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New York Theatre Review

"Farrington’s smartly crafted exploration of the mores and motives of Edith Wharton’s New York...The three parts of the show, each satisfying on its own, don't entirely feel like they add up to a whole. Each is different in its pacing and performance style...Despite these quirks, the play is a potent examination of how societal constraints and personal weaknesses lead to dishonesty, both with oneself and the people who are closest, and the ripple effect that can have." Full Review

Every Angel is Brutal
East Village
New York Theatre Review

“Jarcho’s scenes, played with taut energy by the excellent ensemble, mostly zip along as directed by Adams. In counterpoint to the more forceful, action-movie elements of the plot there are also lyrical and incantatory passages...The play seems to be critiquing, quite subtlety, a world made by men in which women compete and turn on each other out of a need for power...That some people find love in spite of this might make us believe there are purely good angels after all.” Full Review

New York Theatre Review

"The production isn’t helped enough by the staging for the actors, who are often static and can feel stranded on the white expanse of the set...'Mammoths' ambitions are, like their namesake, epic—larger, perhaps, than our modern imaginations can easily grapple with. For that, Burnett and his creative team deserve our praise. In attempting to transport us to a moment when love was a survival skill and loneliness meant literal death, we may just need more help to get there." Full Review

New York Theatre Review

"A thrilling array of our city’s vibrant population is singing, dancing, speechifying, and wrestling up on the stage...What Public Works participants lack in polish and training, they make up for in sheer, unadulterated joy...The presence of such a large and radiant ensemble has a democratizing effect in more ways than one...It can’t be easy to stage so many bodies. Most of the time Woolery made it work, making those instances where the staging doesn’t flow seamlessly stand out all the more." Full Review

New York Theatre Review

"With the tragic romance of 'Tristan and Isolde' as a kind of backdrop, Maxwell goes on to develop his own myth...Maxwell’s version delves into other realms, about art, identity, the walls between us, the limits of what can be expressed and of humans’ ability to connect. It’s an intoxicating swirl of ideas. If it sounds heady, the play is grounded in a timeless story." Full Review

The Ryan Case 1873
Lower E Side
New York Theatre Review

for a previous production “If it sounds like fun to you at all, it most certainly will be…All the actors resort to chewing the scenery a bit to compete with the distractions of being outside, but despite this and the heavy period and immigrant accents—all well done—their performances retain a remarkable level of truthfulness…One of the most impressive parts of the production is the degree to which it’s improvised…Aside from the slight noise issue, the show felt impeccably planned and executed.” Full Review