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During previews
Cute, Heartwarming, Funny, Great staging, Thought-provoking

See it if it is a fun show touching upon relevant issues. Realistic portraying of difficulty of changing one’s mindset and making a step forward.

Don't see it if it is an enjoyable and entertaining show. The staging is cute and creative. The acting is good. Can’t say anything negative.

Ambitious, Intense, Relevant, Powerful, Thought-provoking

See it if The play addresses important issues of race, gender and social norms. It delivers a powerful message and is interesting to follow.

Don't see it if It falls too dramatic at times. The acting is strong overall but the play is built on emotion and some moments feel less believable.

Dated, Different, Slow, Classic, Tragic

See it if you are interested in foreign language productions. You want a different experience. You enjoy classic, traditionally staged plays.

Don't see it if this tragedy from the 15th century is dated and slow. Due to its nature the acting is less beleivable at times.

Dated, Good singing, Cheap set, Nostalgic, Cheesy

See it if you feel nostalgic about the romantic comedies of the 80s. The songs are melodic and the singing is good.

Don't see it if the acting is expectedly cheesy in this outdated romantic classic. The set and the overall feel are lacking any creativity or innovation.

Weak book, Overrated, Too much drama, Disappointing, Nonrealistic

See it if the actors do their best trying to get the most out of the weak book. There is too much drama and the plot feels nonrealistic.

Don't see it if you would not be interested in a play promoting institution of marriage as a means of legal and healthcare protection.

For a previous production
Entertaining, Hilarious, Repetitive, Silly, Comical

See it if you want to laugh a lot. It’s a comedy of situations and it is well made. The staging is clever and the actors are enjoying themselves.

Don't see it if you don’t like light entertainment and silly situations. The whole gets repetitive and two hours feel long towards the end.

Lifeless, Slow, Nice set, Old-fashioned, Uninspiring

See it if you love classical musicals, that are very traditionally produced and staged. The revolving set is nice.

Don't see it if this production lacks life, spark and inspiration. The actors are just going through motions, and it feels boring, slow and uninspiring.

Atmospheric, Long, Great staging, Repetative, Boring

See it if the staging, the costumes and the choreography are thought through well, and set one back into the high school atmosphere.

Don't see it if the music is mostly forgetful and the voices are very average with just a few exceptions. The musical feels long and overall boring.

Semi-professional, Some unique tricks, Uncharismatic, Repetative

See it if there are some unique tricks but they repeat in multiple variations. See it if you enjoy when audience is involved in the performance.

Don't see it if the performer lacks charisma and has weak stage presence for a magician. The show feels semi-professional.

During previews
Banal, Boring score, Generic, Good singing, Cute

See it if you want to see yet another cute love story. The singing is descent but the show completely lacks originality or innovation.

Don't see it if you are tired of non-ambitious shows with generic plot and forgettable songs. Its current vis-a-vis Rrred at DR2 tops it in every aspect.

During previews
Funny, Silly, Heartwarming, Engaging, Uneven vocals

See it if it’s a cute story with not much ambition, but still funny and heartwarming. Enjoyable time out overall.

Don't see it if there were some out of tune notes from several vocalists.

During previews
Great singing, Nice set, Positive energy, Old fashioned, Fun

See it if the singers are great and are truly enjoying themselves. The cast and the band work together in a positive and energetic way.

Don't see it if there is no book, just a collection of songs. This show might be more appealing to the older audience members.

Great staging, Impressive visuals, Epic, Long, Worth seeing

See it if The staging is great and the visuals are impressive. The story is interesting to follow but could have been easily shortened.

Don't see it if The Harry character is not very likable which is disappointing. The story unfolds slowly and could have been cut without losing its vibe.

Also Great and unique experience overall and is definitely worth spending a... Read more Read less

During previews
Cheesy, Good singing, Disappointing, Overrated, Americanized

See it if you can’t sit through a real opera and would like to see an Americanized and simplified musical theatre version.

Don't see it if Bizet belongs in an opera house. The musical theatre voices are not enough to carry the music, and the plot comes over as very cheesy.

Good singing, Simple, Enjoyable, Romantic

See it if you want to see a simple but yet enjoyable story of good and bad. All components: the score, singing, dancing and staging are well done.

Don't see it if you only settle for excellency. This show is nice and enjoyable, but it doesn’t amaze or challenge you.

Great singing, Intelligent score, A bit cheesy, Enjoyable, Very cute

See it if you want to be positively surprised with a nontraditional and intelligent score and good vocals. Heart-warming story and lovable characters.

Don't see it if I always want more songs. Here especially the 2nd act needs more music and less talk.

Relevant, Thought-provoking, Overplayed, Ambitious

See it if in direct comparison with another currently running show about education, Transfers, this one loses. The writing and acting are weaker.

Don't see it if you don’t like overacted shows. It’s too much into your face, which makes it less believable.

Great acting, Great staging, Great writing, Thought-provoking, Intelligent

See it if it was a great surprise - I didn’t expect very much coming in, but the script and acting were very good. The show is emotional and touching.

Don't see it if don’t have anything negative to say. Grasps and keeps one’s attention. One of the best plays I saw this season.

Touching, Uncomfortable, Nice supporting musicians, Bittersweet, Inventive set

See it if you like small-scale, moving shows dealing with mental illness, loss and love. The cast, set and supporting musicians-it all falls together.

Don't see it if you need something big and shiny. If you don’t like bittersweet stories and prefer straightforward comedies.

During previews
Entertaining, Fun, Fluffy, Quirky, Silly

See it if you want to have fun time. The rhymes are funny and clever. The play is silly but entertaining.

Don't see it if you want something serious. The very ending was extremely silly and hence a bit disappointing for me.

Important message, Overrated, Good songs, Ambitious, Below expectations

See it if I expected a lot and got disappointed. The music is not bad, Trensch delivered a decent act. But it dragged and didn’t do the magic for me.

Don't see it if you go in with huge expectations. It’s too tearful. Needs more songs and a set to support the acting. It’s not worth the fuss around it.

Also The theatre shouldn’t be selling 1st row tickets. The actors are visib... Read more Read less

Great singing, Great writing, Masterful, Uneven, Intimate

See it if it’s interesting and special to watch a rock star perform in such an intimate setting. Decent writing and powerful singing.

Don't see it if uneven narrative after an hour of childhood memories jumps between adulthood, marriage, political views... Didn’t like Patti’s performance.

Beautiful, Touching, Unique, Meditative, Great orchestration

See it if it’s very different and unique. Moves slowly but is beautifully executed. The orchestration is great. The set works perfectly.

Don't see it if It’s not a typical musical. Singing is not the main concern. Kinda meditative so one gets lost in place and time.

During previews
Intense, Relevant, Sad, Ambitious, Needs polishing

See it if It all - acting, writing, staging on two levels, the use of cello- has its moments but needs a bit of polishing. A relevant and sad show.

Don't see it if you don’t want a reminder about the meaninglessness and transience of life. Nicely done overall though.

Great acting, Edgy, Overrated, Intense, Weak writing

See it if the acting is good but the material is rather weak. There is no message but the Crudup makes the best out of it.

Don't see it if You don’t like one man shows. You expect a lot from the book. The show is overrated due to good acting that brings a thin plot a level up.

During previews
Great singing, Fun, Great dancing, Well casted, Entertaining

See it if the singing and dancing are great. Finally a very well casted show on Broadway, and the actors are visibly enjoying themselves. It’s fun.

Don't see it if The show felt just a tick uneven with several down moments. And the ending is just too abrupt with a weakish final song.

Disappointing, Uninspiring, Average, Children-friendly

See it if you have children. It is children-friendly and easy to follow. The amount of princesses in the audience is somewhat horrifying though ;)

Don't see it if you have high expectations and want a quality show throughout. Several moments and songs are good, but overall very average and forgettable.

During previews
Disappointing, Great staging, Weird, Pretentious, Ambitious

See it if it does have some potential, but is incoherent and fragmented. The staging and ambience are nice. The first half needs more songs.

Don't see it if Tries too hard to be original and different but fails. It is pretentious without sufficient substance, deep feeling or charm. Disappointing

Funny, Blunt, Relevant, Refreshing, Contemporary

See it if you are interested in an honest take on fears and struggles of fatherhood in the modern world. You enjoy combination of funny and bitter.

Don't see it if it is a bit too blunt and at your face at times. The humor is rather thought provoking then just hilarious and silly.

During previews
Great singing, Strong lead, Uneven, Unoriginal

See it if the best in this show is acapella singing. The strong lead fixes the holes and distracts from uneven and somewhat unoriginal plot.

Don't see it if this show doesn’t add anything new to the topics of race and sex in educational settings. Needs creative staging and is totally lacking it.

Good singing, Cute, Ordinary music, Low scale

See it if it’s a cute little show with decent singing and sympathetic cast. New Yorkers can relate to the story.

Don't see it if The score is rather ordinary with no original or memorable songs. The creators also saved on staging as the set doesn’t exist.

During previews
Banal, Cheap set, Superficial, Disappointing, Soulless

See it if you don’t have any other plans for the night and can get a cheap ticket. Stars in the cast can’t save the cheap production.

Don't see it if you don’t want another Broadway disappointment with no creativity or at least heart behind the show. Boring and generic in all aspects.

During previews
Impressive puppet, Disappointing, Weak music, Good visuals

See it if you wanna see a huge Kong puppet-it’s very impressive. Good visuals and decent choreography in the 1st act. Not a musical but a puppet show.

Don't see it if The music and singing are weak and happen on a rear occasion. The 2nd act lacks any hint of creativity and is a flop.

Great singing, Melancholic, Old fashioned, Beautiful, Great dancing

See it if the show moves slowly, it is melancholic but beautiful. The singing and dancing are great.

Don't see it if you dislike sorrowful and somewhat weird stories. If you exclusively enjoy fast paced shows, here patience is required.

During previews
Melodic songs, Silly, Enjoyable, Engaging cast, Terrific voices

See it if in musicals I look for great voices, good songs and the cast who enjoy themselves and beleive in their show. Rrred has all these elements.

Don't see it if the plot is silly but at least unusual and different from typical old-school grimacing found in so many musicals.

Also it’s an original production with bluesy songs that allow the strong vo... Read more Read less

During previews
Weak vocals, Great staging, Disappointing, Has its moments, Needs work

See it if the score is actually not bad, but uneven and needs refining. The staging is really great. Has some good moments and potential to develop.

Don't see it if there was lots of out of tune singing, which contributed to the impression of raw and undeveloped material. Needs recasting.

During previews
Disappointing, Silly, Tasteless, Flat humor, Uninspiring

See it if you like silly humor and can laught at any hint of a joke. The whole production has nothing to impress or inspire with.

Don't see it if I wouldn’t recommend seeing it to those who expect a superb level, Broadway worthy production.

During previews
Great acting, Intense, Overrated, Brutal, Unrealistic

See it if the acting is good and powerful. Mulligan owns the stage and saves the show. The script ends up being forced and unrealistic.

Don't see it if the writing in the 1st part is good and clever. It gets sketchy and documentary in the 2nd part as if written by a different person.

Entertaining, Cute, Long, Poor sound check, Basic

See it if you want light entertainment. It’s cute but overly long considering that musical material and the story are average.

Don't see it if the voices were often overturned by the orchestra-poor sound check. The puppets are cute, but the show delivers nothing special overall.

During previews
Great staging, Quirky, Relevant, Unconvincing, Thought-provoking

See it if you are interested in a bit different take on LGTB topic (class and race privileges, as well as discrimination within the group).

Don't see it if the play is entertaining and thought-provoking, but the plot and the acting are unconvincing at times .

Emotional, Weakish score, Good vocals, Intense, Thought-provoking

See it if it’s well acted and well sung. The story is touching and emotional. The chorus and staging are nicely done.

Don't see it if the score is not strong enough and needs work and polishing. The show has lots of potential with some editing.

Boring, Forced, Average, Disappointing, Amateurish

See it if you are up to just another one average musical with no sparkle, creativity or imagination. The acting is forced , the voices average.

Don't see it if I wouldn’t recommend to spend your time on this one. It doesn’t deliver anything new or will touch you in any way. Boring.

Creative, Long, Disjointed, Talanted cast, Good music

See it if you like creative shows with indie infused music. Talanted cast and some interesting staging ideas. Not the Bengsons’ best though.

Don't see it if The story is too long and feels disjointed at times. This negatively affects music and the production as a whole. Abigail is too emotional.

Dated, Overrated, Old-fashioned, Disappointing, Tasteless

See it if most of the audience seemed to enjoy it. But it’s dated and whereas 1st act offers some laughs it’s just grimacing in the 2nd.

Don't see it if it doesn’t have enough musical numbers, which could have saved this production. Without it feels like an old-fashioned and tasteless play.

Dated, Different, Ambitious, Slow, Unnecessary long

See it if it’s interesting to watch and follow in the 1st act but gets repetitive and boring in the 2nd. Different and unique but also somewhat dated.

Don't see it if the play drags in the 2nd act. Should have been 1.5 hrs with no intermission. The choice of supporting musical fragments is terrible.

During previews
Boring, Unnessesary, Banal, Slow, Decent singing

See it if if you need to see every Jewish-related show in NYC. The singing is decent but it doesn’t save the act.

Don't see it if you are tired of boring stories with unremarkable music. This is one of those. Not horrible but also not worth the time.

During previews
Banal, Loud, Below broadway level, Cheesy, Horrific visuals

See it if you get a free ticket. You absolutely love classical rock songs whatever the execution is. Talanted vocalists which isn’t enough to fix it.

Don't see it if It’s one of those two-week-shows deemed to collect cash and close. Broadway doesn’t need any more of them and should keep the level up.

Ambitious, Great acting, Absurdist, Quirky

See it if I liked the 1st half - it’s well acted and the writing is relevant and interesting to follow. The 2nd act was too absurd for my taste.

Don't see it if you prefer more classical plays. This one is too quirky and pretentious, especially the 2nd part.

Great singing, Very silly, Fun, Talanted cast, Over the top

See it if your are more interested in talented singers and creative operatic take rather than the content. It’s fun but expectedly vulgar.

Don't see it if you despise vulgarity on stage even if it’s satirical and appropriate for the show. 1st half of the 2nd act is tedious and repetitive.

Cliched, Forgettable, Boring score, Disappointing, Average

See it if the main storyline of a teacher/student - young girl/older man friendship is nicely done. All jewish/gay developments are cliched.

Don't see it if you don’t want to settle for average. Non-memorable music, just ok singing and acting, disappointing overall.