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Midtown E
Disappointing, Excruciating, Intense, Overrated, Ambitious
May 27th, 2017

See it if You don't mind a lot of tension, relentless bickering and conflict among characters who may be sympathetic, but are not especially likable.

Don't see it if This play provoked some interesting discussion afterwards, but it packed a little to much sturm und drang for me. Not my British cup of tea.

During previews
Delightful, Great singing, Hilarious, Must see
April 2nd, 2017

See it if If you saw the movie, you will love the musical. If you didn't see the movie, you will STILL love the musical.

Don't see it if If you didn't like the movie... Oh, wait. Never mind. Who didn't like "Groundhog Day?"

Also "Groundhog Day" is one of my favorite movies, but the musical is actua... Read more Read less

During previews
All The Fine Boys
Midtown W
Riveting, Intense, Great acting, Great staging, Masterful
February 26th, 2017

See it if You want to be glued to your seat at the theater, transfixed and at rapt attention, unable to look away, wondering what will to happen next.

Don't see it if See it!!! Unless you are very squeamish about sexuality because there are a few graphic moments, although they are pretty tastefully done.

East Village
Great acting, Resonant, Absorbing
August 16th, 2016

See it if you are sensitive to the nuances of relationships. The dialogue felt totally natural and the show is flawlessly cast. Poignant with humor.

Don't see it if you are looking for lots of action. This budding relationship (or lack thereof) unfolds gradually as a guy and girl sit on a bench and chat.

Jump It (FringeNYC)
East Village
August 15th, 2016

See it if you like warm-hearted dramas and don't mind that it is at times a little contrived.

Don't see it if you are very demanding (though the acting is good and it is well-constructed and in most respects believable).

Midtown E
Clever, Entertaining, Hilarious, Great acting, Must see
August 15th, 2016

See it if you possibly can! I had read some good reviews, but was amazed at how good it was. We laughed throughout. Very entertaining and uplifting!

Don't see it if you are a fool. That is, you would be a fool to miss this. It's THAT GOOD!

Clever, Delightful, Resonant
August 15th, 2016

See it if You are young, single and lovelorn & feel the world is a f***ed up place and the roundness of your pegs will never fit into its square holes

Don't see it if You are old and hard of hearing... The actress is dynamic, but speaks at lightning speed and her heavy accent can be challenging at times.

Romantic, Absorbing, Resonant
August 15th, 2016

See it if you are a fan of Victorian romances, Jane Austen, "Downton Abbey," or anything else that focuses on the manners and mores of wealthy Brits.

Don't see it if you don't enjoy any of the above. I also must confess that although this held my interest, I found the ending a bit abrupt and unsatisfying.

Disappointing, Excruciating, Insipid
August 15th, 2016

See it if you like your humor extremely broad and farcical, with British accents and painfully lame puns.

Don't see it if you abhor sophomoric humor that is very silly, exaggerated and based mostly on trite one-liners and sight gags.

Defies credibility
August 15th, 2016

See it if you don't mind seeing a cast of irritating and mostly unappealing characters, though it held my interest and raised some interesting issues.

Don't see it if you have any better options. It wasn't the worst Fringe show I have seen this year. But a lot of the acting was cloying and way over the top

Clever, Delightful, Hilarious, Riveting, Refreshing
August 15th, 2016

See it if Our favorite Fringe show so far this year! So entertaining! Though it's a solo show, the actress embodies a wide cast of amusing characters.

Don't see it if We loved everything about this show and so did our 26-year-old daughter! No negatives at all. Avoid it only if you are allergic to humor.