical. None of the elements cohere. Bland ballads.

Don't see it if are expecting something campy. The set & charm songs deliver on that, but the rest of the score is too serious, and the leads are very dull.

Slave Play
East Village
Critic-bait, Don't bother, Pointless, Empty, Stick-it-to-them attitude

See it if are curious why critics set aside their expertise if the subject is controversial and the playwright a minority. There's no play there.

Don't see it if can't stomach well-trodden jokes about academia and politically correct therapy-speak. Had there been an intermission, I would have left.

During previews
Broadway Bounty Hunter
West Village
Just not funny enough, Would be better with scrappier production, Maybe there's a 70 minute show in there, Annie golden sounds phenomenal, Some theater "in jokes" land

See it if really love Annie Golden or Joe Iconis. If not, there's really not much there except underwhelming silliness. I laughed just twice in Act 1.

Don't see it if you think SNL sketches go on too long. Plot takes forever to get going, the recruiting/training of Annie as a bounty hunter is dull filler

Free toy solidier with ticket!, Uneven, Shocking but too draw out, Great true-life premise, Committed performers

See it if you slavishly follow critics picks. Seems over hyped. Starts strong w/ teachers instructing classroom but goes off the rails and loses focus

Don't see it if have trouble pretending the Emperor has clothes (pun intended). Beyond the shock-value, there are just too many topics and themes.

Dying City
Midtown W
Lincoln center did it better, S-l-o-w, Pov on war is interesting, but not pursued, Identical twins feels gimmicky, Pulitzer prize finalist, really?!?!?!?!

See it if you're a C. Shinn completist and missed the far superior '08 LCT Theater production with Pablo Schrieber. That felt vital, this feels inert.

Don't see it if the play no longer works in the MeToo# era. The initial Pulitzer talk must have been for the topicality of 9/11 and the Iraq War back in '06

Tootsie (NYC)
Midtown W
Butt-ugly set, Very funny jokes throughout, Ballads are mediocre to bad, Funny songs are very funny, Succeeds despite weak score & weak 2nd act

See it if want to laugh, because the show is very funny. There are great jokes, great comic actors (J. Halson & J. Belhman), and clever novelty songs

Don't see it if need a solid 2nd Act. The air goes out of the balloon once Dorothy admits her deception. The last 30 minutes are a pretty big letdown.

During previews
Long Lost
Midtown W
Strong performanace by a. parisse, Unbelievable, White people problems, 100% predictable, Feels like either an old or rushed script

See it if want to see a predictable, mediocre family drama. It hits the expected notes of black sheep, drug-addict sibling stories on a snazzy set.

Don't see it if expect the past brilliance of this author. Some interesting themes are raised, but dropped in favor of banal family intrigue. It's skippable

Midtown W
Faust with lessons in printing techniques, Over produced, Little insight offered, Little nuance, In-your-face

See it if want a loud, yet curiously uninsightful recap of Rupert Murdoch's creation of populist news in UK. Two unsympathetic leads is one too many.

Don't see it if are expecting insight about why Murdoch has been successful. Is it as simple as people loving sex, money and racism? Play doesn't explore.

The Appointment
East Village
Overlong snl skit, Fun audience interaction, Nyt scored on a curve for topicality, Uneven, Sophmoric

See it if for audacious subject matter, which for about 1/3 of the show is handled humorously and/or impactfully. The other 2/3 is confusing filler.

Don't see it if can't sit through a pointless and interminable Thanksgiving scene. Doctor office scenes are the most powerful and arresting part of the show

During previews
Dearth of plot, Leslie kirtzer!, Leslie kritzer!, In-your-face, Exhausting

See it if curious about film to musical transfers. This isn't the worst one, but there's just not enough plot or emotion to sustain 2 1/2 hours.

Don't see it if loud, overwrought and relentless production numbers get on your nerves. HOWEVER, Leslie Kritzer steals the show. She slays in both acts.

During previews
All My Sons
Midtown W
Riveting, Intense, Talented ensemble, Powerfully builds, Lets play speak for itself

See it if want a strong production that lets A MIller's words speak for themselves. Except for some color-blind casting, it doesn't impose on the text

Don't see it if You should see it. Tracy Letts brilliantly captures Joe's capitalistic pragmatism. He's equally matched by an empathetic Benjamin Walker.

Fascinating, Great acting, Informative, Engaging, Epic

See it if want to learn about the history of America through the lens of 3 Jewish immigrants. Brilliant staging - simple, but on an epic scale.

Don't see it if are troubled by a slight loss of focus. First 2 acts are masterful, third slightly muddles more current part of story, but still brilliant!

During previews
Not-ready-for-primetime, Confusing, Repetitive, Overlong, Undercooked

See it if you want to indulge Tim Sanford in his quest to produce socially-relevant if unpolished and unprofessional work. Time to cancel subscription

Don't see it if can't stomach Once On This Island told without the engaging music, charm, or clear protagonist. Plus, the last of the 5 endings is dreadful