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Aunt Jack
East Village

"Very, very lively. And entertaining. And often thought provoking...'Aunt Jack' has an exceptionally fine cast...No brief summary can really do justice to the thematic terrain that is covered in this play. It seems to delight in examining one thematic permutation after another relating to human identity and attraction. The 90 minute running length is densely packed with a lot of laughter and intriguing, challenging ideas. And those 90 minutes fly by quickly. Very, very quickly. " Full Review

See Reverse
Midtown W

"I can’t say that I am the biggest mime enthusiast in the world...and I found it very entertaining. My attention was consistently drawn to the inventiveness of the vignettes and the precision with which they were executed. The production has a sense of being very well rehearsed and precise while also maintaining spontaneity. With all of the cacophony in the world, it is also pleasant and refreshing to view situations that are communicated only non-verbally." Full Review

Midtown W

"I thought that Chalfant’s otherwise fine performance might have benefitted from slightly more vocal modulation and variety...What most comes across in this drama and in any study of Rose Kennedy’s life is her strength of character...Metaphorically, the play is a lesson on how a flower can still blossom and thrive after having experienced the deepest and bitterest of winter." Full Review

The Flatiron Hex

for a previous production “'Flatiron Hex’ creates something of the atmosphere of tongue-in-cheek film noir…Godwin’s ability to manipulate his voice to effectively portray a large variety of roles reminded me of the talent of Mel Blanc…The play is perhaps a bit too long to sustain its premises…But there is no question that ‘The Flatiron Hex’ is very imaginative and delightfully complex, something of a psychedelic journey into the brave new world of the computer age.” Full Review

"With all of the cross-dressing the production isn't shy about venturing into various levels of camp...One of the strengths of the show is that the two Dromios actually look like they could be twins...apparently they actually are...The brothers are part of a large, consistently strong and talented ensemble...A colorful and convincing production design...Cerullo directed, while his spirited choreography contributes to an at times vaudeville atmosphere. " Full Review

Jonah and Otto
Midtown W

"There isn’t much of a plot to the play other than the fact that the characters overcome an initial suspicion and antagonism of each other and arrive at a conciliation after gradually expressing their inner thoughts...Both Gormley and Simonian are in complete mastery of their roles. A certain tentativeness that Gormley appropriately displays as Otto is nicely balanced with the more aggressive, tough and streetwise energy of Simonian as Jonah." Full Review

Midtown W

for a previous production "Aided by his similar looks and impressive dancing, Robert Creighton gives a very credible performance as Cagney...The most impressive and rousing moments of the show are probably the dance numbers... I must have had a good time because the only thing I wanted to do after the show was over was go home and watch a James Cagney film." Full Review

for a previous production "'Disaster!' isn't a catastrophe, but it is a blast of two hours of dizzying comedic gags and exuberant musical energy. I must have had a good time watching it because the only thing I could think of as the show ended was when I would see it again." Full Review