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Covent Garden

One of the main reasons the play works so well is Holden’s superb research and knowledge of the period...It’s a joyous, funny, moving piece and I urge you to see it. Full Review

for a previous production “’Lavender Menace’ was the legendary LGBTQ book shop, and this hugely enjoyable production pays loving tribute to the shop...Not a dull moment...The play is also a love song to literature and to gay spaces where we could feel safe and less alone...The sub plot of a closeted married man felt a little overwhelming...However, it makes the point about the importance of a safe place very well. This is a wonderful, celebratory LGBTQ play.” Full Review

Network (London)

“It is the most successful fusion of live and recorded elements that I have ever seen...The sound of the diners eating, the commercials and TV shows...the excellent music score, all vie for our attention as the drama unfolds. Thankfully, the faultless cast make for a gripping evening...Cranston is magnificent...The second hour...begins to sag slightly...Yet there is much to admire in this sleek, seamless fusion of media that demonstrates how complicit we are in our manipulation.” Full Review

Disco Pigs

for a previous production "Walsh’s unique, hugely enjoyable and energetic play is given a high octane and loving production...Here we have two wonderful performances. Campbell is extraordinary as Pig...his muscular physicality and presence sometimes threatening to overshadow Lynch’s Runt, but this is the script. When Walsh gives her the space, she shines, beautifully poignant...Join in with the 'Disco Pigs' and wallow in the wordsmith of Walsh, a true genius and a worthy revival of his classic play." Full Review

Caroline's Kitchen
Midtown E

for a previous production "The plot is entirely predictable. The main problem is, however, is that for us to feel anything for the characters, we have to feel some sympathy for them when the comedy darkens. Every character is so dislikeable, that it was hard to care about anything except when this play would end...Director Alastair Whatley appears to have given the cast one note, which is to shout very loudly. It begins at high volume, and never lets up, so we go on no journey with the characters." Full Review

for a previous production “A play that explores the deeply closeted lives of gay and transvestite men who seek refuge from their everyday lives. Whilst this is laudable, Parris’s play feels like three plays mashed into one...The first half is a mess, but in the second act some stronger storytelling begins to emerge...What the Americans will make of such a parochial play I can’t imagine, but there are several things that can be dealt with now to improve the production." Full Review

for a previous production "Exuberant and thought-provoking...Every molecule of the space of the Jerwood Theatre Upstairs is packed with the energy, enthusiasm, passion, and commitment of the seven strong ensemble. The singing alone is powerful and uplifting, it feels that there are more than seven people on stage, and the movement is exciting and captures perfectly that feeling of protest. The cast are terrific...There is no doubt that the play really connected with its audience." Full Review

for a previous production "An exhilarating 90 minutes...This is physical theatre with a capital PHYSICAL, rubbing testosterone into the face of the audience, performed to a blistering soundtrack of not just Beethoven...The cast waste not one minute drilled to a high level...They have your attention from the minute they walk slowly into the bare space, demanding your concentration...Inevitably some roles are little more than caricature...Imprinted with an originality that will stay with you after the play ends." Full Review